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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion Quarterly Report Q4 2018


Welcome all to the [REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion 2018 4th Quarterly Report. Firstly on behalf of all at HQ I would like to extend the warmest holiday wishes to you all. May your celebrations be safe and carefree and may 2019 be a year of prosperity and growth in your life.

2018 has proven to be another exciting and transformative year for our Battalion. We have seen the games we support reshaped regularly. With some experimental additions and some that have gone on to be Battalion staples. I extend a huge thank you on the behalf of our entire Battalion Membership to all in the leadership group and beyond, who over the course of this year have ensured that all of our gamespaces are setup, updated, restarted, admin’d, troubleshot, tweaked, modded and had missions designed for. It is an awe inspiring effort that cannot be overstated. Thank you.

As the lucky among our number languish on summer holidays and reflect, I find myself looking forward to what 2019 is to bring. There are of course several games on the horizon that HQ have a keen eye on, you will find the details on these in the soon to be released Leadership Group Meeting notes. The rest of this report will cover off the near past, present and near future of all our game spaces and information from several Officers on the happenings around our Battalion.



Now that I have cleared that up, lets take a look at what’s been going on in the INSURGENCY space…..

With the introduction of our new Insurgency: SANDSTORM servers, numbers in our regular INSURGENCY servers have declined but still maintain a faithful gathering of regular Rifles.

Recruitment in INSURGENCY is still progressing nicely with around a handful of good REC’s coming through on a monthly basis. We have some outstanding CPL’s among our ranks that are always on the look out for the next new rifle. SGT’s take note of the feedback from your CPL’s and get these REC’s ONBOARDED.

Wednesday Weekly OP’s still draws in a regular full squad generally later in the evening with some fantastic outcomes of all those involved including some good promotions. Weekly OP’s are a great way to really strut your stuff and show HQ you have what it takes to progress.

Feedback from our first ever INSURGENCY WAR GAMES was a huge success, with plenty of excellent feedback and ideas coming forward from those who entered. The next round of WAR GAMES will be held in the new year, this round will include a revised set of ROE and conditions. So, keep an eye on the #war-games Discord channel for updates, information and registration details.

HQ is still fully dedicated to providing an INSURGENCY space for the Battalion and will continue to provide new and innovative ways to keep things interesting. If you have any idea’s, suggestions or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to seeing you on the INSURGENCY battlefield soon.

Nemo Miles Hic Reliquit.

MAJ Acki 


At present since the release of server-side file information we now have 2 Sandstorm servers up and running, Testing and HC, in conjunction with 2 that MAJ Flyer and WO1Stewge are hosting, Testing server which is where we try new things to ensure they work without compromising the Hardcore server once all has been tested it is uploaded to the HC server. We have seen great attendance and all remark on the tough and enjoyable fights that have occurred.

Considering Sandstorm will not be officially released until the 12th December we have been able to make considerable improvement to the game to suit the way we conduct operations within REDi, once the game has been released, we should be able to make even more improvements with the way the game plays.

So far Sandstorm is quite challenging, the bots are some of the smartest I have found in any game. They will flank you, if you do not cook a grenade off first, they will evacuate the room when you throw one in, they can throw nades through open windows so hiding inside is not the perfect option either.

I see this game going far if the developers stick by their promise to keep the game updated and fresh. Now we just must wait and see where the journey takes us, but at present it looks good

RSM 94Tango
CAPT Pol Tuurd


With Insurgency Sandstorm now finally out of Beta and a number of REDi servers up and running we’re beginning to see more and more people jump on and test out the custom settings.

While most of the gameplay is similar to the original Insurgency there are a number of changes in Sandstorm, most noteably is the greatly increased AI. They’ll duck into cover when suppressed, throw grenades through open windows and doors when breaching and are very good at flanking.

The second main difference is the size and layout of the maps. Much larger in scale and with numerous paths to most objectives, there’s a lot more tactical options on how you choose to approach a point and also makes it critical to have eyes in all directions as you advance. The game is receiving regular updates as you’d expect and as more server customization and workshop mod options are made available we’ll be looking at how we can us them on our servers too.

MAJ Flyer


Post Scriptum started strong in Q3 2018 and continued its strength well into Q4. This was fortified by the Release of the US Faction and the Free Weekend which boosted player count to well over 2000 concurrent players.

Following this weekend, we saw solid player counts of 80/80 in server on weeknights. Whilst this has dropped in recent weeks (most likely due to the holidays), we will continue our support of the OC community by maintaining our server in its current form, hosted by ZSU.

For any support please contact the Duty Officer (if online) or MAJ DORNZ

State of the game

The Developers are constantly updating the game and fixing any bugs that arise and providing support which is available through their discord.
Work on Veghel continues and the developers have teased a new faction coming in 2019 – hopefully both can bolster the ranks in-game and push the game into the mainstream



Report from ArmA 3 HQ:

In the last quarter the ArmA 3 administration team has worked on more mini-campaigns and narrative driven operations leading into the final weeks of 2018. The team comprising of SGT Pyro, LT Natalia La Faux, LT Slatery, LT Spinikar, MAJ Jazza and myself, CAPT GentileGinger have begun to expand the front end of operations, building missions based upon player counts in the 20’s has expanded our narrative and operational possibilities.

