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‘Operation Torch’ ARMA 3 Zeus Ops Part 2.

This Sunday night we continue our excellent WW2 Campaign with ‘Operation Torch’ Part 2.

See video and briefing to catch up on Part one here:

‘Operation Torch’ ARMA 3 Zeus Ops. Starts our WW2 Campaign.


‘Operation Torch’ Part 2 briefing.

Congratulations Rifles! You successfully landed under the cover of darkness and fought through till the next morning, clearing out all of the German FLAK 38 AAA nests. Giving our flyboys a clear path through their air net and allowing for a full naval invasion onto the coast of north western Arica.

In the days since your landing, we have managed to land equipment, weapons and vehicles onto the beaches. 

Since this morning the Americans have been assaulting south from your previous landing point, but have met heavy resistance, fortified lines, and a full scale trench line manned by French and German fascists.

The 1st Rifles Battalion is tasked today to push into the towns east, and hopefully flank around the German trench lines and into their airstrips behind the front lines. With luck we will pocket their entire force.

The aerial photographs provided are all our recon aircraft could take before almost being shot down by German AAA trucks in the region.

This is all the intel you will be getting besides anything you can find out along the way, look out for friendly troops, aircraft and vehicles. The Germans are expected to counter attack within the next day, good luck out there Rifles.


Operational Information

When joining the server, please unload your current mods. Do this from the ARMA 3 Launcher.

Use the Server Browser on the Arma 3 Launcher to find the server. Click Join, then click Setup mods and join. 


This will setup the correct mods as per the server so you will not suffer from mod issues, clashes, crashes.


Server Name: [REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion. Tactical Ops. Custom.
Server IP Address:
Server Port: 2362
Server Password: casablanca

TeamSpeak 3 IP:
Long Range Radio Default Frequency: Freq. 60

Operation commences at 1900 AEDT.


The server is setup on a WW2 BMR Insurgency Mode until the Ops night. We suggest you get in and play around before Sunday. Check you have all your settings figured out and that your TeamSpeak is working. Try out all manner of weapons and vehicles and assault through the map.

Iron Front is sure to impress.




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