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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion Quarterly Report Q2 2018

State of the Battalion

Welcome Rifles to our second quarter report 2018. With many new faces and a few old ones re-emerging our Battalion continues to grow. We have seen some developments in the games that we play as a group, with the upcoming release of Insurgency Sandstorm exciting many and our recent foray into Battalion backed PvP with our own Post Scriptum Server. We have seen many Rifles being rewarded for their commitment and efforts with promotions and commendations, with several stepping up into the leadership group for the first time. As well as plenty of Rifles in other Ranks showing their quality and taking on extra responsibilities and being rewarded for it.

The Battalion continues to make great friends and allies around the Oceania gaming community. Our reputation as a group in wider circles is very positive and something which we can all be proud of. The daily efforts of our Admin and leadership teams keep the Battalion heading in the right direction, but it is the continued representation of our rank and file Rifles out in the gaming world that really reflects on the Battalion, and in the vast majority of cases it is very positive.

Personally I am very excited for the coming months. With the help of you all, we will to continue to grow the Battalions membership, our server footprint and our leadership team. What remains of 2018 is sure to bring some challenges as well as some changes. I strongly believe that we have never been better placed as a group to meet head on any challenges that arise, and make the absolute most of any changes that we face.

Nemo Miles Hic Reliquit,


[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion

Saturday June 9th, 2018 saw the inaugural Battalion Meetup. The day began with 20 Rifles negotiating the rigours of the Melbourne Public Transport system to finally arrive to their first rally point located at World Series Paintball – Oakleigh.

Soon after arrival, all Rifles were allocated battle uniforms and safety equipment and then split into two teams (RED TEAM & BLUE TEAM). Once teams were established, the entire group was given a safety briefing along with ROE and an outline of mission objectives.

At approximately 1:30pm, both teams entered the first of two battle arenas which contained multiple tyre pile, wooden pallet, and old car body barriers. Here both teams were given their first opportunity to sight in their markers and get a feel for them. It quickly became apparent to many of the rifles that paintballs can be very unpredictable.

The main objectives required for this first arena consisted of capturing centrally located windmills to avoiding a simulated bomb threat within your teams protected area. All battles fought in this arena gave you unlimited respawn abilities which many rifles took good advantage of and in some cases needed. The RED TEAM came out victorious on more occasions during this first session with plenty of verbal diarrhea flowing during our first break.

The second battle arena consisted on multi wood barrels and buildings layout of to simulate the streets of the wild west. In this scenario, both teams were put to the test both as Cops and then Robbers. The Objective of the Cops was to protect as many of the loot bags that were scattered amongst the building as they could, while of course the Robbers tried to retrieve the bags and get them back to the safety of their hideout without being shot. Once again, everyone had unlimited respawn abilities, but if a robber was holding a loot bag, it was required to be dropped before heading back to respawn area.

Another mission objective saw two volunteers sacrifice themselves and become zombies, taking on the rest of the rifles, these zombies were given free range of the battle arena while the rest were limited in the area in which they could move. Any rifle shot was converted to a zombie and joined the other team until last man was standing. Overall this arena had a more balanced outcome for both teams which made it difficult to decide which team actually won in that area, but with the outstanding victories obtained by the RED TEAM earlier in the day the overall victors for the day went to the RED TEAM.

The second rally point for the Rifles was located at Captain Melville Restaurant in the Melbourne CBD. During the time at Captain Melville, rehydration and the consumption of plenty of good food was had along with the bonding of new friends over some friendly card and board games. Once again it was noted that the verbal diarrhea with tales of success and failure flowed freely as everyone recapped the great time had at paintball earlier in the day. After dinner, most Rifles made their way home, a few Rifles stayed on to enjoy a night cap and came up with the idea of visiting the local Virtual Reality arena the next day.

Sunday 10th June, 6 of our elite Rifles met at their rally point also known as Zero Latency located in North Melbourne. Here our crack team set out on two objectives the first being a mission to remove all AI security threats and re-establish control of a space station. Once successfully completed, the next task was for our team to liberate a town infested with zombies. I am happy to report all rifles made it out unharmed and none returned as zombies. The immersive experience at Zero Latency needs to be seen to be believed and I highly recommend everyone to give it a try.

The weekend was a great success and has already generated plenty of chatter for when and where the next one will be. So, keep an eye out as we will certainly be seeing more of these events happen in the future.

I would also like to thank all those who attended, especially those who had to travel interstate and overseas to get there. And a big thank you for the rifles who helped me bring all this together and make it such a success.

