1. TeamSpeak is a fully functional program downloaded for free from the website, it is adaptable with many games.

2. Battalion uses TeamSpeak in conjunction with TFR (Task Force Radio) which is a mod for ARMA 3.

3. Battalion runs a server which is used in ARMA 3 Ops. IP is:

4. Starting TeamSpeak before starting the game will reduce any issues with TFR.

5. DO NOT manually join the Task Force Radio channel in TeamSpeak. This channel is utilised by players in the Arma 3 server and acts as the radio channel. Manually joining this channel before loading into the game will cause issues with your radio whilst in game.
When joining the server and once the game has loaded into deployment screen, you will automatically join this channel.

6. Join TeamSpeak with only the in-game name. Your REDi prefix and rank will be given to you when you join the server (ask anyone from the leadership team to provide). The REDi prefix and your rank will provide you with your respective powers within TeamSpeak.

7. Waiting for Arma 3 operations, utilise the Arma 3 Briefing Room, wait for further instructions from leadership group.

8. TeamSpeak may be utilised for other game chatter, social talk if the appropriate room and channel is followed.


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