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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion Quarterly Report Q3 2018

State of the Battalion

Welcome all to our Q3 Report for 2018. We have our Battalions 3 year Anniversary on the 14th of October, having expanded from 1 server and a handful of friends to what we represent today. In what seems like a very short 3 years, our group has far outstripped what even I could envisage.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our Members. I am humbled to be your CO. I take the responsibility of representing you all in the wider gaming space very seriously and I find myself in awe of what a few like minded individuals have managed to create, we continue to gather those like minded together and we now number many hundreds.

Our Battalion has had some very exciting developments in the last 3 months, with our server footprint expanding into Post Scriptum and this space growing rapidly. The Leadership group has redoubled their efforts in our Recruiting and Member development with additional records implemented for our Recruits, their development and assessment now following a well structured process. The addition of training sessions being offered in many of our game spaces has helped to solidify all Rifles skills and knowledge in their particular fields. Over the last 3 months we have seen our membership jump from 430 up to a current Membership of 466 with no sign of this slowing down.

I see our Battalion going from strength to strength on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our communities involvement is excellent, with many of you chipping in your time and efforts for the betterment of our group for all. We have fielded many ideas from our Monthly meetings, both from the Leadership group and our NCO meetings. Rest assured the Leadership group continues to work on many of these in the background so stay tuned to the Discord channels and announcements for some up coming events and community lead initiatives.

If any of you reading this want to become further involved, you only need put up your hand and offer your help in one of the many Battalion projects we have on the go. Extend a hand to our Battalion NCOs, SNCOs or Officers and you will be sure to be taken up on the offer. Your involvement in any of these extra curricular projects goes a long way to determining who the leaders are amongst us, rest assured HQ have a keen eye for picking out the individuals who deserve further advancement in our Group both in Rank and recognition.

We will go over many of the points I have mentioned in further detail throughout this report, so read on and enjoy what all of your hard work and efforts have achieved thus far.


[REDeye] 1st Rifles Colonel ANZAC_Ace

[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion Commanding Officer



Report from Captain Owlcoholic.

We have seen the releases of the alpha and beta versions of Sandstorm, the huge support for Post Scriptum, the continued activity surrounding ARMA 3 as well as other games played privately between members yet Insurgency still stands firm. There is nearly always a server with at least a few soldiers battling it out and proving that the birthplace of [REDi] will stand strong for a long time.

The reopening of the training server was a big success which will be covered elsewhere in the report, but it has piqued the interest from the Recruits and non-members on our public servers. To help some of the Recruits learn what to expect there have been times that we’ve adopted training server style rules. It’s certainly a good sign that so many newer members are showing their interest in the purest most tactical experience found in Insurgency.

Another large development in the Insurgency space was the birth of War Games! It was quite spectacular to see many soldier’s returning to Insurgency to take part in the friendly competition. It’s fresh new ideas such as these which will keep players coming back and remembering why they loved this game. The emphasis put on completing your mission with as few casualties as possible truly lies within the [REDi] spirit and our motto, Nemo Miles Hic Reliquit –  no soldier left behind. SGT McDerpin’s team ended up taking the trophy and with it a fancy new tag to show their achievement to all they encounter.

More recently there has been early murmurs of a possible new event that will be unlike anything seen before in Insurgency though the details are still being fleshed out. For now all I can say is to keep your eyes on this space, there will be a test event upcoming to feel the idea out and get some feedback.

In conclusion, despite the age of the game and the plethora of alternative new games being played within our group it feels to myself and many members that Insurgency is always home. It is where we return to pay our respects to our humble beginnings. It is the timeless showcase of our camaraderie and perseverance through all challenges. 


insurgency Training Server 

Report from Battalion Regimental Sergeant Major 94Tango.

The training HC server is still up and running with an announcement made and pinned, on the 26th September with all the details and links to the maps and files which will need to be added to the Insurgency folder, in the Google drive is a text document with directions on how it needs to be implemented.
The server is running everyday and all are welcome to come and try to survive for any period, we are running Coop and Conquer, and we have some fresh weapons added to the arsenal. We also have an addition to the training team, SGT McDerpins has been inducted as a training officer for the server.

