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Operation Home Run


See the link below for detailed overlays showing the NATO battle plan for the final assault on the Russian FOB in the far western port of the Ukraine.

The REDI First Rifles Battalion will be joining one of these combined NATO forces from FOB Home plate, and Assaulting the last Russian base in Chernogorsk. Which is the North Western Airfield of the Coastal Port City. The BLUE ASSAULT arrows are the original advance of the front. The RED RETREAT arrows are the suggested retreat path of any Russian units willing to retreat. Finally the GREEN DIVERSION arrows are the possible cut-off points that any divisions could utilise, cutting off pockets of Russian retreats.


[redeye] 1st rifles battalion deployment.

Now that you understand the battle plan, here are your choices, that the CAPTAINS and higher ranks may choose.

The 152nd Mechanised

Outfitted with M2 Mounted Armoured Trucks, a division of infantry and some light armour, which will be pushing north into the city of PUSHTOSHKA, then onto VYBOR.

The 101st Airborne

An almost all infantry unit, with only a few mechanized M2 HMMV’s which will be supporting the 152nd, but diverting off to Assault Vybor before the town of PUSHTOSHKA is cleared.

The 35th Armoured Column

These boys have 4 ABRHAMS Tanks at their disposal, but no infantry protection, they will be Assaulting KABANINO then, pushing onto VYBOR.

The 5th Kresowa Infantry Division 

Combined with the 9th German Panzer Brigade, which will be Assaulting the town of STARY SOBOR, then, pushing Northwest to KABANINO and finally onto VYBOR.

the 19th Infantry Division Cosseka

Supported by the 4th German Blitzmarine, which will be following and supporting the 5th Kresowa and 9th German Panzer Brigade in their Assault.


Once the Russians have retreated from the towns labelled with their flag, we will follow their retreat route and push to the NORTH WEST AIRFIELD where all divisions will hold, we don’t know what’s on the other side of the Airfield fence, and we can’t face it alone.


~ Background and intelligence ~

As we know, the Russians for the last 7 months have been fighting hard against the combined NATO forces, even pushing us all the way back to our forward operating post in the major port cities of Elektro and Cherno, however, after a logistical and command structure nightmare, the Russians have run out of supplies, and halted their Assault onto the final two cities.

The time it has taken the Russians to reorganise has allowed NATO forces to push on all fronts in the largest combined assault since the battle of Kursk in the second world war however, the Russians still hold,

The images linked above are aerial images taken at the beginning of the NATO assault northward.

Sadly, any and all drones that have attempted to take images have been jammed or destroyed due to some form of new RADAR technology the Russians have perfected.

Due to this, we do not know what the Russians have done to the vital and final defence cities, meaning that, we are going in almost blind.

These final four images are of the final objective of NORTH WEST AIRFIELD, the images are geographically correct, but again, many months old, so intelligence does not know how much the Russians have fortified past this point.





~ Minute Details ~

Intelligence gathered by our spy network suggests that, after the somewhat successful raid onto the Russian controlled city of BEREZINO in the north east of the territory spearheaded by the [REDeye] 1st Rifles, the Russian Scientists stationed there, managed to survive, with all the knowledge of their newly developed armour in tact, which means, you’re in for one hell of a fight Rifles.

From what we have seen so far, the Russians have completely disregarded the Geneva convention, thrown it from the window even, we have confirmed on ground reports of chemical weapons, flamethrowers and even scorching of the earth, we have to stop the Russian Bear before it destroys the bread basket of Europe.

They are capturing any and all, civilians, ethnics, and finally, NATO fighting men and women that may surrender, and hauling them back into Russian territory. As of yet we have no idea as for what purpose, but gods help them.

Rifles we are fighting for democracy today, and we must win, if we do not, who knows what our world will be thrown into, who knows what frightful terrors our families will find if we fail.


Nemo Miles Hic Reliquit.

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