No Soldier Left Behind

[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion End of year Report.

State of the Battalion

2017… what a roller coaster year. The Battalions first official year since being established in our current form. We have grown unbelievably in membership numbers in that time. We have expanded our Server footprint both into new games and in the games central to our group.

We saw the establishment of our Leadership Group (SNCOs and Officers) and continue to expand as deserving members prove themselves dedicated and level headed enough to take more central roles.

Our Donations targets have been achieved at every junction. There are several Rifles who continue to dig deep for the rest of us. I encourage everyone to put in whatever amount they can and help take some of the pressure off our regular donors. The success of our Donations stream has allowed us to go forward with confidence that this Battalion can continue to expand and service all our members with the servers that we have all come to love and enjoy.

We saw the start of our Monthly Meetings for both NCOs and Officers. Creating an official platform for your ideas or concerns and giving HQ the means to address any and all things relating to our group.

We saw the start of our Official You tube and Discord channels. Discord proving an invaluable resource for communication and community involvement.

I am so proud of our Group and how far we have come. I am honoured to be your Commanding Officer and fight alongside you all and am certain that 2018 shall bring many more successes for the [REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion.





Zeusday Tuesday

Our Tuesday Ops always sees a decent turnout with budding Zeus’s running their own missions. The last month or so has seen several mission set in the Iron Front mod with a WW2 setting. Some excellent content and game play has been presented to the Battalion in these Ops.

We encourage all Rifles to get on and support your fellow Rifles both on the battlefield and with their development as Zeus’s. The outcome can only be positive for this Battalion with more content creators and involvement from our members.




The ‘Wednesday Weekly’ and ‘Thursday Thrashout’ Insurgency Ops

Report from WO1 Ramirez:

Fellow Rifles, it is my pleasure to report, the success our Battalion has had on the front lines. Week after week, we have battled through harrowing terrains, terrible odds, and freakishly good firefights. Throughout this month, we have seen how bold and courageous each and everyone of our comrades are. Testing out arsenal changes, new maps, and new physical limitations, that only improve the realism aspect of the game.

Our Wednesday and Thursday events have been a constant in this Battalion. And we asked our CO exactly what was the reason behind these missions. And I quote:

“INS is the base game of our Battalion. It is what has ultimately brought our Group together. Weekend Ops are for the more excitable, involved and technical. with a weekday setting I hoped to create a constant battleground, a friendly and welcoming place for our members to jump on for a quick game or a long one. Breaking up the week for everyone with the camaraderie that we have all come to enjoy. INS gives us that framework.” –

COL Anzac_Ace

And that is exactly what these events have been for our many weekday warriors. As we have different schedules, those who cannot join us on the weekends, always have the mid week, to battle, and show the skills they have forged through lead and iron.

On the field, we have seen changes server side that has only improved the experience in the milsim environment we have been yearning to achieve. As HQ has been coming up with many ideas, it makes sense that the mid week battles would get these innovations as well. It is apparent, that squad structure is constantly checked, as our enemies are ever getting the advantage.

On the upside, a tactical advantage has been gained with the addition of the LMG suppression mechanics, wherein if applied correctly, can heavily influence a firefight. As squad movement can now be properly obtained when enemies are pinned down by a barrage of bullets.

Furthermore, the battalion has seen many new faces on the ops nights, and new leaders have emerged. And with the addition of a training server, we have seen a lot of improvement in our Battalions marksmanship. We can only assume that others will follow suit, as we implement more measures to improve our rifles ability to maintain battles.

To close, this year was a huge success for the [REDeye] 1st Rifles, and we can’t wait to see more.



Friday night Fights

With our custom theater changes reworking the game play we have seen a huge uptake in popularity for INS PvP Ops. Many Rifles have been heard exclaiming about how intense, scary or exciting the Ops are. The PUSH game mode has been reworked to give it a checkpoint type of feel. With each cap taking 2:30 min to complete if uninterrupted, it allows for the defending team to counterattack the objective if thrown off it. We have seen some incredible rounds coming down to the wire. Proving that the settings are close to final and the balance of time and tickets is spot on.

