Infantry operates in “fire teams” of three to four men, with two or three such teams to a squad. When attacking, each member of the team has a specific job.

1) Fire team leaders control the fire of their soldiers by using standard fire commands containing the following elements:
alert, direction, description, range, method of fire (manipulation and rate of fire), and command to commence firing
2) The automatic rifleman (or light machine gunner) tries to pin the enemy down.
3) The grenadier (armed, usually, with an m203 or the equivalent) does two things:

a. Helps the automatic rifleman isolate the enemy position
b. Looks for an opening to shoot a grenade at it.

4) One or two men, under cover of the automatic rifleman and grenadier, attempt to close with the enemy position and kill the enemy.

Common Organization of a Rifle Squad


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