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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion Monthly Report. [MR]



state of the battalion

A warm welcome to our first Monthly Report [MR] to all Rifles new and old.

HQ have decided to shift away from the Weekly Reports as the frequency was applying a lot of pressure both for the articles and for our videos. HQ look to continue the excellent standard set so far with this new look Monthly Report.

We have seen many changes in our Battalion over this last month. Changes in both our battlefields and in our Roster. Many new faces around the Battalion and an equal number of regulars stepping up into leadership roles, helping and guiding those new faces around the Battalion halls.

I am so pleased to see how far we have come as a group in a relatively short time and am very excited about the future of this Battalion. The hard work put in by many of you in our community cannot be overstated.

I am humbled by everyone’s commitment and extend a heartfelt thank you to you all. Your understanding of my vision for this group and the commitment shown to putting in the blood, sweat and tears to see it succeed is awe inspiring.

The Battalion now more than ever is truly being driven by the community, with our Leadership Group bringing their own flavour to our direction and purpose.

I count amongst you many friends and am so pleased to have you all involved at every level of this group. Helping to drive it forward to many more successes in the future.

It is truly an honour to be your Commanding Officer and to fight alongside you all.


[REDeye] 1st Rifles Colonel ANZAC_Ace
Battalion Commander
[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion.



zeusday Tuesday arma 3 ops

Report from WO2 Natalia Le’Faux:

In this month gone past, October 2017, we have seen a massive following of the REDI ARMA III Space, including! Our budding Zeus, They try their hardest to show off what they’ve got, and perhaps even learn from our already established Zeus’ and Zeus team, headed by W02 Natalia Le’Faux.

We saw a bunch of cool ideas come to manifest in front of the ARMA III leadership team, from Nukes, to Zombies, the new Zeus continue to show off their amazing, fun and creative ideas

The Zeus that should be getting commendation for their effort and of course, crazy and whacky ideas are…
LCPL PyroV, WO2 Spinikar and SGT Slatery, these members are all showing their skills in the ARMA III space, and from what they’ve shown us so far the Zeus team cannot wait to see what else the community can show us!



Report from WO1 Ramirez.

The month of October saw a lot of action with our ‘Wednesday weekly’ operations and ‘Thursday Thrashouts’.

All rifles were deployed into 4 separate battlefronts. Command reports multiple casualties in the insurgent side and a few brave soldiers gave up they’re lives, taking over towns, fending off counter attacks and making sure peace and security befall the area of operation. It was a thrilling month as HQ rolled out the Battalion SOP, which will undoubtedly improve our Rifles future engagements. With a better grasp of how we work, rifles will become more efficient in dealing with old and new threats that are forthcoming.

It is with great pleasure, to say the least, that HQ has approved some changes to our load outs and are currently testing new rifles, ordinances and other equipment, which, makes for a hell of a firefight in the front lines. I saw multiple Rifles take on multiple enemies strategically with these new weapons and are all benefiting from the great leap in firepower.

Overall, the month of October was a big success for the Battalion. And we all cant wait to see more.



The [FnF] Ops popularity continues to expand. With some of the best rounds and matches we have experienced so far coming in the last few Ops. The addition of the Squad move rule has further twisted the ROE and on the whole is providing for some excellent firefights between full Squads of Rifles. The atmosphere and tension in these Ops are second to none. With hardened PvP players and newbies alike finding that the ROE is forcing a tactical and [REDeye] focused approach to both attack and defence.

HQ are always looking to improve the experience for our members, to that end if you have a suggestion or comment around the [FnF] PvP ROE please head over to the discussion page and add your 2 cents. HQ will be reviewing these comments in our upcoming Monthly Meeting.





Report from WO2 Natalia Le’Faux.

Operation Home Run has been the running campaign for this month, it follows the REDI as they take control of the combined NATO invasion of Russian occupied Ukraine.

Its a continuation of the previous campaign “Operation Bear Claw” Where the REDI were on the other foot, invading Ukraine AS the Russians, but since the shoe is on the other foot, its become quite a roller coaster of a story.