Given its popularity both in house and in the public domain HQ have decided to dedicate Server #3 to PvP. When not set as [FnF] the server is open to the public. We have included some very good Bots to help with party starting when 1 or more players join. We have seen and are sure to continue seeing the popularity of this game mode and server increase into next year.



ARMA 3 Campaign

Report from MAJ Jazza:

The New WW2 Arma 3 Campaign:

With the introduction of the new Arma 3 Tactical Operation server and the capability of the server to handle the vast number of mods required, a new Arma 3 Campaign has begun.

The premise behind the campaign is to provide an interactive operation that will run over a couple of months which will follow, at a high level, the battles and movements of Britain, America and Russia (and potential more countries) throughout WW2. The idea behind the campaign came from none-other than WO2 Natalia and was developed and revised by a number of members of the Battalion.

How it works:

 HQ will be given a number of potential battles to be held based on timelines and previous battles and positions of enemy troops and allied troops. Once HQ has made a decision on where our REDeye battalion will be deployed a full write-up will be provided to all members about the battle and any intel along with it. IT IS REQUIRED that you read this before the operation start. The battle will play out as any normal operation.

Victories will result in the battalion moving towards our next objective on the map and onto new battles. Losses incurred in a battle will result in the battalion falling back to a friendly held territory. Different maps will have different amounts over victories required to push forward and to be pushed back. Larger maps will also go on for longer amounts of time and smaller maps for smaller amounts of time.

It is imperative that all members know that, like WW2, resources are scarce. This means that all resources (fuel, cars, tanks, ammo) will carry over from one operation to the next. If you run out of ammo in an operation you will spawn with no ammo in the next.

This is a completely dynamic operation and the first of its kind that the Battalion as endeavoured on. Ensure to join these operations when you can so we can fill out the server and push these operations to their limits!

If you have any questions regarding these operations please reach out to WO2 Natalia La’Faux (Lead on the project) or MAJ Jazza.




Arsenal theater changes

Report from MAJ Flyer:

After a good two months of testing custom theater settings in the Coop servers most major issues that needed fixing have been fixed, at least the ones that don’t require re-modelling or re-animating. The most recent changes of porting over some of the movement and suppression settings from the PVP servers to Coop have been reduced or removed in some cases, mainly as while there are some that loved the added difficulty there also some that found the changes too jarring. So, as we aim to keep everybody in the community happy on our servers, changes have been made to hopefully find a nice middle ground that everyone can enjoy.

Main changes to movement are:
– You can sprint continuously, however speed reduces over time and long sprints will incur reduced accuracy briefly on stopping. So short sprints are still recommended
– Faster stamina regain
– Fall damage is back more forgiving

-Suppression changes are:
– Reduced amount of sway effect when suppressed
– Reduced time of suppression effect to fade
– Slightly higher resistance to suppression
Thanks to everybody who has been on the servers testing out the changes and especially those that have provided useful feedback and suggestions over the last few months.

For a ‘new to the changes’ perspective we have a report from WO2 Sheepies:

Over the past month, the roles and arsenal in Co-op has gotten a major overhaul in REDi servers.

The roles has been changed from vanilla, where everyone was under one squad before to now where there are two squads with different priorities. The point team and overwatch team. This change in roles allows REDi member to go through a much more military-like experience in insurgency, allowing for communication between squad leads to be critical in the success of the mission, and most importantly a clear picture of who is the commander of their respective squads.

The arsenal has been changed from vanilla, where the roles before had at most 3 unique weapons. With the change of the role/squad system, it has lead to a change in weaponry as well, with specialist roles coming into place, this has resulted in additional unique weapons added. This allows for a more diverse gameplay that also integrates realism as with the great variety of maps we have, requires compatible weapons of different characteristics, thus the arsenal is a necessity with the addition of custom maps in the map rotation.



