Rifle Company Task Organization

1. Standard Rifle Company Annex A:

Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) (6)
WO1 Blind Digger [A,D]
WO1 HerpsonDerpson [A]
WO1 Juiccy [A]
WO1 Sheepies-The-Sacred [A]
WO1 22446345 [A]
WO1 ‘Soap’ MacTavish [A]
WO1 Pounc3r [A,D]

Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2) (15)
WO2 Wolf_Bridge [A,D]
WO2 fistbravo [A]
WO2 Tesla [A,D]
WO2 Stewge [A.D]
WO2 Derryl [A,D]
WO2 Pounc3r [A,D]
WO2 hamthelamb [A]
WO2 Shiro2446 [A,D]
WO2 “RICK”the Tuurd [D]
WO2 FellowRefugee [D]
WO2 Kid-TM
WO2 Lethalgoat01 [A]
WO2 Mr.P [A,D]
WO2 Plumber
WO2 Striker [A]
WO2 Frosty

Sergeants (SGT)

Corporals (CPL)

Lance Corporals (LCPL)

Privates (PTE)



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