We have now started to use a training assessment document which will be in the google drive also so any new member in the training server will be able to see there assessment, with key points which they may need to work on.

We are still looking at moving the server across to a more stable platform in the future, but we have not finalised all the details, once this happens all will be informed with the what’s and where’s.


insurgency sandstorm potential

Report from Battalion Regimental Sergeant Major 94Tango.

This game now shows real promise for the [REDi] style of play if it is made adaptable in all forms to allow us to modify and transform it in to a theatre full of enemy and a more reasonable time frame in which to conduct exercises.

The maps: even though at present there are only 4 for coop they are very detailed and world interactive, with most things in the environment can be moved or destroyed. The bots have a great ragdoll effects and are quite smart they will hunt you down and are rather accurate at distance.

The overall environments are well laid out, helicopter gunships or the odd A10 gun run will have you running for cover if you wish to survive. If on the other hand you are combined forces and not insurgent, then if you here the sound of drones run for cover also.
At the moment, the game is somewhat frustrating due to the pubbies being runners and gunners and I feel they have made somewhat of a mistake having an honour system with ranking up and points bonuses as this tends to in my opinion lead to the cheaters as they have to be better than everyone else at all costs. Trying to play our style now in the public format is not possible most of the time.

I am looking at getting 8 [REDi]’s together to fill a server and see how we can run a game to our style in the 5min per point format to see how much more enjoyable it can be. The thought of playing these maps with a 15 – 45 min per point format and 30 -40 bots sounds enjoyable and intense.

The game is set to be released on the 9th December at this stage and the developers have stated the server side will be released at the same time as the game, so until we can get our hands on it and mould and shape it we will not know exactly how great this will be, but all in all it is looking very promising indeed.



Report from Battalion Major MischiefMaker.

From the onset Day of Infamy has not been a neat fit into the rhythm of [REDi] Rifles play style with the pace of play, support features and communication difficulties wreaking havoc on the team based performance of seizing objectives with minimum casualties. Despite this the server has been manipulated as much as possible to provide a basis for Rifles to participate.

However participation rates are slipping with few new Recruits being onboarded. There was some discussion about reworking this into a WW1 mod “Screaming Steel” however the leadership team have no available resources to put into this project and it is unlikely to proceed at this point.

Therefore it is time for serious change and the leadership team has decided that we will explore using DOI for PVP purposes with [REDi] rules being enforced. If you are a fan of the PVP environment and can assist us with this event feel free to put your name forward to the Duty Officer (via Duty Officer Text if there is no Officer attending the desk).

“Anything less than a flamethrower is a compromise…”



Report from Battalion Major Jazza.

ARMA 3 has continued to go from strength to strength within the community. We have seen a number of new Rifles joining the theatre adding to the ever growing numbers. We have regularly seen over 20 players at our Operations which is a testament to the strength of the Rifles community and our committed Zeus’ providing missions every Tuesday and Saturday without fail.

The ARMA 3 space has also recently seen the introduction of a new Australian Defence Force mod (Project Uncut), which although has some technical issues provides some high quality assets to our operations.

The ARMA 3 training has also continued to grow with plenty of new certified helicopters pilots, spotters and snipers. For anyone who wishes to partake, please keep your eye out for any announcements or contact any trainer for further information.

Lastly, we were joined on Saturday 29th September by members of [EASY] Company who showed interest in the space and were a pleasure to have on board. I look forward many more Ops with these guys.

It has been great to watch the growth of this space recently and I look forward to the months to come!


post scriptum

It has been an exciting first couple of months in our Post Scriptum space. With many of our current members expanding their knowledge and in turn their enjoyment of the game. The Battalion has attracted many Recruits from the Post Scriptum community, they have been enticed by our tactical approach, communications and overall friendly demeanour in game. Our Server has seen its popularity increase over that time, with many in game commenting on our active approach to Admin and controlling what can be an otherwise unruly public community.

The Battalion has recently run our first Infantry training mission, going over all the Infantry squad roles for both Allies and Axis. The response to this has been excellent. We will be sure to continue these closed training sessions to improve all of your abilities and confidence in the field. Several attendees from our first training have found their ‘new favourite role’, simply from being given a run down of the mechanics of each and being given the confidence to use them effectively in battle. We are also looking to expand this training into Armour, Logistics and Command roles and I intend to run a leadership course to assist any of you looking to take on the mantle of Squad leadership in game.

