Orders Group SOP

1. The Battalion Orders Group refers to both the people involved, and the procedures used for issuing Battalion operations orders. Referenced in the events Tab on the Steam Group page.

2. The minimum Orders Group consists of the Battalion Commander and his immediate subordinate unit commanders. The standard Orders Group however, includes all commanders, all primary staff officers and the Sergeant Major. Optional attendees include special and assistant staff officers, SNCOs, and key small unit leaders.

3. The standard Orders Group meet in Discord channel at the times laid down by HQ to discuss weekly matters prior to these monthly meetings an agenda is relayed to all parties involved.

4. When in servers there are some situations that will not be tolerated, and anyone found to be using or applying will be asked to STOP and their name will be noted, if they persist it will be reported to Battalion HQ for review on disciplinary action.

a. Weapon juggling
b. Exploits that highlight grenades or Molotov’s
c. Intentional team killing will not be tolerated under any circumstances

5. Any member caught using any cheats or hacks will be dealt with severely, there will be no Strike brought against a member it will be an immediate dismissal, never to return. It will also be registered with steam and mention will be made to other groups to the cause, severity and type of cheat or hack a person was using to obtain unfair advantage during play. This matter is of the most severe and the Battalion will NOT be brought into disrepute because of lack of respect for other players and members of this Battalion.

6. We promote a respectful and inclusive community free from bigotry and bullying. Encouraging and attracting a wide range of people and gamers. With our ever increasing connected world and multicultural society, consider what you say and post on discord and servers. Any comments that are racist, bigatory, sexist or poised to vilify anyone because of their religion, race, sexual orientation, colour, ethnicity, etc or just for being different may be dealt with harshly and to put it simply will not be tolerated AT ALL within the REDeye community. REDeye has grown from a group of friends playing together to a community that is vastly diverse, is a place of acceptance, friendship, comradery, fun, and support. We are here to provide a place for anyone who joins us to feel welcome, safe and accepted for who they are and not vilified for being different, we are one community regardless of our background. HQ will not tolerate in any capacity any member who is seen to marginalize, bully or spout their own bigoted views to the community. We view people who hold bigoted, racist, sexist, prejudice or anti-religion/religious sentiments VERY poorly. Should your views be made known to any in the leadership group your position in REDeye may no longer exist. Your bigotry is not tolerated in the workplace, in our society or here in the [REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion. It could not be much clearer than that. If anyone sees or hears another member displaying their prejudice, members are encouraged to contact Battalion HQ. It is unacceptable and will be quashed and may result in removal from the Battalion.

7. Alternative accounts in either Steam or Discord are frowned upon by the Battalion and are not encouraged for any reason, if the need is required members of the CO Group MUST be informed and a valid reason given.

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