The latest installment in the Sniper series has released, and what of it? Can it stand up to genre greats like the Sniper Elite series? Read on to find out!

Great graphics
Punchy gunplay
AI is pretty great at times, very realistic
FPS open world
3 distinct and different large open world maps
Good variety of weapons
Lots of freedom to approach your objectives
Good theme and locations

A few annoying bugs
The 3 game worlds are seperated by long loading screens (but once in there are no loading screens inside that map)
AI is dumb as hell sometimes
Some animations are a bit slow
The story is not great

First off, I have a GTX 980 and an i7 4770 with 16Gb RAM and this game runs perfectly at max settings with zero drops in frames. It’s very pretty, and runs like a dream. Loading screens are looooong though.

First off, I cannot ignore the bugs. The bugs are many, and annoying.
In 50 hours I had the buggy all terrain vehicle DLC disappear around me whilst driving twice. Once I bailed out of it and found myself stuck waist deep in the ground, unable to move, but could shoot. Then the game crashed to desktop.
The “E” key stopped working, mid-game. The “Press E to *do whatever*” prompt would not come up on interactables, and so I could no longer loot anything, get in my car or access any of my workstations in my home base. Everything else worked fine. After about 2 minutes the E key came back just as mysteriously as it left. It was weird.
My home base fast travel point on one map disappeared. I could not fast travel to my homebase, and got hopelessly lost trying to find it in-game by vehicle. A big deal, since you cannot start most missions without your laptop, which is at your homebase. The way around it was to change map, go to the homebase there and do whatever I had to do, then change map back. Did I mention the long loading times? (UPDATE: The latest patch appears to have fixed this known bug)

I personally think the All Terrain Vehicle DLC itself is bugged, as since I switched it off (in settings) I’ve not had any issues with the default truck (which I think is cooler looking anyway, and is just as good at offroad driving)

Despite these issues, the core game is a lot of fun. If you like the Far Cry games and Sniper Elite, then by all means, give it a go. The firefights are tense and enemies go down in one or two hits, as do you earlier on and the whole “Sniper behind enemy lines” feel is nailed on the head, resulting in a lot of fun and very satisfying moments as you explore the world.

You’re given a good range of tools to get the job done, and the modifications for them are many. A lot of enjoyment can be had just changing up your loadout and seeing how well you do. There is a basic crafting system that allows you to make different bullets, medkits and explosives, allowing you to save money to buy replacement armour and upgrades for your gear.  

Enemies are not bullet spongey at all, and are capable of flanking you and laying down suppresive fire. They also take cover and buckle down when they’ve detected a sniper in whatever direction, requiring you to keep moving or, if there is only a few, wait them out to reveal themselves.
What is now a genre standard, there is of course a bullet-cam where you’ll follow the path of your killshots to their final destination.

The stealth is decent enough, and you can hide bodies and slit throats effectively up close. You’ll also get access to a FarCry-esque tagging system that helps you keep track of your enemies movements, handy in the games many varied and intricate environments. Really, the game manages to make sniping, all out gunfighting and sneaky stabby gameplay all as viable as each other and fun.

The story is pretty standard, with a BIG TWIST halfway through I saw coming a mile away. But it’s really just a way to keep your character motivated to move forward and shoot more dudes in the head, so the airport fiction quality of the plot can be given some leeway.

As it stands, if you like sniping games and open worlds, it’s not bad. It’s not the best game out there, but it’s not bad. If you’re looking for a decent enough first person sniping game, Sniper 3: Ghost Warrior should scratch that itch, but if you can’t stand annoying bugs or long loading times, then wait for a sale.