• A movement technique is the manner used to traverse terrain
• In most instances three techniques apply:

– travelling
– travelling – overwatch
– bounding – overwatch

• Selection is based on enemy contact and speed
• Techniques are not fixed formations
• They refer to distance between soldiers, teams and squads that vary based on mission, enemy, terrain, factors that affect control
• Soldiers must be able to see their fire team leaders
• Team leaders should be able to see their squad leader
• Squad leaders control movement needed
• Any of the three movements can be used with any formation




• normally used when contact not likely
• more control
• less flexibility
• fastest speed
• least security


• normally used when contact possible
• less control
• more flexibility
• slower speed
• more security

Travelling Overwatch


• Normally used when contact expected
• most control
• most flexibility
• slowest speed
• most security


• Used when contact with enemy expected or dangerous area to cross

• Lead team overwatches first soldiers scan the area. squad leader stays with overwatch team

• Trail fire team bounds and alerts squad leader when team completes its bound and is prepared to overwatch movement of the other team

• Both team leaders need to know:

– successive or alternate bounds will be used and where which team squad leader will be in.
– route, destination, possible enemy locations, actions to take when they arrive at the destination, and how instructions will be received.

• Cover and concealment on the bounding teams route dictates how soldiers will move.


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