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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion Quarterly Report. Q1 2018

Battalion Report Q1 2018

Hello Rifles, feast your eyes on our first Battalion Quarterly Report.


State of the Battalion

We have continued into 2018 as we finished 2017. With expansions into new and exciting game spaces and positive changes to the way we operate. We have welcomed many new Recruits with our current Ranks swelling to 421 members. We have seen many established Rifles further step up and gain promotion and recognition for doing so. I am consistently humbled by the hard work and dedication that is put into our community by you, our members. I wish to thank you all for that continued effort as it is the basis of this excellent group.

The first quarter we have seen the restart of our Day of Infamy servers. Our Regular Ops in both Insurgency and ARMA continue with excellent content being created in our ARMA space by what must be said is nothing short of a crack team of ARMA experts. We have also seen the expansion into other games that we may not hold a server presence in but have been getting much love from our community who can easily find other members looking to play. Additional games include PUBG, Warframe, Project Reality, Rust, Total War and Company of Heroes. We are always watching and listening for your ideas on other games to expand our Servers or channels into so if you have a hankering please let HQ know in the Discord channel.

I am committed to seeing this group continue to grow while at the same time holding true to what we set out to achieve 2 years ago:

“Our goal is to achieve a tactical and realistic environment, coupled with the camaraderie of a strong community, providing a better overall gaming experience.”

A simple enough goal that has proven harder to achieve than you may think at first glance. Personally my gaming experiences over the last 2 years have been nothing short of awesome. This group has changed both the way I play and the reasons behind why I play. The sense of community that we have achieved and continue to grow is amazing, particularly to be able to carve it in the online space where generally things get pretty poisonous pretty quickly. It is a mark of the quality of you all that we have achieved so much. I am excited for the next few months to come.

In closing I simply wish to thank YOU.

See you on the Battlefield,



Inaugural [REDEYE] 1st Rifle Battalion Meet & Greet

ATTENTION ALL RIFLES: You are officially invited to the first ever meetup of the [REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion. Yes, that’s right Rifles, you have the opportunity to come along and meet up with some of your fellow Rifles in person along with the chance to actually shoot some of them with a Paintball or 10. (That also includes a very rare chance to take on COL ANZAC_Ace himself !!) Yep! You read it here first, COL ANZAC_Ace will be in the building.

So here is what we know so far…. Paintball will be held on Saturday 9th June 2018 @ Oakleigh World Series Paintball – Melbourne Area Time to be confirmed, but at this stage around 1pm and will takes 2-3 hours. Cost is $60 per rifle for 600 Paintballs with the option for extra ammo @$10 per 100 along with various weapons upgrades. Please refer to the FAQ page of the World Series Paintball centre to make sure to meet their requirements.

Dinner will be held somewhere in the Richmond area, we are open to any and all suggestions as to a preferred location that will need the potential to cater for a group of around 20 – 30 people. As we get closer to the actual date we will take the more popular choices and hold a poll to decide on our final location. After Dinner Drinks will be organised based on who is there and who is of actual drinking age on the night. Nothing officially planned at this stage but is still something we are looking into, and again open for suggestions.

At this stage, we have 32 Rifles that have taken the time to join us in the @meetup Discord text channel. This is where all the relevant information about the weekends activities are being posted. To access the channel, simply add the @meetup role to your profile. Once there, if you intend on joining us for either the Paintball or Dinner (or both) then you will find some pre-registration forms to fill out. Don’t panic, they are only very quick and basic forms at this stage to give us a better idea of how many we have coming so it will only take a few minutes.

It’s also important to note: We WILL be requiring AGE VERIFICATION & PERMISSION SLIPS as the event gets closer. For more information or any questions, just post in the @meetup channel or contact CAPT Acki, CAPT GentileGinger, 2LT Ping Law or 2LT CACTUS?!.


