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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion Weekly Report [WR]

hq report



‘zeusday Tuesday’ arma 3 Zeus event

Battlefield Report from CAPT Jazza.

Arma 3 operation: We were flown in via black hawk to an insertion point east of the objective (to blow a Russian research facility). The squad moved quickly to secure a town and find transport however were met by enemy patrols. In the squads best attempt to stay hidden we were unfortunately spotted and small fire fight broke lose. With Squad 2 flanking to the east and Squad 3 flanking west we quickly overrun the enemy position and found ourselves 2 transport trucks to commandeer. We proceeded north to avoid enemy roadblocks and checkpoints.
Along the way the squad came to realise that CAPT Flyer does not have his licence as he proceeded to drive in circles. The Squad reached a town north of our objective where we slowly cleared the town with SGT KUDDLES sneaking behind an enemy patrol of 7+ soldiers and dropping them all with his LMG (it was a thing of beauty).

Recon was set up to scout the town where a number of netting and enemy bases were spotted which confirmed our prior intelligence that a large operation to produce advanced weaponry was being undertaken. [REDeye] moved in on the town to the north and stealthy moved towards the Lumber Mill where the main objective was located. Unfortunately Squad 1 was spotted and the order was given to go loud. Squad 2 led by SGT Pawnda remained quiet and continued their approach by the shore line towards the objective.

Under heavy fire Squad 1 reached the objective and cleared the entrance to the compound. The rest of the compound continued to fall as Squad 2 moved in and enemy prototype heavy armour was commandeered to assist in the destruction of enemy AA, Artillery and whatever vehicles the ground team could not take. The Squad proceeded north in their stolen vehicles to the extraction point waiting for Helo pick-up. Unfortunately the enemy had other plans and mounted a strong counter-attack on the extraction point. The squad was forced to hunker down and fend of the enemy attacks until finally relief in the form of Helo’s arrived. Overall a successful mission.


‘The Wednesday Weekly’ & Thursday thrashout’ COOP Ins events

Battlefield Report from CAPT GentileGinger.

A gruelling evening for rifles on Badel. SGT’s Shiro and hamthelamb worked hard to organise and lead fireteams under extreme pressure while CPL B0rken, CPL Timeagent also showed exemplary behaviour in maintaining professional but upbeat communications. Excellent leadership was shown by WO2 Cold as he lead the team on numerous attempts of that bloody mountain and although victory eluded him this Captain is certain every effort was made, a commendable effort by all present.

The Thursday event was a slow starter this week. With the servers filling up after 2100 AEDT. Many Rifles stepping up and taking charge through some tough new maps. There are 10 new custom maps added into the rotation with some really excellent long range and big structure type environments. A challenge for any Rifle and a good change up to the rotation. We saw some frustrated players at times with plenty of grit shown to win through to some final checkpoints. A laugh and plenty of fun had along the way.


‘Friday night fights’ ins pvp ops

Battlefield Report from WO2 Ramirez.

Last weeks [FnF] was another resounding success. New rules were implemented that made the gameplay even more enjoyable, albeit challenging. Several SNCO’s stepped up for admin duties, a historical change, and will possibly be a trend in the future of this Battalion. On the battlefront, NCO’s were leading their squads to the firefight, offering different tactics, to outmanoeuvre their rivals.

Rule changes, usually make or break a system in place, but it seemed like this was the case of the latter. As squads are now unable to break up, it became harder for opposing teams to capture points, or flanking enemies without all of the squad with them. To me it made the firefights more interesting, and created scenes of carnage during CQB moments.

As per usual, COL ANZAC_Ace, provided the bulk of moderating the [FnF], as several new admins stepped up to the plate on various times. This absolutely destroyed the rule breakers, and made for fun moments.

On the cusp of the front, were the SGT’s leading the way for opposing teams. Our steady NCO’s, the heart of this great Battalion, have made it their mission, to take over, and lead the right way. For most of the night, these guys were relentless in that pursuit. Excelling in CQB, clear in comms, and destructive in purpose.

Overall, it was a fun, successful night for the Battalion. And we cannot wait to see more this coming Friday.


‘The big picture Saturday’ arma 3 ins ops

Battlefield Report from CAPT Jazza.

Big picture Saturday returned to the original Insurgency game mode due to a slow start of members. We were tasked with clearing Stratis. Our first mission went smoothly, rescuing a downed chopper pilot. Our next mission involved clearing a mortar squad. The small Rifles squad was wiped out the moment the chopper landed. We were reinforced swiftly by new joining rifles and proceeded to clear Stratis. Fun was had by all.



non commissioned officers

Sergeant hamthelamb.

LT Dornz has this to say:
“CPL hamthelamb has been with us for a good long while and continually brings new ideas for tactical movement to the table. He is a great command asset and demonstrates the qualities of a REDI SGT.”

WO2 Acki reports:
“CPL hamthelamb shows the leadership and integrity I look for in a SGT. His continuous commitment to the 1st Rifles is exemplary and is an outstanding example of what being a [REDeye] is all about.”

HQ are in agreeance. Well done SGT hamthelamb, with this promotion comes more responsibility, but from what we have seen this should not be a problem for you going forward.
An excellent addition to our SNCOs.

Corporal Choonga.

I quote SGT hamthelamb, “RFP: LCPL Choonga shows that he knows what REDi is about and upholds our values in all aspects of gameplay, as demostrated with his Player of the Week. He is uses his comms with excellence and shows promise in his leadership roles, and also doesn’t shy away from leading fellow REDi when the spotlight shines on him. He leads squads with confidence and success. LCPL Choonga shows the right attitudes when playing and is an obvious choice for promotion. This LPCL is ready for the next step as a full NCO.”

junior non commissioned officer

Lance Corporal Cat
Lance Corporal Flurp
Lance Corporal seat sniffer
Lance Corpora Breakfast
Lance Corporal Zayna


Private Hermann
Private n0rf
Private Trigger_happy
Private top_block<
Private RaviolRavioli
Private Lancer

HQ would like to welcome all new Privates into the Company, and look forward to seeing you all both in the field and getting involved back here at base.


rifles player profile- cpl choonga

CPL Choonga: “I’m 25, from Melbourne, an auditor, chartered accountant and in my spare time I’m also a Chinese martial artist. I’ve always enjoyed casual gaming – particularly games in the FPS, tactical shooter and other coop genres (Insurgency, BF2-4, PR, ARMA, Squad to name a few).
I joined the Rifles a few weeks ago after a long gaming hiatus. The community has been welcoming and supportive, and the emphasis on teamwork is a refreshing change from run-and-gun you typically find. Shout out to all the admins and donors for the fantastic work they do as well as the rest of community for making it a great environment. Choonga.”


player of the week [pw]


I quote WO2 Cold, “Nominating SGT hamthelamb for Player of the Week.

The Rifle is ever present on every battlefield always bringing his A-game to every battle. When multiple casualties proved to be fatal he has taken the initiative placing and enduring the lives of his fellow squad-mates on his own shoulders, calming the Rifles around him and setting up the defence, destroying the wall that was blocking them to the path of victory.

He has conveyed that he is not only skilled in battle but he has also proved his capabilities of a senior member, helping the JNCO and encouraging the community around the Battalion to join in the heart-pounding battle.

He is a Rifle that many have great respect for and have proved to be worthy of the honour of being Player of the Week. Excellent work SGT, keep up with the energy you always have.”

An excellent nomination that all in HQ agree upon. Well done SGT hamthelamb


end report.

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