1. Discord is a communications system used for voice and text chat. It is useable on all platforms, including mobile devices, and comes with a range of features. Our Discord server is divided up into multiple channels.

2. There are some simple rules of conduct within the Discord.

a. Be respectful of others.
b. Keep on topic within the respective channels.
c. No inappropriate material to be posted publicly.

3. All text channels under the “Text Chat” slot are open to every member of the Battalion, and those channels include Help, General Chat, Battalion Radio Control, Announcements and the REDeye HQ Office.

4. Under the “Text Chat” slot is “Voice Chat”. Once again, these channels are open to all Rifles. The same rules apply here as do in the “Text Chat” channels, with some additional rules regarding the Battalion Radio. These are as follows:

a. All Battalion Radio commands are to be given exclusively within the “Battalion-Radio” text chat.
b. The Battalion Radio is to only be used in the “Battalion Radio” Voice channel, and nowhere else.
c. No intentionally irritating or aggravating tracks are to be played. This ties into the “Be respectful of others” rule above.

5. To summon the Battalion Radio:

a. Enter the Battalion Radio Voice Channel.
b. Click on the Battalion-Radio text channel. You will see the text channel, but remain in the voice channel.
c. Type “!play (track name and/or music artist)” without quotes and the Battalion Radio Bot will enter the voice channel and begin to play the track.

6. For additional commands, type “!help” without quotes in any text channel and you will receive a private message from our bots with details.

7. Battalion Head Office: When there is an Officer on duty and not currently engaged in-game, they will be found within the Battalion Head Office Voice channel. Feel free to approach them and ask any questions you may have, and they will do what they can to assist you. Any issues brought forth via text can be done via PM or in the “Battalion-Head-Office” text chat.

8. Officer, SNCO, NCO and JNCO Channels: These are channels for Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers to voice chat. Rifles will gain access to these areas one they reach a rank of Lance Corporal.

9. Leadership Group Channels: These are exclusively for the use of the REDeye Battalion Headquarters, and is only accessible by Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2) ranks and above. Monthly meetings are held there, and it is where the Leadership of this great Battalion go to discuss Battalion Matters.

10. Finally, we have several more Voice Channels for use when in other games.


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