Introducing our Insurgency Training Server

Report from LT Pol Tuurd:

Salute All,

As you are all probably aware we have been running a training server aimed at getting all basic skills improved IE rifle unaided and handgun, no RPG’s no mollies. This gives us a chance to hone basic skills without the constant threat of random death, we focus on movement and small squad tactics breach call’s etc.

Please feel free to book a spot if you can, depending on numbers we can run one or two a week.

ROE in training server

NO MG’s: NO SHOTGUNS: NO SNIPERS RIFLES: NO Magnified scopes (iron sights pref )

Grenade 1 per soldier for room clearing only (except last man standing)

Flash 1 per soldier for room clearing only (except last man standing)

Bring you best squad tactics, get a squad together and practice your movement

No automatic weapons (single fire only)

Pistol is compulsory (or you will be switching to knife when told)

Move as a squad when and how you are told, server side settings are the same as other servers (short burst for running, drop damage etc)

Most of all listen to what is being said, if not you will be removed from server (there are no Rambo’s in the training server, it’s teamwork)

Map Rules

In COOP maps 1 man down switch to pistols

In CONQUER maps no switch to pistols. We identify caches only, we use the points to bring back team mates, once captured evacuate point to allow bots to retake, last 10-15 mins we blow caches and capture points. Turns out to be nearly an hour of fighting and killing.

Once completed the training officer will let command know and you will have the letter ‘T’ attached to your Battalion Rifles ID number.


Battalion Monthly Meeting minutes

See minutes from the SNCO/ NCO Meeting:

See minutes from the Leadership Group Meeting :



Battalion supply (Donations)

Our target for the next quarter has grown as we expand our ARMA 3 footprint and introduce Vanilla Insurgency Recruiting servers. The Battalion will require $912.45 in Donations to service all of our Servers. Invoices due in the start to mid February 2018.

Any and all amounts are a help Rifles, so get on over to the Donations page and make your contribution.

Donors are given the right to wear the [D] tag in game and will be listed on our Message of the Day for Ops and Members Only Servers.




Many new faces around Battalion HQ these last 2 months and many tried and true Rifles stepping into leadership roles. See all the movers and shakers in our complete list below. (01.11.17 to 19.12.17)


Major Flyer.

It is my great pleasure to elevate MAJ Flyer into the lofty heights of a CO’s position. Without a doubt he is a huge influence on this Battalion and its direction. He has risen to every challenge on and off the battlefield and continues to drive us all to bigger and better. His knowledge of this Battalion, our collective desire to succeed and indeed all the Rifles in it are second to none. 

He is approachable and level headed and is a key decision maker, his opinion is highly valued at every level. He works tirelessly in the background and the battlefield. I for one have never seen the MAJ take a backwards step. A shining example and role model to all in the Battalion and one of the best representatives of this Battalion out in the wider gaming community. MAJ Flyer I wish to thank you for your efforts, long may they continue.

Major Jazza.

The MAJ is one if this Battalions longest serving members. He has weathered the storm through thick and thin and always comes out on top. He takes a constructive approach to issues as they arise and is proactive in guiding the Battalions direction to bigger and better. His lead of the Rifles on the Battlefield is an example for all to follow. His leadership in our community second to none.

Over the last 12 months it has been my pleasure to guide and advice the MAJ and gain his input into the decisions we make for this Battalion. His opinion is highly valued and his work in the background for this Battalion is immense. His hard work and dedication have been unwavering, he is one of the best examples of what this Battalion strives for from our Members and what this Battalion represents. His elevation into a CO’s position marks him out as being a pinnacle in our Group and someone we can all look to for inspiration.

Captain Dornz.

I quote MAJ princecoo, “LT Dornz has exemplified what it is to be a leader among the [REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion. With a calm demeanor and willingness to always help Rifles in need out, LT Dornz has earned this promotion to CAPT with distinction.”