HQ are actively seeking leaders in the Post Scriptum space, if you show some talent for wrangling the troops in game, you can expect some closer attention from our NCOs and Officers to test your ability. Prove your mettle here and you will be recognised with advancement through our Rank structure. Already several Post Scriptum Recruits have started that journey and find themselves in our JNCO Ranks. Continue to work hard at leading and take every opportunity as it presents and you will be sure to find yourselves in the NCO Ranks and beyond.

Unsure whether Post Scriptum is for you? See my  Steam review for the game here

and check out CAPT GentileGingers [EASY] Company Event Report below, with links to gameplay videos created around this event. A great taste of what’s in store for you in Post Scriptum.


Captains Report: Easy Company Allied Engagement

The Rifles were mobilised in order to take part in an event organised by [EASY] Company, international in scope the event would be streamed as part of a presentation of the capabilities of the Post-Scriptum space via several streams. The event was separated into two half’s and the goals were clear. For one half we were to operate as one squad in a multifaceted defence of an outpost alongside [EASY] company squads, and the other half vice-versa, launch an assault on a hostile held position and destroy their entrenchments and capture the position.

The first half was a brutal onslaught, after multiple successive initial victories the pressure mounted on the allied forces of the [REDi] and [EASY] company squads as multiple assaults of heavy and light tanks, armoured cars and infantry rushes crashed over the defences we clung to. Thanks to the incredibly talented [EASY] Company crew manning our one Cromwell however we managed to hold our defences, manning machine gun nests and sandbag barricades. However as the conclusion drew near, and the enemy within spitting distance of a serious assault on our outpost it was the combined strength and cunning of the infantry squads to combat patrol beyond our lines, and mount ambushes on enemy supply and reinforcements moving to mount the assault. Thanks to COL ANZAC_Ace’s leadership and the ingenuity of Rifles and allies on the ground, this delaying action proved crucial to slicing away the enemy’s ability to mount a substantial assault. The first round ended with the victory firmly in the laps of combined [EASY] Company and Rifle elements.– The Defensive phase.

The second half, in which the Rifles and our allies on the ground were to assault an enemy position and capture it proved no less brutal, but far faster. Utilising strategic feints and hit and run guerilla tactics the Rifles and [EASY] Company tired out the defenders rushing point and point and managed to outmanoeuvre their defenders and cutting off multiple emplacements. Finally an infantry mounted infiltration of the enemy’s flanks managed to secure the buildings surrounding the enemy outpost. Brutal CQB ensued, but amidst the gunpowder, grit and the iron taste of blood no rifle faltered, building after building surrounding the CP was cleared, enemy heavy armour attempted to and failed to stop the allied advance with [EASY] company elements securing the enemy’s fallback positions and isolating enemy reinforcements while a detachment hit the command point, and eventually after sustained fighting, bombardments and savage fighting the point was cleared. The second round ended, again with victory for the allied engagement. –  The Attacking phase.

The casualties of this endeavour were substantial on both sides, but all objectives were achieved successfully; the tactical objectives were defended or taken respectively, and co-operation was fostered between allied forces, and of course, fun was had by all. – The combined edit of the Tank, COL ANZAC_Ace’s perspective and the Official Stream from the Defensive phase.


Discord clean-up

Report from Battalion Major DORNZ.

As many of you may have already noticed, several discord channels have been changed/removed. The following channels have been reallocated:

– Head office Text. This channel is now “Duty-Officer-Text” (voice channel reflects the same). It is for communicating with any duty officer that is on duty or for the next duty officer to action, if you have anything that can be looked at later, feel free to post it in there and the next duty officer will action it as their first point of call.

– “Shitposting” is gone. “The Meme Channel” has replaced it. If you have any questions regarding what can be posted in “The Meme Channel” Please refer to the pinned posts from any CO.

– Events. Now known as “Weekly Events List”, Only members of the Leadership group can post in this channel, it is simply a list of all our day to day Ops, in a nice, convenient location.

– Meetup. This channel has been removed for the time being until the next meetup can be allocated a time slot in the calendar.

