Standard Radio Procedures

1. In Game communication is imperative for good command and control of battalion forces, all players are requested to have voice communication during all enabled events.

2. Communication between members in game SHALL be kept to a minimum to allow leaders to better rally troops during battle.

3. Channels SHALL remain open for command during events.

4. Radio communication in game where possible remain clear and direct.

5. All communication SHALL contain at a minimum, depending on game and game type:

a. Direction
b. Request. i.e. Contact – move
c. Distance

6. In game communication can vary between the following platforms:

a. Team Speak. Mainly ARMA 3 with TFR Addon
b. In Game VOIP. For example Insurgency and Day Of Infamy
c. Discord

7. ARMA 3 communications are by Battalion default 2 Channels.

a. Channel 1 – Unit communication
b. Channel 2 – Long range communication

Any further channel details will be discussed prior to deployment or in orders on the day and will be communicated prior to deployment.


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