MAJ Acki

Recruitment Report

Recruitment has been a hot topic of discussion within HQ. Many ideas have been flying around with regards to changing our current system. HQ has concluded that the current system is fine how it is, o. SGTs and above are required to be more active in their recruitment of public players. This means, if you do see a public player who plays as we do, feel free to recruit them. That being said, if you see public players throw on our tags, make sure they are recorded properly in our recruitment documents.

Our main challenge with recruiting moving forward will be ensuring that we can build our battalion to well over 500 members. We are currently sitting at 441 members in the steam group! With the addition of the Duty Officer and Post Scriptum to the battalion, Lets push our numbers to well over 600 members within the coming months!


Insurgency report

For most of you, the insurgency space, is basically the venue, by which we have become part of the [REDeye] family. This past few months, due to some server changes, mod issues, and general cacophony of blunders, we have had a glimpse of the near end – that is the OG insurgency. I’m not saying, that it’s over, but there is a tell, by which things escalate, as is the case, by the arrival of its long lost son.– I refer to, of course, of the upcoming release of Insurgency Sandstorm.

With the beta testing being conducted for insurgency’s progeny, this coming September might show the future look of our beloved Battalion. But let us not get ahead of ourselves, it is, after all, a report on insurgency.

On the home front, we have reports, of squads being trained by our finest members. Captain Polish Tuurd, Lieutenant 94Tango, and Warrant Officer 2nd class Rick the Tuurd, have been on the back burner of testing mods for a training server, that will enhance our Rifles discipline, marksmanship, and tactical awareness. It’s always a popular server, and we all cannot wait for it to be back online.

On the battlefield, our current servers have had many several minor issues that were fixed with an update from the source mod. Both custom and vanilla servers were affected (changing map issues, lag problems, etc.). Developers were quick to fix the problem, however, some issues still remained with no fix on the horizon. (For any other bugs and problems with our servers, don’t hesitate to contact our admins, officers on discord or PM on steam group.)

PVP, has been increasingly popular, specially on our ‘FnF’ Op nights, and pop up ops. Recently, however, due to some more popular games gaining momentum in the Battalion, we have been missing out on some fun PvP highlights.

Overall, the insurgency space, still holds the most players in our Battalion. As with all things, however, change is the only thing that is permanent. And we may look no further, than the buzz, that is Sandstorm. It could may well be, the next big thing. Stay tuned.

2LT Ramirez

Insurgency Training Server

The server was working fine until the update which then caused all insurgency servers to go into melt down after an extended period the problem was finally sorted to a degree which allowed for insurgency to commence deployment.

Unfortunately, the training server did not return to active deployment as there appeared to be some active theatre files which allowed the server to function. Since this period CAPT Pol and myself have been busy conducting exercises in creating an additional training server which is being run from Pol’s own server Arma 3 was being held from, at this stage we have made some progress on the bot functionality and numbers with also creating an additional level of difficulty which is why it is called hardcore.

We have now started the task of weapons and map cycles to allow a wide variety of different game modes and types in which to deploy. Once we have developed it to a point of functioning without faults or errors we will be looking at running full training sessions as now the server may restart at any time for any number of reasons which would only hinder training.

At present we have around 52 bots they are set to 2.9 which makes them extremely hard to kill one shot, this is to ensure a different thought process is required in fire and movement you will not be able to go face to face or one on one like some of the custom or vanilla servers. Now we have a reasonable bot count and strength we will be working on making them more human and evasive and elusive, somewhat similar to the bots in DOI as they will hunt you down.

Several members have played on the temporary server and feedback has been good and this will continue for as long as is required. We would encourage all [REDeye]’s to try the hardcore server and give us feedback on it and the level of difficulty we have set.

LT 94Tango

Day of infamy

The DOI space continues to hold its own. Offering our excellent custom settings and gameplay setup. The one DOI server being modded to allow for 12 slots has accommodated the Battalion well over the last quarter and looks to continue to do so in this space for the quarter going forward. An excellent Insurgency 1.5 in a WW2 setting sums up DOI well to any who have not played it. Battalion HQ will continue the support for DOI as long as our members hold interest in it. We are yet to explore the PvP space in DOI, there have been talks for a DOI [FnF] which could really change things up. If you are interested in further driving DOI and would like to see some development in this space please get in touch with HQ, we are eager to hear your ideas.