CAPT Dornz has proven his dedication and commitment in every way. He was promoted to PTE on the 24th of December 2016. In the Year since he has been with us he has impressed upon us all his quality and maturity. His leadership on the battlefield is exemplary. With a cool head and calm approach he has a solid grasp on the big picture and organises his Rifles effectively to meet any challenge. 

It is my great pleasure to elevate him into the CAPT Ranks. I am sure he will continue to drive the Battalion and our Rifles forward in all that he does.

Lieutenant Pol Tuurd.

LT Pol Tuurd is a dedicated and stalwart Rifle. His lead of all squads in every situation is excellent. Clear comms and a level head bring with it a sense of calm and deliberate approach that encourage all who fight with him. He makes a fine 1st Rifles Officer and is an excellent representative of our Battalion. His work in the community has been immense. Continuing to provide both material and leadership support.

His promotion to full LT was an easy decision. HQ expect his immense contributions to continue long into our future. All in the Battalion can rest assured of many successes to come with Officers of the LT’s caliber in and leading our Ranks. Well done LT. I look forward to seeing all you bring to the Battalion going forward.

Lieutenant Acki.

I quote MAJ princecoo, “2LT Acki has been a constant and solidly reliable member of the leadership team, with a relaxed and open approach to all who contact him. He is dependable and always happy to give advice and assistance to lower and higher ranks alike. I believe this promotion to full Lieutenant is well deserved and that LT Acki will continue to be a force of good for the [REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion.”

HQ have been constantly impressed by the LT’s approach and attitude. He is a fine representative of our Battalion and all its members. His willingness to tackle head on any issues he see’s around him or that he see’s a Rifle having is commendable. He is a valuable member of our leadership team who is sure to continue to positively affect this Battalion and our direction into the future.

Second Lieutenant Acki.

I quote MAJ princecoo, “I’d like to recommend Warrant Officer First Class Acki for promotion to Second Lieutenant. He is a solid, calm and dependable member of our HQ team, and a true guiding force for the Ranks below him. He is a regular on the Discord server, and always available to assist others or offer good advice. He is certainly Officer material, as he has consistantly been one to look up to as he embodies the shining standard of the REDeye Rifles and surpasses that with little effort.”

I also quote LT Dornz, “WO1 Acki has proven to be a solid leader and tactition in all scenarios he is faced with. His leadership is second to none, he is clear in his orders and takes on board any ideas brought to him. He has also proven to be a highly valued member of leadership and has a very keen interest in all aspects of the group, especially the NCO & Officer meetings. I personally have relied on WO1 Acki many times and value his advice. His contribution to the community is much appreciated.”

HQ have been very particular around our requirements for Rifles to be moved up and into our Officers Ranks. 2LT Acki has proven time and again his ability and community minded approach. He makes a fine Officer in this Battalion and is sure to continue to positively influence our direction moving forward.

Second Lieutenant Cold.

The 2LT has all the qualities of a 1st Rifles Officer. He shows great awareness on the battlefield and has proven his abilty beyond reproach. His leadership continues to impress. On every front the 2LT has excelled. 

Continue in the same fashion, craft and mould the RECs PTEs JNCOs and NCOs into what you know we are looking for. HQ are very excited about developing this Battalion and well respected quality Officers go a long way to securing our future.

Senior Non Commissioned officers

Warrant Officer class one Ramirez.

WO1 Ramirez is a fine example of an excellent Rifle. He is committed to the Battalion and our development and continues to impress all in HQ with his mature and level headed approach. His ability on the battlefield is second to none and his leadership of the Rifles around him both effective and innovative.

All in the Battalion can be assured of our continued growth and momentum with Members of WO1 Ramirez’ quality in our Ranks. HQ would like to thank him for his efforts so far and encourage him to continue in the same fashion long into the future.

Warrant Officer class one Cold.