The following channels were collapsed into “other-games”

– Planetside 2 – Warframe – Foxhole – Role has also been removed – Rust – Mount and blade warband – Project Reality – PUBG Role was removed Alongside this, all of the above have had their voice channels removed as they fall under the “Other games” category.

If anyone has any issues or questions regarding the changes, please contact MAJ DORNZ through discord or steam.


Duty Officer Role- an Outline

Report from Second Lieutenant Pentagon.

This quarter the Duty Officer role was integrated into the Battalion discord channel. As an explanation of what the Duty Officer role is, the Duty Officer serves as the first point of call for the Battalion, and as such if any issue arises your first point of call should be the Duty Officer if they are available and if not then a member of our Leadership Group (WO2 +).

The Duty Officer is a voluntary position available to members of our Battalions Leadership Group (WO2 +), and signifies that they are not too far away and are in the best position to look after any queries, issues, name changes and disciplinary issues. Allowing for one main point of contact centres the battalion as it branches out into a few new games such as Post Scriptum and as its numbers continue to swell past 450 Rifles.

The position has been well received by all Rifles and in future we encourage everyone to consult the active Duty Officer first if there is one, in the event of there not being an active Duty Officer, please still utilise the Duty Officer Text channel for any non urgent issues. This will then be looked into and cleared by the next Duty Officer to sign on. If the issue is urgent then as mentioned, contact the next best placed Leadership Group Member directly to give you the help required. A big thank you to all that have volunteered their time to keep the Duty Officer role up and running as well as to all those who are contacting the Duty Officer with all related items.


Currently our Battalion boasts 466 Members. A huge number that has outstripped any expectations I could have had for our group. It is a mark of the quality of our members to see our numbers continue to expand. The image we all portray when wearing our tags in the wider gaming community and in all the games we play, has a huge impact on peoples desire to join with us on this journey. Be approachable and helpful when somebody asks you about the Battalion. Send them to the website for a rundown of what we are about. Although it is the domain of our SGTs and above to invite Recruits into the Battalion in an official capacity, it is the responsibility of us ALL to continue to drive our Recruitment.

Do you have a friend or a family member that shows some quality and maturity while gaming? Send them the links and get them started down the road to joining our Battalion.

HQ take many things into account when looking at a Rifles performance and eligibility for Promotion. Rest assured that any initiative shown in the Recruitment space is viewed with high distinction and is a great way for you yourself to be recognised and further rewarded within the Battalion. I am very excited about the near future for our group. With the continued addition of fresh faced members we are sure to see many new ideas and energy put into our Battalion, long may it continue.

Neme miles hic reliquit.


brisbane meetup 2019

Report from Battalion Major Acki.

That’s right Rifles, we are planning another meetup so look out Brisbane the [REDeye] 1st Rifles are coming your way. We are currently in the early stages of planning the next meetup, with the idea of it being held around Aug – Sept. We have located a suitable paintball location in the city along with the perfect venue right next door for an evening feast.

Do they have VR? I hear you ask…well yes they certainly do. Zero Latency happens to have a venue just 2 short blocks from the paintball venue with all being a convenient distance from the city railway system. Get excited Rifles and get saving…. we are going to Brisbane!!!


Battalion Supply (Donations)

We continue our push to mid Novembers target of $944.65. Currently we have $353.10 in the coffers. So sitting at 37% of required.

HQ implemented our Donors Raffle earlier in the year, which has been a great success. We have around $1100 worth of games in the Raffle list currently, with 15 Donors already drawn throughout the last 2 quarters, taking home some excellent titles, and 6 Donors to be drawn mid November to take home their choice of game. this is an excellent extra incentive to send the Battalion $10 or more in any Quarter. To see the full list and who is eligible this Quarter go and check out the #donations channel in our Discord. If you have donated $10 or more and are not in the list please contact COL ANZAC_Ace to attribute.

Bullets don’t fly without supply Rifles, this is the lifeblood of our Servers and community presence, so be sure your chipping in where you can. We are constantly looking to expand our footprint and the Battalions overall offer and services to you all. Our ability to do so is directly influenced by the Donations we receive so please, send what you can, when you can.


end report.


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