The First Weekend of Operation Homerun followed the REDI assault into the Towns south of north west airfield, seizing control of them, and helping friendly armour push through a terrifying line of anti tank guns and mines, to eventually capture the south of the final strong hold before North West Airfield

The Second Weekend of Operation Bearclaw followed the REDI again, in a assaulting one of the final towns south of the Airfield to the north west of Chernogorsk. The REDI successfully managed to capture the town, only to receive communications telling of a large enemy counter attack.


Thankfully, the REDI managed to defend the town from the massive enemy assault, and were then given orders to go and destroy a secret weapon that the Russians had be using against British troops, haulting their invasion towards North West Airfield. After some time, the REDI managed to find one of the sites where human experimentation was going on with this weapon, a small concentration camp, which they then successfully liberated.

Following the liberation, they managed to fight their way to north west airfield, BY THEMSELVES, a feat HQ thought was impossible, considering that mass Russian Garrison that was there…
but to the surprise of the REDI on the ground, the base was abandoned, they contacted HQ out on the USS FREEDOM, and since then…? We’ve lost all contact with the boots on the ground.. We have no clue what is going on, or where they could be, we just hope they’re okay…

Operation Home RUN is to be continued into early November…

Problems with the slots of the server constricting the amount of players in an OP has been removed due to the introduction of our 40 slot Mega Modded server for ARMA III, allowing for bigger better and amazing OP’s developed by your local ARMA Team.

Upcoming events for the Arma III space are massive, and in the process of being developed by WO2 Natalia Le’Faux, it will hopefully be the biggest and best campaign we have seen to date, with a running live battlefield map, storytelling and full continuation between campaigns.



Report from CAPT Flyer:

We have made a lot of changes in the Insurgency servers lately, in addition to the custom Battalion skins and the squad layout we now have a custom armoury.

Obviously, the main feature of this is the addition of a wide range of new weapons, including new pistols, SMGs, Shotguns, Assault rifles, Sniper rifles, MGs, Launchers and grenades. Many of these new weapons come with custom sounds (don’t stand close to the Barret!) and they all have their own damage, recoil, reload times and weights etc.

Two new grenade types available are the M26A2 Frag (green and red) – a fragmentation grenade that explodes on impact and the Mk3A2 Concussion (black with yellow stripe) – High explosive, low fragmentation grenade with higher damage in a smaller radius. Best for CQB room clearing and can demo a cache with one grenade.

The other main change is the new ‘tactical vest’ which gives you the ability to carry either an SMG or shotgun as your secondary weapon. The trade-off for the extra fire power is that you are limited to only carrying 1 grenade and having no pistol. Essentially this means you have to choose between having extra fire power or extra smoke cover when it comes to those hectic counters.

Other smaller additions include some new optics, multiple skins selectable for some weapons, added extended mags or drum mags for some weapons, the bots now have access to some of the new weapons and there have been some tweaks to existing weapon stats.

Hopefully you’re all enjoying the new content and if you have any feedback or bugs you find – comments can be left on the arsenal channel in discord.



Report from LT 94Tango:

[REDeye] 1st Rifle Battalion has introduced the Battalion Standard Operating Procedures, these will standardize the routine of the Battalion and address how we as a group should function. The main aim of the BSOP’s is to inform all members how the Battalion functions and requirements of members. They cover various areas such as Command, Communication, Operations and Combat. All members should read, any questions can be addressed by HQ or the Command Group.



Report from MAJ princecoo:

[REDeye] now has a Warframe Clan, open to current [REDeye] members. Warframe is a free to play 3rd person sci-fi game about Space Ninjas, with a heavy focus on small group co-operative missions.

To access the Clan Dojo, which has research laboratories for members to build advanced weapon and Warframe blueprints, simply request an invite from Major princecoo or WO2 Cold and once invited, build a Clan Dojo Key at your Foundry, located on your ship ingame.

The REDeye 1st Rifles Battalion will not be recruiting from Warframe, and it is considered a side-project for the enjoyment of any Rifle who wishes to take part and play together with other Rifles in a new and much different battlespace to what we would normally play.

Please bare in mind that the nature of the games gathering of materials and blueprints requires either a lot of patience or a lot of good respectful Socialism, so if you wish to take part, be prepared to share your spare equipment with your fellow Rifles and assist in helping each other get what you all need to progress.