WO1 Cold has proven time and again his commitment and ability as a Rifle and as a leader, both in our servers and in our Community. He issues clear instructions to his squad and always shows a great deal of humility and level headedness when dealing with any situation. He has proven his want to see this Battalion prosper and is one of the driving forces when it comes to the Battalions development and the development of his fellow Rifles.

He nurtures and moulds the raw RECs, offering advice and encouragement at every turn. He has gained the respect of HQ and the Rifles and is sure to continue to impress all who fight alongside him in the many battles that this Battalion shall face in the future.

Warrant Officer class two Stewge.

The WO2 is a force within this Battalion. His commitment and dedication to this community have been proven time and again. He shows excellent ability in the field and takes a calm and collected approach to all situations. His leadership of the Rifles around him and understanding and enforcement of the Battalion ROE have ensured he rise steadliy in our Ranks.

The WO2 is a positive force in the Battalion and a welcome addition to our Leadership Group. His elevation brings with it further responsibilities that HQ are certain the WO2 will rise to without hesitation. We can all be assured of many victories to come with Members of the WO2s caliber at the helm.

Warrant Officer class two Spinikar.

I quote CAPT Pawnda, “RFP: SGT Spinikar is a Rifle that can be depended upon. He utilises effective and to-the-point comms and never has a word out of place. He follows orders to the tee and above all takes care of the squad members around him; this promotion is well deserved. He is an excellent example of what a reliable Rifle should be, especially during Arma 3 Operations.”

HQ have been following the WO2’s development closely. He has always shown excellent lead ability. He has risen to every challenge and continues to impress all who fight alongside him. He makes for another sound addition to our Battalions Leadership Group and is sure to continue to positively effect the this Battalion in the future and our Rifles on the Battlefield.

Warrant Officer class two ManVanStaal.

The WO2 shows excellent presence on the battlefield with a cool head and excellent comms. He is a natural at rallying the Rifles around him. His ability and understanding of small unit tactics are exemplary. He is a standout leader and mentor and continues to mould the less experienced Rifles among us.

WO2 ManVanStaal has risen steadily in our Ranks. His good character earning him the respect of all in the Battalion. We are certain that he has what it takes to further influence the direction and momentum of our Group and help to mould and shape the Rifles into the future.

Warrant Officer class two Derryl.

The WO2 has proven his ability and commitment time and again. He is a solid tactician and leader who shows urgency and a clear head when approaching any situation. His mature approach is exactly what we are looking for in the leadership group of our Battalion.

I quote an anonymous NCO “The SGT has shown me that he is able to capably lead his team with distinction. That is one of the key critereas into becomming a SGT. On the 13SN server while I was under a different name, I overheard the SGT being “shit-talked” because he was “military tryhard” using the REDi name. Now the most obvious route one would take would to be defending one’s pride. What I was most impressed on was that he instead of defending his pride, he defended [REDi]1R instead. This is what impressed me the most in my career in REDi, and I whole-heartedly believe that this should not go unreported.”

Well done WO2.

Warrant Officer second class Slatery.

I quote LT Acki, “RFP SGT Slatery. This SGT spends countless hours in the ARMA world ever ready to offer a helping hand whenever needed. His broad knowledge of ARMA and the MODS we use are exceptional and are a credit to the dedication this rifle has for our battalion and community. These traits along with his well known tactical presence and medical skills certainly make him a fine candidate for WO2.”

CAPT GentileGinger, “RFP for SGT Slatery according to my notes over the last several months he has consistently and constantly been behind the scenes and at the helm of our ARMA battlespace, with a light-hearted and cheerful approach in his squad dynamic and latent potential for leadership evidenced by fluent and tactical use of comms and awareness SGT Slatery has shown he’s ready to strap on a new set of tags and join the team of senior NCO’s. An excellent and obvious addition SGT Slatery has the full confidence of this CAPT, both in his abilities on and off the field, and in his personal qualities in the social dynamic of [REDeye] and our eventts.”

