PVE/Co-op (All games)

Rule #1. Rigidly enforce the Rules of Engagement devised disseminated by higher. You are expected to follow orders by ranking members.

Rule #2. Leaders will take steps necessary and appropriate for unit’s self-defence.

Rule #3. Use minimum force necessary to control the situation and accomplish the mission.

Rule #4. Individuals apply common sense, intentional team killing under any circumstance will not be tolerated.

Rule #5. Train to specific ROE using vignettes and dilemmas.

PVP (Insurgency)

Rule #1. (Movement is now restricted server side) Movement speed and sprinting duration are set server-side so move as you like.

Rule #2. (Run) Movement speed and sprinting duration are set server-side so move as you like.

Rule #3. (Bunny) Jump shoot is now disabled server-side.

Rule #4. (Grenade spam) Do not throw Ordnance over buildings or into areas where you have not seen or heard an enemy position IN YOUR CURRENT LIFE. Room clearing is ok if pushing in IMMEDIATELY.

Rule #5. (Bad jump) Do not jump from unrealistic heights (higher than your character). Jumping from anything higher will cause death (You’ve been warned).

Rule #6. (Ledge) Do not stand on ledges or objects that make you appear to be floating on air.

Rule #7. (Exploit) Do not use exploits or graphic flaws in the map to gain an advantage.

Rule #8. (Smoke shoot) You may fire SMALL ARMS ONLY into smoke. Do NOT grenade spam ordnance into smoke.

Rule #9. (Camp Rule) You must not camp an area. If deemed to be camping you will be given a BEACON. Move position to remove it.

Rule #10. (Squad move) Live as a squad die as a squad. There are two separate Squads on either side. These are clearly labelled. ALL Rifles MUST move with their squad. Use your map and regroup with your Squad in every instance.

HQ have reinstated the Radio. This is for a couple of reasons. To allow fresh spawns a means of communication with their squad, what route to take back to the squad etc. If you are hearing Radio chatter from your Squad, you are too far away. Tighten it up and get back in formation.

ALL Officers SNCOs and NCOs are expected to take a leading role in herding their Squad together and keeping them together. Any LONE WOLF actions will result in a warning and or a kick.

*YOU DONT WANT YOUR TEAMMATES KICKED. Tell them to pull their heads in, let them know when they break a rule.

*Obviously there will need to be a strong self-control utilised. Rifles must monitor each other in order to adhere to the Rules, ensuring an overall better collective experience. HQ hope to provide a Tactical and tense firefight between two squads of 1st Rifles.

*Admins are expected to take a leading role in enforcing the Rules.

*Credit (These R.O.E. have been pilfered in part from an excellent tactical community a few of us Rifles found back in COD 2 days online. 82nd Airborne)

PVP (Post Scriptum)

Rule #1: DO NOT BE A ‘DICK’. Yes that’s up to the Admins discretion. Dicks will be kicked.

Rule #2: WE TAKE A ZERO TOLERANCE STANCE ON RACISM, SEXISM, OR BIGOTED BEHAVIOUR OR COMMENTS. You will be kicked or banned for this behaviour.

Rule #3: DO NOT SPAWN CAMP MAIN BASES. You will be warned and/ or kicked.

Rule #4: DO NOT SPAWN CAMP MSPs. You will be warned and/ or kicked. Push them and disable the Spawn. Or mark for friendly to destroy.


Rule #6: ALL SQUAD LEADS MUST HAVE AND USE A MICROPHONE. You may be kicked from Server if reported as not communicating.

Rule #7: DO NOT GRIEF YOUR TEAMS MSP. It is NOT a transport truck. You will be warned and/ or kicked for any behaviour considered griefing.

Rule #8: APOLOGISE FOR ALL TKs IN TEXT CHAT. Deliberate TK and Revenge TK will result in you being kicked.

The focus on our servers is on teamwork and co-operative play. Our focus is in no way on kills or personal scores, rather the objective and protecting your team mates. A high score means nothing, rather good results with low casualties is held in much higher regard.
Lone wolfing and refusal to work within your teams or squads will not be tolerated and you will be kicked for noncompliance.

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