For help and assistance, approach any Online Warframe playing Rifle, the focus here is on helping each other.

Due to the fact that Warframe is free but not considered a core REDeye game, we will support it for as long as there is interest. However, at this stage no planned OPs or Events are planned for this battlespace, as Rifles are encouraged to set up pickup games with each other as they wish. The use of our Discord Warframe communications channel is encouraged during these times.



Report from MAJ princecoo:

The Unturned server has been shut down. Due to decreased interest and activity on the server, REDeye HQ have decided to allow the paid for period to run out and will not be renewing the server further.

Our Unturned server was quite popular at first, but once we had essentially conquered it completely, we ran out of things to do and support from the general membership waned considerably.

The cost of the server will be folded back into the [REDeye] coffers to maintain our focus on the games that are core to the Battalion. However rest assured that HQ plans to continue to explore other avenues and games for our Members enjoyment.




HQ is excited to announce the Battalions new ARMA 3 dedicated Operations server.

The server is running 42 slots and a number of mods to allow for an expansive and immersive experience.

The new server is sure to assist our expanding involvement in ARMA 3 and allows HQ to provide some immersive aspects not seen before. Also allowing us to host larger scale Operations.

HQ have loaded up a large amount of mods, they will not all be running at the same time. We anticipate running with one theme a month, with a Mod package to enhance each battlefield accordingly set.

Because all 3 servers are running different mods we suggest logging into our servers through the ARMA 3 splash screen rather than the ingame menu. Add a star to all 3 of our servers as a favourite from the splash screen server browser before you enter the game. After selecting the server it will display a single button that will set your mods to the same as the server. No messing around with conflicts and hopefully no Rifles in their jocks.

Please, when you have time, download the mods and maps so you are able to join in on any Ops as they roll out.

Also join our ARMA 3 Unit for some excellent in game uniform and vehicle skins visible to all in server.

The lead for this project is CAPT Jazza. Make contact with the CAPT should you have any further questions.

Server info:

“[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion. Tactical Ops. Custom.”
Port: 2362



HQ are excited to announce to all in the Battalion that this evening we have launched our Official ARMA 3 Recruiting server!

The Server has been set up with some basic mods only. We are starting with 109 slots and would like to stress test to see how far we can push it before it breaks. A final slot number to be decided through testing.

This test is open to the public to drag in as many numbers as we can. I require all Rifles who are joining to be representative of the Battalion. Help the Publics who join to squad up and follow a plan.

Similar to our Insurgency Recruiting program all WO’s and up will have admin access with kick and ban commands as well as a select group of committed and regular NCO’s. Admins will be approached by pm or message board. If you are an Admin do not be afraid to swing the hammer on publics who display Dick behaviour. Ban the many to find the few

Server  info:

“[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion. RECRUITING. Vanilla.”
Port: 2302


[D] Battalion Supply (donations $)

We reached our Donations target for the quarter ending November. The target was $721. Quite an achievement Rifles. a HUGE thank you to all who chipped in when they could.

Our target for the next quarter has grown as we expand our ARMA 3 footprint. The Battalion will require $912.45 in Donations to service all of our battlefields and community forums. Invoices due in the start to mid February 2018.

Any and all amounts are a help Rifles, so get on over to the Donations page and make your contribution.

Donors are given the right to wear the [D] tag in game and will be listed on our MOTD for Ops and Members Only Servers.




Lieutenant 94Tango.

I quote MAJ princecoo, “2LT 94Tango has been a 1st Battalion Rifle to the core for a good long while, and has been a force to be reckoned with since his days as a Private. His high standards and adherence to the Battalion values elevates us all, and his leadership and advice to both his COs and the Rifles he leads is invaluable both on the field and off. 2LT 94Tango has shown great commitment to this Battalion, and is a key voice of reason in HQ regularly. We are certain that 2LT 94Tango will continue to be the excellent and proud Rifle he has always been in his new position as Lieutenant.”

HQ are certain that with his knowledge and continuing commitment to our Battalion, LT 94Tango will be a central driving force for us all as we move forward and take on the many challenges that await. The LT has been involved in all HQ discussions, his opinion and thoughts are valued highly. With this elevation into the full Lieutenants position we wish to thank him for his efforts to date and encourage him to keep up the great work.

