No Soldier Left Behind


Listen, I’ll keep this short and sweet as I know you’re all in the field, but this intelligence is important for your assault upon the town of Kabanino.
For any REDi members that were not here for last weeks BIG PICTURE,
the REDi 1st Rifles, supporting the Italian Cosseka and German Blitzmarine, lead an Assault into Stary Sobor. They succesfully wiped out hostile FOB’s and a Russian ANTI TANK defence line that was haulting friendly armour assault from the south, ending the day in the south of Kabanino and holding till reinforcements arrived.


See the images below for the detailed overlay, showing the next phase of the assault on the Russian FOB.

The REDi 1st Rifles Battalion will be assaulting into the town of Kabanino, taking over the town and holding it until the American 42nd Armoured collumn is able to relieve them.



[REDeye 1st Rifles Battalion Deployment]
The REDi have managed to push into the southern part of the town in the previous assault, however, the Russians in the town still hold onto the fortress like village with all the grasp their iron fist can manage.


[Intel on your opponents]
The Russians are running lower and lower on manpower, guns and ammo. With assaults on all sides from this many countries, it is a logistical nightmare for the Kremlin and we are sure to see that nightmare unfold today before us.
They have begun conscripting below their previous ages, 15 and 16, its destroying Morale amongst the Russian ranks and seeing desertions left right and centre.

HOWEVER, still expect fierce fighting, with enemy armour, aircraft, and artillery. This is Russian territory gentlemen.



Are a brand new division pulled from central Russia, Siberian men mostly, all under armed poorly trained and Ill-Equiped.
HOWEVER, intel shows that their numbers are staggering and will run ammo dry if under a prolonged firefight. Breaking their morale, is the best tool against them.


~ THE 168th & 192nd STRELKOYA DIVIZIYA ~

Theses are standard Russian infantry division. Equiped, trained, and battle hardened men willing to fight for their country. Numbers are medium and their equipment is standard.
Morale is decent, you’re going to have to kill them all.




We know very little about these elite, over funded, over equiped men, however, what we do know is that their name stands for the Division of Death, and if any of you know history that doesn’t bode too well for our boys behind enemy lines…

Top priority today gentlemen is to find any and all intelligence leading to friendly BLUFOR behind enemy AO, good luck, and godspeed.


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