No Soldier Left Behind

PLAYER of the WEEK: SGT Spinikar



I quote WO2 Cold:

“On the Insurgency battlefields, the sergeant is a clear standout when nominating a Rifle that is deserving of this honour. He isn’t picky with what role he is assigned, he insteads owns it, making the best out of the job, either that be always watching the rear for overwatch or being the pointman on assault, going beyond what is asked for and is needed of the situation.

The sergeant makes it clear of what is to be expected of every Rifle, the qualities and respect that Rifles should be enforcing, not discarding. He also does not shy away from giving tips or even helping a new Redi member adapt to our type of gameplay or just mechanics that can be utilised in general.

Being a Sergeant is already a honour, but earning this is even more so. Well done Sergeant, you are a soldier at heart and that is impressive as it is. Continue to teach those that are new as they are needing of help, and I’m positive that you will continue to impress.”

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