Second Lieutenant Acki.

I quote MAJ princecoo, “I’d like to recommend Warrant Officer First Class Acki for promotion to Second Lieutenant. He is a solid, calm and dependable member of our HQ team, and a true guiding force for the Ranks below him. He is a regular on the Discord server, and always available to assist others or offer good advice. He is certainly Officer material, as he has consistantly been one to look up to as he embodies the shining standard of the REDeye Rifles and surpasses that with little effort.”

I also quote LT Dornz, “WO1 Acki has proven to be a solid leader and tactition in all scenarios he is faced with. His leadership is second to none, he is clear in his orders and takes on board any ideas brought to him. He has also proven to be a highly valued member of leadership and has a very keen interest in all aspects of the group, especially the NCO & Officer meetings. I personally have relied on WO1 Acki many times and value his advice. His contribution to the community is much appreciated.”

HQ have been very particular around our requirements for Rifles to be moved up and into our Officers Ranks. 2LT Acki has proven time and again his ability and community minded approach. He makes a fine Officer in this Battalion and is sure to continue to positively influence our direction moving forward.

senior non commissioned officers

Warrant Officer class one Acki.

I quote CAPT GentileGinger, “WO2 Acki has spent hundreds of rounds honing his skills and practicing his key skills and his efforts show, an adept leader under any circumstance the WO has proven he can hold his own time and time again, under pressure and under fire. The WO has kept his Rifles organized even when disaster strikes the chain of command. He is a steadfast Rifle who has his Rifles back constantly and has been a large part of behind the scenes organising and assisting his fellow Rifles. An excellent candidate for the next step in his career in the Battalion.”

HQ have tried and tested the WO and he has prevailed. An excellent community member and battlefield commander, WO1 Ackis presence and continued efforts are sure to help guide and mould this Battalion long into the future.

Warrant Officer class one Ramirez.

WO1 Ramirez is a fine example of an excellent Rifle. He is committed to the Battalion and our development and continues to impress all in HQ with his mature and level headed approach. His ability on the battlefield is second to none and his leadership of the Rifles around him both effective and innovative.

All in the Battalion can be assured of our continued growth and momentum with Members of WO1 Ramirez’ quality in our Ranks. HQ would like to thank him for his efforts so far and encourage him to continue in the same fashion long into the future.

Warrant Officer class one Cold.

WO1 Cold has proven time and again his commitment and ability as a Rifle and as a leader, both in our servers and in our Community. He issues clear instructions to his squad and always shows a great deal of humility and level headedness when dealing with any situation. He has proven his want to see this Battalion prosper and is one of the driving forces when it comes to the Battalions development and the development of his fellow Rifles.

He nurtures and moulds the raw RECs, offering advice and encouragement at every turn. He has gained the respect of HQ and the Rifles and is sure to continue to impress all who fight alongside him in the many battles that this Battalion shall face in the future.

Warrant Officer class two fistbravo.

I quote CAPT Jazza, “SGT Fistbravo for promotion to WO2. The SGT has stepped up and shown a fine improvement to his leadership over the past few weeks. Whether it is leading a squad or a fire team, the SGT provides clear direction and command in the heat of battle.”

HQ have been watching the progress of WO2 fistbravo closely. He is an outstanding Rifle in the field. Showing excellent comms and lead in the heat of battle. The WO2 has been a long serving Rifle who has never taken a step back. His presence both on and off the battlefield is immense. He makes a fine addition to the leadership group and is sure to help the Battalion drive toward further success in the future.

Warrant Officer class two Natalia Le’Faux.

I quote MAJ princecoo, “RFP SGT Natalia Le’Faux. The SGT has displayed exceptional dedication to this Battalion and community, working tirelessly to contribute not only through her mentorship and leadership in the field but through her regular ARMA 3 Zeus OPs. She has proven to be a dedicated and influential member of this Battalion, who does not hesitate to let her opinion be known.”

I quote CAPT Jazza, “RFP SGT Natalia Le’Faux. No one can fault the SGTs commitment to the Rifles battalion. The hours and commitment is shown from the quality of the Zues operations created. It is safe to say that the [REDeye] Arma 3 presence would not be the same without her. She will be an exceptional addition to the leadership group.”