ARMA 3 Report

The Arma 3 space has grown in popularity over the past few months. We have seen a number of new rifles joining the Battalion from the new Recruiting server which has helped to bolster the ranks and increase our Arma 3 presence. We have seen a number of keen regular’s on our recruiting server who have been impressed by our ROE and SOPs which is a testament to all Arma 3 players in upholding the [REDi] values.

In the Operation space, we have also seen an increase in presence from Rifles as a number of existing members have heeded the call to Arma’s (Pun intended) and new members have joined. The increase in numbers have made our regular Zuesday Tuesday and Big Picture Saturday operations bigger and better. We have seen a number of Successful operations from our Rifles covering a vast range of missions including preventing nuclear war with America, fighting ISIL in Fallujah, preventing an insurgency in Sahrani and many more. I would like to take the time to thank all those involved in the Arma 3 space who dedicated their time and effort to the running of the server, ensuring the Rifles have a operation to play every Tuesday and Saturday and all those who have driven the direction of the Arma 3 space to date.

Battalion Major Jazza

Training Server Report

Insurgency Training Server:

The training server has come forward in leaps and bounds this quarter. We have seen great attendance and all remark on the tough and enjoyable fights that have occurred.

While we tend to have a core of around 30 regular attendees I have noticed that with a bit of prompting some new Rifles are showing up. For those who have been playing on a regular basis I know they will agree that their overall skill level has improved and that they think a little more tactically about their combat zone, with noise discipline being very high on that list, introduced recently it has become the Standard for the server and everyone has seen the benefits of a quiet squad.

We have run into a few issues with making the server with even less items such as silencers, certain explosives and some rifles & pistols of no use or automatic ability. Once this is sorted out by Major Flyer it will be complete with an addition of some more custom maps. I applaud all members who come into the training server and return to normal servers and still use the abilities they have picked up in the training server, which also encourages other members to see what it is all about.

I have no issue with saying the soldiers I have fought alongside are some of the best Rifles in the battalion and LT 94Tango and myself are proud to have fought alongside them all.

P.S. I have bought a muzzle for tango so I can now promise he won’t bite!

** (DISCLAIMER no guarantees he won’t remove it, if needed)

To all members wishing to enter the Training Server. Firstly ensure you refreshed yourself with the rules and regulations of the server as they have been updated to ensure the server is a very different experience from any other [REDi] server. The server is not about winning or losing it is about the journey and playing as a team and ensuring that everyone works together to achieve and ultimate goal. The server has been set with such parameters to make it as hard as possible as knowing how to move and work together.


ARMA3 Training Server:

Due to the new online servers being available my ARMA3 server has been a little baron so I have decided to turn it into a Tactical Training Server for ARMA Basics. This will not be for the soldier who wants quick easy combat, it is going to be as real as I can make it, so get used to balancing what you carry with your stamina as you will be required to keep up. The training will consider of mainly squad tactics & basic rifle and sidearm use.

This is on a trial basis for a few months just to see if it garners any interest it is to try and get people to experience real combat in a gaming atmosphere, which in the long term can only make the game more enjoyable.

Thanks to all [REDeye]’s who continue to make this the best Battalion of Soldiers on the internet.

LT 94Tango and LT Pol Tuurd.


Day of Infamy Report

With the reintroduction of Day of Infamy to the Battalion servers we’ve been working with the knowledge gained from customising Insurgency to try and tweak the DOI gameplay to better suit the [REDi] playstyle.

Rather than the very hectic run-n-gun nature of DOI we’re trying to slow it down and reduce the bot spawns more in line with the Insurgency checkpoint servers. After a lot of testing we have come to a decent baseline that has significantly improved on the base gameplay.

Some more work needs to be completed mainly around limiting the bot spawns on a handful of maps where the respawn trigger is set close to or along the bots path to the frontlines. This is so they don’t constantly respawn every 30 seconds, making it a real grind on some maps.