WO2 Spinikar, “RFP: SGT Slatery has proven to be consistently reliable in the Arma 3 space and has earned my respect. His ability to lead has been proven, and I always find having the SGT in my squad makes my job easier as he takes his orders, organises the squad and gets it done.”

WO1 Ramirez, “RFP SGT SLatery to WO2: citation: The SGT embodies all that [REDeye] stands for. He’s ever present, ever the teacher, the student and the IT help for all Rifles coming into the arms 3 battle space. The SGT has, in all this time, been dedicated to the Battalion and has shown tactical brilliance that we only see in the best of the best. Excellence is a word I would describe this hard working Rifle.”

HQ agree on all points with this spread of our Officers and SNCOs. The WO2 is an excellent Rifle and proving to be as central to the Battalion as anyone. His efforts have been immense and he is sure to continue to give his all in every aspect of his Rifles career. 

A well deserved promotion for a true Rifle.

Non commissioned officers

Sergeant Striker203

I quote WO2 Ramirez, “RFP CPL Striker203, he has tremendous capability both as a Rifle, and as a leader. His style is one that inspires confidence in his team. I have seen him work with All kinds of Ranks around him, and he shows the utmost respect among his peers. Not only does he excel as a strategist, and communicator, but also as a warrior on the battlefield.”

HQ agree. The SGT is an excellent NCO and has proven his ability and commitment time and again. He makes the step up to SGT with great expectation from all in the Battalion that he will continue in the same fashion and drive our Rifles forward.

Sergeant Wombat.

The SGT has proven his NCO ability. His clear comms and steady leadership drive the Rifles forward. The SGT is a valuable squad member for his ability and attitude. Quick to pull any around him into line and set them straight. He has gained the respect of all in the Battalion.

The step up to SGT is a big one and HQ are certain that SGT Wombat is up for the challenge. Take charge of those around you more frequently SGT and continue to push the Battalion towards the Objective.

Sergeant Choonga.

I quote 2LT Acki, “RFP CPL Choonga. I find CPL Choonga’s approach to leadership to be consistently cool, calm and collected and his orders are direct and to the point, keeping his squad confident of victory at all times. CPL Choonga shares his knowledge and wisdom amongst his fellow rifles where ever possible and encourages his team along the way. I expect CPL Choonga to go far in the Battalion and promotion to SGT will just be the next step of many more to come.”

HQ have been very impressed with the SGTs approach to the Battle and his Rifles. He shows all the qualities required of a SGT and is an excellent NCO in our Battalion. Continue to guide the Rifles around you SGT and be sure you are learning all you can from the Officers around you.

Sergeant The_Moee

I quote MAJ Mischief Maker, “CPL The_Moee was recommended by his peers to take charge of Hijack. I stepped aside as he lead from start to finish. His leadership style was in line with rifle strategy and showed patience, tactical awareness and a level of innovation rarely seen. I hereby reccomend CPL The_Moee a citation in achieving victory with the absolute minimum of casualties. Nicely done.”

HQ have been very impressed with the SGTs progress. He is a fine leader and does not shirk any duty. His clear comms and level head help guide the fresh RECs and PTEs, making him an excellent candidate for SGT.

Sergeant Pentagon.

I quote MAJ Jazza, “RFP CPL Pentagon. Pentagon is a solid leader with clear communication taking on the leadership position of a squad when the opportunity arises, giving clear direction and orders. He is also a valuable member to our newly joined members, especially in the new Arma 3 space with more and more inexperienced members joining. The CPL takes it upon himself to assist and helps new members in anyway he can.The CPL is a fine example of what it means to be a [REDeye] 1st Rifle.”

WO2 Spinikar, “I would like to endorse Capt Jazzas RFP. I have spent sometime with CPL Pentagon recently on the Arma 3 servers. The CPLs work has been outstanding in assisting new RECs to join and to understand our SOPs. The CPL has proven to me time and time again of his ability to lead by his actions and example, direct and mentor those around him and is ready to take on even greater challenges and responsibilities.”

