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WARFRAME: REDi Rifles Clan

For those of us who enjoy the Free to Play game Warframe, we now have our very own Clan!

Feel free to contact Major princecoo or WO2 Cold for an invite. Together maybe we can get a decent Dojo happening and play space ninja barbie dressups defeat the enemies of the Tenno together!

For those unfamiliar, Warframe is a Free To Play third person game in which you build and collect suits, weapons and equipment to fight co-operatively with others through randomly generated maps on a variety of missions. The movement and melee combat system is fantastic and the gunplay can get pretty hectic.

It’s recently had a huge update to include several new systems, a bunch more content and a large open world area along with multiple new quest lines. Feel free to join us and dip your toes in this FREE game.

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