CHAPTER 1 Section 9

Duty Officer


The Duty Officer is a member of the Leadership Group who will take on the task of being in attendance should any assistance be required by any member of the Battalion. This role is manned on a permanent basis but not necessarily 24/7.


The Duty Officers Role:

• Duty Officer is the first point of call for the Battalion
• Duty Officer will keep a log of all things that happen/that are brought to them while they are on duty
• Duration of role is not set to start at a specific time, when available log into Duty Officer Channel
• Will “Patrol” channels to ensure all is in accordance
• Can issue strikes but cannot issue bans
• Handles any name changes by members at the time
• Handles NEW Recruits processed into the RECDOC correctly and Steam ID distributed to HQ
• Plays in our open Recruiting Servers with an eye to assess potential Recruits and drive Recruitment

Duty Officer Templates in Discord contains various templates:
• Strike
• Name Change
• Miscellaneous Issue
• Duty Officer Shift Report
Duty Officer must complete the shift report.

Duty Officer Sign on Time:
Shift Report
Duty Officer Sign off Time:
At a minimum the words “Nothing to Report” must be entered.


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