No Soldier Left Behind

‘Operation Torch’ ARMA 3 Zeus Ops. Starts our WW2 Campaign.

This Saturday evening at precisely 1900 AEDT, 0800 UTC, the Battalion  will set in motion our WW2 Campaign in ARMA 3.


The Map below details plans for several Campaigns. From the Invasion of Normandy in the West to the Eastern Front and south to North Africa.

We intend to utilise a meta game format. With the outcome of each Operation directly affecting the next. Not just limited to attacking or defensive victories or defeats deciding what battle we fight next, we are Including things like ammo and weapon caches, fuel dumps, and vehicle depots.


We are kicking off with a Campaign modelled in North Africa. With our starting point being Operation Torch. Check out the wiki for a brush up on your WW2 history and information around Operation Torch:


You will be required to setup the mods, TeamSpeak and download the Map to play, so get on these links now:


TeamSpeak plugin:


When joining the server, please unload your current mods. Do this from the ARMA 3 Launcher. Use the Server Browser on the Arma 3 Launcher to find the server. Click ‘Join’, then click ‘Setup mods and join.’ This will setup the correct mods as per the server so you will not suffer from mod issues, clashes, crashes.



Server Name: [REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion. Tactical Ops. Custom.
Server IP Address:
Server Port: 2362
Server Password: casablanca

TeamSpeak 3 IP:
Long Range Radio Default Frequency: Freq. 60

The server is setup on a WW2 BMR Insurgency Mode until the Ops night. We suggest you get in and play around before Saturday. Check you have all your settings figured out and that your TeamSpeak is working. Try out all manner of weapons and vehicles and assault through the map. Iron Front is sure to impress.

I look forward to seeing you all in there and expect every Rifle who can fight this Saturday evening to join us for what is sure to be one of our best Ops to date.


Colonel ANZAC_Ace


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