We have had great success in adding new weapons, custom maps and UI changes, as well as force unlocking all Army skins and Units to players, if we can get the bots spawning correctly it’ll be almost perfect.

MAJ Flyer


Insurgency Report

In the Insurgency space we have seen some significant changes to our Server profile.

We are currently running with 6 INS Servers.

Two servers setup as Recruiting with Vanilla settings and maps.

One server set as Custom Recruiting with our full shebang of mods and custom maps.

The Training server continues to develop and shall remain a constant. We have seen the addition of an All coop game modes server, allowing us to test out other modes and get a change of pace when needed. We have already identified some game modes that will be getting added to our INS Training server, with work required to amend the theatre files.

The Ops or members only server is now remaining locked to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Allowing for members looking for a private game without the requirements around Recruiting and herding the pubbies.

Finally our Custom PvP server continues and is open to the public which is proving very popular both among our members and with the wider INS community, with good numbers turning out and some high profile INS players joining in fairly regularly. We started with 1 vanilla INS server 2 years ago. Just WOW.



Project Reality Report

With the v1.5 update being released in Feburary 2018 it has lead to a
slight boost in active [REDi] player count in the game, with the introduction of the Polish forces and numerous bug fixes. The fixing of Fonts in the Project Reality and the changing of in-game UI to be more user friendly. We have seen the return of some active [REDi] players into the Project Reality space and will continue to run Pop up Ops for PR for everyone to join and have some fun with. Remember Kids PR is a FREE download with no other game assets required. The only restriction is in its size with updates taking some time to complete. A worthy addition to any FPS gamers library.

One of the biggest factors in the initial success of the Project Reality game in REDi was that it is FREE and is a low-system requirement game that offers combined arms Ops.

Our main challenge currently in PR is the active player count. In trying to find a solution to this challenge we will be looking to actively seek out [REDi] members who do not own or are unable to play Arma, as the games are of a similar scope with regards to vehicles and maps. Both providing that combined arms combat in a realistic setting, with PR being like Arma’s little brother.

WO2 Sheepies the Sacred


Real Time Strategy Expansion Report

A new RTS channel has been created in the discord channel close to the end of the first quarter 2018. This new channel has been created for the purpose of bringing our RTS playing members closer together. In support of this channel a RTS Tag has been created to allow for pings and announcements that are RTS specific.

Currently the RTS channel supports 6 games:

Comapny of Heroes
Company of Heroes 2
Total War: Shogun 2
Total War: Atilla
Empire: Total War
Civilisation 5

More games would be added as interest is shown. Our games would be carried on during times where it would not compromise the population numbers during official [REDi] events. This is to ensure that our [REDI] members would not deviate from our main areas of focus such as insurgency or Arma 3.

Additionaly no multiple RTS game should be planned at the same time, and only 1 can only be planned and played first before planning or playing another RTS game in the list using the channel. This is to ensure that there would be no confusion in discussion. Though this may limit the number of games within carried out through this channel. This is to ensure as well that we would not deviate from our main areas of focus.

Anyone and everyone in our community is welcome to join our RTS group to participate and host any RTS game in the list as long as they follow the above rule.

WO2 Sheepies the Sacred.


Battalion Supply, Donations

Bullets don’t fly without supply.

We enjoy a large server footprint to help us accommodate the many titles that our varied membership are interested in playing and continuing to play. The cost to run the servers is significant. Our Quarterly requirement is $1157.45. A large target there is no doubt, however I can assure you the cost would be astronomically higher if we were to equate the hours put into the Battalion to manage, create content, create Ops, Edit and test settings and administrate it all by our members. So yes that is a large number to achieve quarterly but in my eyes it still looks cheap for what we have created and continue to enjoy together.

With our current membership of 421 members it would only take $1 a month from each of you to achieve our targets. For the best gameplay and to be involved in this excellent community, that my friends is the definition of a bargain. So please dip into the wallet and show the Battalion some love.


end report

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