Post Scriptum is a standalone overhaul mod for the game Squad. It is set in WW2 in Holland during Operation Market Garden. The dev team have been involved in many of the spiritual predecessors to their current project coming from Project Reality development into obviously Squad and now through to Post Scriptum. As such many of the gameplay mechanics will be instantly recognisable to you. As well as several additions that make it a new and unique experience. The sound design, graphics, weapon mechanics, role variation and overall gameplay are second to none. PS takes all the best PvP bits of games like Red Orchestra 2 and Squads gameplay and improves upon them. With larger maps, a host of vehicles, an eye for realism and historical accuracy and an atmosphere that is truly impressive.

HQ have started a Battalion server in Post Scriptum. We will look at customising and expanding upon this server as the weeks and months progress. With initial signs being very positive for Post Scriptum’s popularity among our existing Rifles and the servers effectiveness at Recruiting like minded gamers from this PvP space into our ranks. Look out for the addition of a couple of copies of Post Scriptum in our Quarterly Raffle. Simply donate $10 or more in any quarter to be eligible.


Overall update Arma 3

The Arma 3 space has grown tremendously over the past few months. We have experienced regular ops with attendance reaching over the 20 player count, with a number of ops closing on the 30 player mark. This has shown an exponential demand in the Arma 3 space with very positive feedback from the community on the content delivered by the dedicated Zeus team!

Our operations have taken us around the globe and through time. Ops have included fights against Russians, Americans, Germans, tactical stealth ops, aerial invasions, tactical nukes, storming the beaches in WW2 and more.

Due to popular demand, we have recently re-launched our WW2 operations with many Rifles loving the change in theatre. We hope to see a continued interest in this space with a few more ops to come!
The Arma 3 space also received a mod overhaul to keep the space interesting and ensuring that our players receive as close to a fully immersive military simulation experience as possible.

The Arma 3 team will be completing another review of our mods shortly and any changes will be announced to the community before implementation.

2LT Natalia

ARMA 3 Training

Training Sessions began back in April with the aims of establishing a proper theatre of war in ArmA 3 operations by complimenting our infantry tactics with Air support, skilled pilots and marksman/spotter teams. The Marksman/Spotter teams have been instrumental in carrying out recon operations as well as spotting for air support while the CAS and Pilot groups have been critical in combat transportation, medivacs and absolutely annihilating enemy strongpoints.

Training sessions began as weekly tools to help develop these specialist skills among active rifles and have succeeded, awarding over 20 certificates to players for these roles, with special props to CAPT Dornz and WO2 Soap for being our lead trainers in the two discipline trees.

Training has also encapsulated the general induction of recruits into the ArmA space, beginning as an initiative by myself to help Rifles dip their toes into the piranha infested waters of ArmA 3. While maintaining an attitude of “try, but do not be afraid to fail” and a jovial approach to mission creation these training sessions have been of great use to help new rifles float in the sometimes daunting environment of ArmA 3 operations.

Starting out small but often ending in larger than expected pop-up ops numerous NCO’s have been critical in leading the way and assisting me in running these every once and awhile, so special thanks to SGT Church, SGT PyroVi and WO2 Soap.

The things to look forward to for training are possible new disciplines to gain certification in and renewed focus on training sessions for newer players, but the later may yet be accomplished by our other recent addition which shall be discussed next.

CAPT GentileGinger

Antistasi- Persistent Scenario

Having this scenario downloaded for months but never getting around to doing anything with it I was inspired by the antics of a certain YouTube content creator to annoy several members of the ArmA 3 training team about it until eventually we uploaded the scenario and tried it out for ourselves.

Several ambushes of US convoy’s later we were well engrossed in the beauty and chaos of Antistasi. This scenario has been decently popular with the rifles and may see further use, although the fact a persistent scenario is so popular leads us to believe that having a rotation of scenarios and missions available for pop-up ops may be an advantageous decision.

CAPT GentileGinger


We have achieved our required total for the quarter into August 2018. With a whopping $AUD 1017.45 raised from our members. A huge thank you from the Battalion to all our Donors. The simple fact is we wouldn’t be where we are without you digging deep and helping maintain our Battalion.

Looking forward to next quarter due mid November 2018, we have had a reduction in overall required due to the Battalion moving the training server off a paid host and onto a private server donated by a Battalion Officer. With the target at $AUD 944.65.

The Quarterly games Raffle is proving a big success with any donation of $10 or more putting the donor in for the raffle and a choice at some excellent games. 9 Donors names to be drawn mid August. Very good odds for the 16 or so total donors this last quarter to win. Keep the donations coming in Rifles. Bullets don’t fly without supply.






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