The [REDeye] 1st Rifles is a tactical gameplay and realism community.


The Battalion utilizes an Invite only Recruiting system.

This allows us to better manage who is in the group and ensures that we both attract and retain high quality members.

Recruiting is not a difficult process. We do not base our membership on skill or ability. It is simply a matter of being respectful, listening to the 1st Rifles members around you and not being a dick.


To show your intention to Recruit into the Battalion, you are required to apply our Prefix to your username.


[REDi]1R REC “your name here”

(Abbreviation of [REDeye] 1st Rifles Recruit)

With the Prefix applied, join one of our various Servers. Any SGT or above may Invite a Recruit to join the Battalion.


Wasn’t that EASY!


The main hub for the 1st Rifles is on the Steam platform.

[REDi] Steam Group HERE

Also see our Discord for Battalion chat rooms and game specific channels.

Get involved and be sure to introduce yourself to our Members.


See you on the Battlefield,

[REDi]1R Colonel ANZAC_Ace