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Battalion Distinguished Service Medal awarded.

Distinguished Service Medal Awarded

WO2 Natalia Le’Faux.

It is with great pleasure to award the battalions highest honour to WO2 Natalia Le Faux. WO2 Natalia is a long standing member of the REDi battalion and has risen throughout the Ranks over her time with us. After announcing the introduction of the new Arma 3 space back into the REDi community WO2 Natalia was approached to join the Arma 3 leadership team to help guide the direction of the Arma 3 space and all things Arma.

WO2 Natalia not only jumped at the opportunity but has gone above and beyond anything I expected from any Rifle. WO2 Natalia’s dedication to the Arma 3 space has helped to keep our operations fresh and new week on week.

From the beginning of the Arma 3 server WO2 Natalia took it upon herself to learn how to Zues and build operations that would be both entertaining and rewarding for our members. Her growth as a Zues operator was noticeable and swift, becoming arguably REDi’s best Zues. However her service to the Battalion did not stop there. Months before Christmas, WO2 Natalia pitched an idea to HQ to run a fully fledged and dynamic Arma 3 Iron Front Campaign for the Battalion. After much deliberation and discussions with HQ her ideas were put to life. WO2 Natalia has spent countless hours building maps, storylines, briefings, player kits, intel packets, and more to bring the most immersive military simulated operations to the Battalion. The campaign is still ongoing and many more hours will be dedicated to the completion of the campaign.

Outside of building Zues operations, the WO2 has been a teacher to fellow REDi members. She regularly dedicates her Tuesday night to assist interested and like-minded Rifles develop as a Zues operator. Zuesday Tuesday was set up to allow members to practice Zuesing and develop their skills. It has been with Natalia’s training and guidance that we have seen a number of new Zues operators develop their skills and step into their own. Zuesing is a challenging task, ensuring there is enough action, storyline, map detail, etc without crashing computers by dumping too much on the map, and with her guidance we have seen a number of successful Zues missions developed by inexperienced Zues Operators.

It is from the above that I have the great honour in awarding WO2 Natalia Le Faux the Distinguished Service Medal. I hope she continues to serve the Battalion in the manner she has already displayed and is an example for all Rifles to follow.

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