Password for all new members to the training server(HC Server), PTE and above must obtain from CAPT Pol Tuurd or RSM 94Tango. REC’s allowed on request of a PTE or above to the Training Officer.

  • Iron sights are preferred for all weapons (1x scopes are permitted)
  • All heads up display to be turned off (compass allowed)
  • No automatic weapons (single fire only)
  • No MG’s
  • No magnification optics
  • No bipods
  • No silencers
  • No incendiaries, concussion or RPG’s
  • No picking up of enemy weapons (i.e.: Rifles)
    • Smoke and Grenades may be picked up.
  • Smoke (no limit but use with team leads approval) and flash (warn team mates of their use).
  • Grenades are to blow caches / clear rooms.
  • Voice communication is a MUST, if you do not have good clear voice communication then you will be asked to leave and rectify or acquire it.
  • A Pistol is not compulsory but may be handy.
  • Move as a squad when, and how you are told. Server-side settings are the same as other servers: (short burst for running, fall damage, etc).
  • Move as a squad when, and how you are told. Server-side settings are the same as other servers: short burst for running, fall damage, etc.
  • ALT by DEFAULT is SILENT WALK, all movement MUST be silent, in Sandstorm if you can hear yourself walking the BOTs will also hear you also. If you do not have it assigned, assign it to something before joining. You will be reminded to move silently, if told too many times, you may be warned
  • Rifles are only allowed to resupply when leaving the point, no returning for resupplies are allowed once you have left the last point, this is to enforce ammo control and management
  • Smokes are to be used for blocking enemy vision and NOT to be used for self concealment.
  • INTIMIDATION is to be used under orders only and when the squad has given an OK, Bots will mass when intimidated.
  • In game voice communications, use proximity when close to team mates and squad for distance. Remember communications should be kept to a minimum as the BOTS will hear you.
  • Use of commander is allowed but using artillery while in the position of commander is NOT to be used under any circumstances.
  • Use of vehicles is NOT allowed under any circumstances, vehicles can be destroyed to ensure enemy does not use them.

Training runs everyday (if you require entry, contact Lt Pol or LT 94Tango for password). Listen to what is being said, if you do not, you will be removed from server (there are no Rambos in the training server, it’s teamwork).

Outside of these rules, show commitment to teamwork and and ensure lower ranks are aware of their duties. Follow orders, step up and look after your fellow Rifles.

The focus of the training server is for members to think on their feet using the basics, as this requires a totally different tactical approach to the normal squad setup (ie hinging on the MG or denying areas through firebombs). If you can survive in the training server long enough the normal servers will be a breeze.

When on the training server, it is not about about winning or losing. It’s about the journey and what you can learn on that journey.

Battalion Trainers try to give Rifles as much information as they need and let them go for it. They try not tell them what to do or when or where to do it. A squad lead should give a basic plan and then let them go for it, but priority is not only looking after yourself but also your team mates. This is why there is a pistol rule as a form of punishment for not looking after each other.