HQ are very pleased to promote the WO2 into our leadership group.

non commissioned officers

Sergeant Browny74.

I quote WO2 Wolf_Bridge , “RFP: CPL Browny74 is key member of any unit he has served in. The CPL has unshakable calm in battle with lethal results. Whether fighting with RECs or higher Browny74 shows genuine respect and is, in my opinion, more than ready for the next step up. All the hallmarks of an effective leader and dedicated Rifle are on consistent display with the CPL.”

I quote WO2 Acki, “RFP : CPL Browny74. The CPL has continually shown his calm and effective approach in all roles during battle. His tactical knowledge and understanding is always solid. CPL Browny74 receives the respect and trust that is deserving of a good Rifle and a great leader. I have no hesitation is recommending him for SGT.”

I quote 2LT CACTUS?! , “RFP Browny74, he’s been a solid Rifle longer than I’ve been with the Battalion.”

HQ are pleased to bring forward one of the 1st Rifle Battalions most stalwart NCOs. This promotion into SGT will surely serve the Battalion well in every endeavour going forward.

Sergeant Flick.

I quote WO2 Wolf_Bridge, “RFP: CPL Flick performed admirably during an op in Badlands, showing exceptional ability in setting up improvised and effective defences when the CO and LMG were k.i.a. But what most impressed me about this proven rifle is his inspiring and instructive leadership of the point team, resulting in properly secured objectives and virtually no casualties. I’ll always have time for men of this calibre and the Battalion can only benefit from his deft hand.”

The SGT has been a long serving Rifle. He is a fine example of our Rank and File Rifles rising to the challenges and excelling. Another excellent Promotion into our SGTs Ranks.

Sergeant Stewge.

The SGT is an excellent NCO. He is a long serving and dedicated Rifle and makes a natural fit into our SGTs Ranks. His cool head and clear comms have seen countless objectives achieved on the battlefield.

The SGT has garnered the respect of all in the Battalion. He is another fine example of the Rank and File of this Battalion leading the way and rising through our Ranks with distinction. Well done SGT.

Sergeant Spinikar.

I quote WO1 Acki, “RFP CPL Spinikar. The CPL has shown me that with his excellent leadership skills and sound tactical approach to his objective, there is nothing he cannot achieve. CPL Spinikar will make a fine addition to our already outstanding list of SGT’s and will be of great value to the Battalion by passing on his knowledge and experience to the rifles around him.”

HQ agree. The SGT as consistently proven his ability and leadership. A welcome addition to our SGTs Ranks and one who is sure to continue to help mould and scold the Rifles around him.

Sergeant ManVanStaal.

I quote WO2 Cold, “RFP CPL ManVanStaal to SGT. The CPL is a diligent Rifle who seems to be constantly present on the Insurgency battlefields. The CPL has kept many Rifles in line while also mentoring those below him when needed, keeping the community lively with his patience and welcoming approach. His calming and welcoming aspect isn’t the only trait that the CPL possesses. His clear communication and tactical approach to every situation should be recognised as a strong force and is deserving of the Rank of SGT.”

HQ have been very impressed with the SGTs approach and understanding. His efforts around Recruiting and maintaining the Battalion structure and approach have been immense. He is a calm leader and shows excellent lead in our Servers. Continue in the same fashion SGT. Be sure you are taking lead in the community as well and we are sure you will continue to rise in stature within our Battalion.

Sergeant Striker203

I quote WO2 Ramirez, “RFP CPL Striker203, he has tremendous capability both as a Rifle, and as a leader. His style is one that inspires confidence in his team. I have seen him work with All kinds of Ranks around him, and he shows the utmost respect among his peers. Not only does he excel as a strategist, and communicator, but also as a warrior on the battlefield.”

HQ agree. The SGT is an excellent NCO and has proven his ability and commitment time and again. He makes the step up to SGT with great expectation from all in the Battalion that he will continue in the same fashion and drive our Rifles forward.

Sergeant Wombat.

