No Soldier Left Behind

‘Home Base, Base Plate’ ARMA 3 Zeus Ops continued…

Ops Commences: Sunday 19.11.17 at 1930 AEDT.

See event details in the Steam Group for Pass etc.


To continue from where we last started, the REDI had just ran down the hill under constant barrage from, whatever the device might be that is killing off machine and man alike, and as they do, they come across a group of soldiers, extremely well armed, equipped and seem to be well trained, as the soldiers raise their arms, they flop to the floor, dead, the tower behind them,  destroyed, sabotage? accident? or co-incidence?

On their corpses, the squad of [REDeye] manage to find some magazines to replenish their weapons, and a clipboard in one of the Soldiers backpacks, reading…

Здравствуйте друзья,
Сегодня мы собираемся отображать окрестности и деревни для использования в новых экспериментах из передовых операционных баз,
На перевале в северо-западной части Черногорска.
Наши товарищи в этих зонах славно умрут, чтобы понять, как победить объединенный земной шар,
Слава родине

Underneath the text, there is an image attached of what looks to be… a radar emplacement…

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