2LT Acki, “RFP CPL Pentagon. The CPL has shown me time and again he excellent leadership and communications skills during the many hours he puts in on the Insurgency servers. He shows great patience with new rifles and has all the qualities I would expect from a SGT. He actively recruits and contributes where he can both in and out of game. I can see great things from CPL Pentagon moving forward in the Battalion.”

Nothing more to say. Well done SGT.

Sergeant FellowRefugee.

I quote 2LT Cold, “RFP CPL Fellowrefugee to SGT. The Rifle is a long serving CPL that has indeed impressed many leadership group members. He has an excellent grasp on the ROE and SOP, using it with efficiency and displaying great comms while doing so. The Rifle not only leads with excellence but keeps an eye on lower ranked Rifles and moulds them into the Rifles the Battalion is looking for. Fellowrefugee far exceeds all expectations of the CPLs role, becoming a SGT should be a better fit. Excellent work.”

HQ could not agree more. The SGT has proven to all in the Battalion his commitment and dedication to this group. The step up to SGT brings with it increased responsibilty for the Rifles around you. We are sure that SGT FellowRefugee will be an excellent SGT for us all.

Corporal Pentagon.

The CPL has proven his ability. His comms and approach are excellent making him a fine NCO. HQ would like to see the CPL put his extra stripe to good use and help control more aspects of the Rifles around him. Particularly the REC and PTEs. Be a guiding hand to the fresh faces and continue to learn all you can from the best in our Battalion.

Corporal Dr. Blood.

I quote CAPT Owlcoholic, “RFP LCPL Dr. Blood to CPL. The LCPL was leading when I joined the battlefield and I immediately took note of how proficient he was. He excelled at tactical awareness as well as giving clear and concise orders to his fellow Rifles. He definitely shows a lot of potential as a leader and will make a fine addition to our full NCO Ranks.”

Corporal XTrollier.

I quote WO2 Sheepies-The Sacred, “RFP: LCPL XTrollier . The LCPL has shown me on the map INS_Resistance that he is an excellent defense co-ordinator, able to strategical place overwatch team into effective positions as well as aiding the duty NCO SGT Deryll in command. He has shown respect to the rank and the best of all is that he knows how to joke around when appropirate. This attitude is one of the key in growing our gaming community alowing people who play alongside him enjoy themselves as well as adhering to our values.”

Corporal Breadboard.

I quote WO2 Spinikar, “RFP: LCPL Breadboard to CPL. Joining the [REDeye] ARMA Server this evening, I found LCPL Breadboard directing a reasonable size group of public players in REDi doctrine and ROE. I was impressed with the LCPL Leadership and Mentorship, helping REC’s and PTE’s alike to improve. He was able to lead both on the small and large scale. After a quick Boot Camp run down, LCPL Breadboard then took his new RECs into battle leading them with distinction and valor. LCPL Breadboard has exceeded all expectations of his Rank, and has shown that he will make an excellent CPL. As a CPL, continue to keep moulding those around. Well done.”

Corporal Blak-Dragon.

I quote 2LT Itzjake, “RFP for LCPL Blak-Dragon. The LCPL is a Rifle to be reckoned with and if used correctly, is an invaluable asset to any squad. Leading point squad, he was able to consistently and efficiently clear every objective required with minimal casualties. The LCPL embodies our ROE’s and is able to lead and communicate with ease on the battlefield. The LCPL will be a welcome addition to our talented NCO’s.”

WO1 Ramirez, “RFP LCPL Black-Dragon. Has been on point in the last few weeks with his leadership. Has been making sound and tactical decisions in the front lines and is quite effective in any role with the squad. He has earned my respect as a team leader and had made strides with his communication issues. Overall this Rifle has made himself an asset for the Batallion, and will fit any squad in future engagements.”

Corporal El Jefe.

The CPL leads from the front. He shows all the promise of an NCO. His clear comms and urgency have seen him motivating many of our RECs and PTEs. HQ are certain he will make a fine NCO after rising to every challenge in the JNCO position.