The SGT has proven his NCO ability. His clear comms and steady leadership drive the Rifles forward. The SGT is a valuable squad member for his ability and attitude. Quick to pull any around him into line and set them straight. He has gained the respect of all in the Battalion.

The step up to SGT is a big one and HQ are certain that SGT Wombat is up for the challenge. Take charge of those around you more frequently SGT and continue to push the Battalion towards the Objective.

Sergeant Choonga.

I quote 2LT Acki, “RFP CPL Choonga. I find CPL Choonga’s approach to leadership to be consistently cool, calm and collected and his orders are direct and to the point, keeping his squad confident of victory at all times. CPL Choonga shares his knowledge and wisdom amongst his fellow rifles where ever possible and encourages his team along the way. I expect CPL Choonga to go far in the Battalion and promotion to SGT will just be the next step of many more to come.”

HQ have been very impressed with the SGTs approach to the Battle and his Rifles. He shows all the qualities required of a SGT and is an excellent NCO in our Battalion. Continue to guide the Rifles around you SGT and be sure you are learning all you can from the Officers around you.

Corporal PantiesJäger.

I quote SGT Shiro2446, “RFP: LCPL PantiesJäger. This Rifle has shown consistent understanding of [REDeye]. He has shown strong levels of commitment and has demonstrated to myself his knowledge of our gameplay style and is shining in his newly found leadership skills. He took up leadership roles in unfamiliar maps on several occasions and lead he squad successfully. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say I’m looking forward to seeing this Rifle strive as a NCO.”

Corporal Blu.

I quote CAPT GentilGinger, “RFP LCPL Blu. I had the chance to witness LCPL Blu leading firsthand and she didn’t disappoint. Calmly, diligently and with steadfast determination she made massive improvements to previous attempts of hers at leading and was equal parts responsible for our victory. She has shown she is more than capable of handling more than small fire teams and this CAPT wishes to see her given new opportunities to do so.”

HQ agree, the CPL has come along in leaps and bounds and shows all the hallmarks of a good NCO.

Corporal The_Moee.

The CPL has really stepped up his comms and lead. He shows solid tactical knowledge and a calm approach. He does not hesitate to pull the Rifles around him into line and has many skills to mentor and develop the Enlisted and JNCs of this Battalion.

Continue to learn and utilise what you do know to the utmost effect when communicating within your Squad.

Corporal Melker.

I quote Sergeant KUDDLES:
“RFP LCPL Melker. Being one of his first time leading on badlands, he did a fantastic job and ordered the team to a victory. He keeps a cool head and keeps the rifles in line and will make a fine CPL.”

Having seen the CPL in action for myself, I could not agree more. Well done Corporal Melker!

Corporal Pentagon.

The CPL has proven his ability. His comms and approach are excellent making him a fine NCO. HQ would like to see the CPL put his extra stripe to good use and help control more aspects of the Rifles around him. Particularly the REC and PTEs. Be a guiding hand to the fresh faces and continue to learn all you can from the best in our Battalion.

Corporal Dr. Blood.

I quote CAPT Owlcoholic, “RFP LCPL Dr. Blood to CPL. The LCPL was leading when I joined the battlefield and I immediately took note of how proficient he was. He excelled at tactical awareness as well as giving clear and concise orders to his fellow Rifles. He definitely shows a lot of potential as a leader and will make a fine addition to our full NCO Ranks.”


Lance Corporal ASSYRIA KING
Lance Corporal Feekee
Lance Coproral Plumber
Lance Corporal Hugoat
Lance Corporal Breadboard.
Lance Corporal GooglePlus
Lance Corporal Pict
Lance Corporal BManZ07


Private King Gumboot
Private flathead2
Private Church
Private Havoc
Private The Boozed Bandit
Private Shaqqa
Private Findaren
Private Hugoat
Private Crud
Private -DR-DJ-117
Private YipMing
Private Lewey59
Private bazooka
Private Badger
Private Seastate
Private Plucka
Private BmanZ07
Private Erickson
Private Punisher
Private MangoPlayzz
Private Dano
Private HOUND
Private Norseman

HQ would like to welcome all new Privates into the Battalion, and look forward to seeing you all both in the field and getting involved back here at base.


October Player of the Week’s

Sergeant Spinikar.

Private EvilMitten.

end report.

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