Likewise background processes have been streamlined, the modlist has been optimized with delinquent workshop items being cleaned out periodically. The team also looks forward to expanding in the coming weeks and months with a number of junior and trainee Zeus’ contributing time and content, this fresh talent coming forward is incredibly exciting. Finally preparations are being made for a new campaign, in a new time, spearheaded by LT Spinikar the OPTRE modset have been added to our modlist to explore the possibility of a whole new sandbox for our operations.


Under the guidance of our ArmA 3 training team (SGT Frosty, WO1 Soap, CPL Brayden and assorted members of the ArmA 3 admin team) training in the ArmA Sphere has continued unabated. Fantastically Warrants and officers have taken the initiative inducting new recruits and veteran REDi new to the ArmA theatre. With more rifles than ever before seeking qualification in support roles the ArmA team is looking into possible expansion of this system.

Extra-Operational Activities:

With the addition of Antistasi and Liberation to our list of pre-made scenarios REDi now has a fair cache of options for players to choose from, the ArmA 3 team considers this to be a fantastic accomplishment, ensuring entertainment and enjoyment from our Ops Server 24/7. Rifles can start their own Antistasi liberation campaign, or try to escape an island, or conduct their own pop-up. These options are available to all rifles.

MAJ Jazza has embarked upon a leave of absence due to an ongoing adventure. We wish him all the best in his endeavours and look forward to his return Mid-April 2019.

Overall, the ArmA 3 theatre has continued to refine, improve and innovate the theatre, and looks forward to continued efforts in these fields in the near future. 2018 was a great year, 2019 may be a truly fantastic one.

 CAPT GentileGinger


Look out Brisbane!!!  The [REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion are coming your way….

That’s right Rifles, we are holding another [REDi] Meetup in 2019. Break out your camo shorts we are heading to Queensland.

The official date for the 2019 Meetup will be Saturday August 24.
So far we have only made preliminary enquiries into the following venues :-

Paintball –  Spec Ops Paintball –

Dinner – TBA

Virtual Reality – Zero Latency –

If you haven’t already signed up for the meetup role in Discord, contact MAJ Acki or MAJ princecoo to have it assigned, all new information and registration and payment details will be announced in the #meetup channel in the new year.

 MAJ Acki


The new Rifles declassified initiative was launched in late October.  This was aimed at sharing knowledge across the battalion with the opportunity to identify and connect with like-minded Rifles who you may not know but share similar work or interests with.

The submissions have come in at a steady pace and I would like to thank all those Rifles that have participated so far, we certainly have a bunch of interesting Rifles out there and some of the conversations that have followed the bio posts have been rather entertaining. 

If you haven’t checked it out already, head over to the Rifles declassified channel in discord and see what it’s all about.

2LT Beth


The REDeye Youtube Project has been on the backburner for the past few months due to real life, and as such there is a scheduled release date of early-mid 2019.

Lately work has been done on scripts and early work on the recruitment video. And this is where you, any and all Rifles in the battalion who have experience in video editing, a voice over for a video or even some sweet footage that shows off some epic gameplay alongside your fellow Rifles.

If you can help in any way please direct it to me (2LT Pentagon), anything is appreciated.

 See the gameplay videos already uploaded from some of our previous Ops


I wish to congratulate all of our Members for reaching an historic milestone. Our Battalion has surpassed 500 Members, with a current membership of 518! What an amazing achievement. It is something that was only ever a pipe dream 3 short years ago, when a handful of mature, respectful, tactically minded and slow paced Insurgency Operators decided to expand our community. It has been the central tenants of our Battalion that have attracted so many of you to not only join this community, but put in huge amounts of your time to see it grow, evolve and succeed.

Insurgency Sandstorm has proven very successful in attracting Recruits even in the early stages of our Servers being setup. This is in no small part attributed to our ROE and approach to battle. Ensure YOU are always displaying Rifles Values in our servers and community hubs. Our other game spaces continue to provide Recruiting opportunities, with PS seeing intermittent player number spikes around updates, ARMA 3 is a word of mouth proposition to get fresh faces in there, with several other clans adding Soldiers into our Ops with great success and the original Insurgency continuing to attract the odd Recruit.

If we all retain our focus on the core values of our Battalion, display those values on the battlefield and in the community, we will continue to attract like minded individuals who are looking for a better gaming experience.


Currently the Battalion has raised $175.42 towards our next quarterly Invoices. The total required in mid February is $925.00. We will continue our push for this goal once the festive season draws to a close. There are more important things for everyone this time of year with family and friends to take care of.

The Dedicated Server box that HQ have discussed this last month or so continues to be a goal for the Battalion. As the new year commences we will look to fill everyone in on the progress with it and provide some more information to all.

I wish you all the very best for 2019.




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