Corporal SlankyMcDukes.

I quote CAPT GentileGinger, “RFP LCPL SlankyMcDukes . A Rifle in his prime the LCPL has proven his abilities in the field time after time. Leading his squad and assisting his CO to the best of his capacity. A brilliant NCO and a great Rifle, I look forward to seeing more of his actions.”

HQ have been impressed by the CPL. He has proven to be an excellent JNCO and is thoroughly deserving of the Full NCO Rank of CPL.

Corporal CoolCabbage.

I quote CAPT GentilGinger, “RFP LCPL CoolCabbage. The LCPL showed excellent leadership tonight and is a Rifle that isn’t afraid to push himself. He stand beside his teammates in every circumstance, a worthy addition to the rank of CPL.”

The CPL shows an excellent understanding of the Battalion and our ROE. The step up to CPL brings with it a heavier focus on mentoring the Rilfes around you. We can all be assured that CPL CoolCabbage is up for the challenge.

Corporal GooglePlus.

I quote SGT KUDDLES, “RFP LCPL GooglePlus. I have watched the LCPL lead in ministry he has shown amazing coms and leadership taking care of every Rifle and making sure our rule no man left behind is enforced 100% of the time, he is more than deserving of the CPL title.”

HQ have been observing the LCPL in the JNCO role. He has proven his ability and shows some solid leadership. He is deserving of the full NCO position.

Corporal Chubbs.

I quote SGT KUDDLES, “RFP for LCPL Chubs. The LCPL shows amazing tactics in the 1st Rifles Battalion, checking every corner with quick reflexes to act fast and remove the threat. He listens to the higer Ranks and isn’t afraid to put his input into the mix and help in any situation. He will make a fine CPL and is sure to do more great work out there.”

WO1 Ramirez, “RFP LCPL Chubs. Hes a killer on [PvP]. You cant find a better squad mate than this Rifle. Much more than that is his tactical awareness and leadership skillsare excellent.”

HQ agree, the CPL shows solid lead and comms and is encouraged to grab the Rifles around him and impart his knowledge to them. Keep developing yourself and the Rifles CPL. You are sure to be an excellent NCO.

Junior non commissioned officers

Lance Corporal Breadboard
Lance Corporal GooglePlus
Lance Corporal Pict
Lance Corporal BManZ07
Lance Corporal El Jefe
Lance Corporal 22446345
Lance Corporal Monkey_Maniac
Lance Corporal Seastate
Lance Corporal Noskire
Lance Corporal B3
Lance Corporal Ordnance
Lance Corporal Seals
Lance Corporal Cineanes


Private bazooka
Private Badger
Private Seastate
Private Plucka
Private BmanZ07
Private Noskire
Private MangoPlayzz
Private Punisher
Private Dano
Private HOUND
Private Norseman
Private Gankey69
Private ToxicSoulz
Private Jackbob
Private Duck
Private Plugger
Private HalalCertified
Private 22446345
Private ManningSquared
Private MR Matty
Private PurpleBandit
Private John Caesar
Private Shackle
Private Gastolast
Private Brayden
Private Korst
Private Nomang
Private Fin
Private Tim
Private propurpleclaw
Private Christopher
Private Magnus 7
Private =+a random person+=
Private Cronjagerm
Private Cineanes
Private Choo
Private BananaBob
Private Infam0us Shad0w
Private Louis Vuitton
Private Rusty95
Private Jaztastic23
Private KriegHund
Private Ali
Private Spicy
Private AussieJoker

HQ would like to welcome all new Privates into the Battalion, and look forward to seeing you all both in the field and getting involved back here at base.



November and December Player of the weeks

CPL Beth

CPL Pentagon

CPL Breadboard

CPL Garoto Infernal

PTE Christopher

LCPL Crazykiller




In closing I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you all for your involvement this year. I wish you all a safe and merry festive season and cannot wait to see you all back here in the new year to make 2018 the best yet for our Battalion.





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