Post Scriptum


Post Scriptum is a standalone overhaul mod for the game Squad. It is set in WW2 in Holland during Operation Market Garden. The dev team have been involved in many of the spiritual predecessors to their current project coming from Project Reality development into obviously Squad and now through to Post Scriptum. As such many of the gameplay mechanics will be instantly recognisable to you, as well as several additions that make it a new and unique experience. The sound design, graphics, weapon mechanics, role variation and overall gameplay are second to none. PS takes all the best PvP bits of games like Red Orchestra 2 and Squads gameplay and improves upon them. With larger maps, a host of vehicles, an eye for realism and historical accuracy and an atmosphere that is truly impressive.

HQ have started a Battalion server in Post Scriptum. We will look at customising and expanding upon this server as the weeks and months progress. With initial signs being very positive for Post Scriptum’s popularity among our existing Rifles and the servers’ effectiveness at Recruiting like-minded gamers from this PvP space into our ranks. – [REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion

For our Post Scriptum Server Rules of Engagement, please refer to our ROE page located HERE.


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