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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion Weekly Report [WR]

hq report




On Sunday the 24.09.17 HQ held our first official Leadership group meeting. We had an excellent turnout and covered a lot of topics, with new ideas and some real energy shown. COL ANZAC_Ace focusing on what his vision is for the Battalion and how he wants to shape it going forward. The minutes from that meeting are linked below for all in the Company to view.

Leadership Group Meeting Minutes:


This last Sunday the 01.10.17 The Battalion held our first Senior NCO and NCO meeting. This was run by the SNCOs to bring all the information from HQ to our NCO group. Officers are excluded from this meeting to ensure everyone can feel confident to speak their minds and essentially get around the table with their peers and work out some issues and solutions. A very positive response from a good portion of our NCO team. The minutes from that meeting are linked below for all in the Company to view.

SNCO- NCO Meeting Minutes:


If anyone in the Battalion at any Rank level wishes to know more detail around anything mentioned here or in the minutes HQ request that you contact a Warrant Officer. They are taking on more of the legwork, compiling and notifications where ever possible.



battalion youtube channel revealed

HQ have posted our first Official Battalion video to our very own Battalion channel. This video will be a weekly roundup of the [WR].

We anticipate releasing a new video every weekend for the previous [WR]. HQ are also looking at more content along the lines of trailers for our servers, gameplay of Rifles Squads in action, training videos around tactics, comms and movement and some funny stuff.

WO2 juicyy has lead on this project. As it expands more resources will be made available. We would like any in our community who think they can add some value to this endeavour please follow the link below, get in touch with the WO and let HQ know of your talents or interests around video making, editing, voice acting, recording, marketing etc.

We know we have a promising platform. The Battalion in action makes for some excellent footage and we hope to harness that going forward. If you wish to get further involved in this community and our direction going forward, please put your hand up.


‘Wednesday weekly’ INS COOP Ops

This weeks Wednesday weekly was off to a slow old start. Around 2030 the servers were filling up with Rifles, eager for battle. We have implemented a new squad system that many Rifles were yet to try out. This was a great chance to run everyone attending through the changes. Although only cosmetic it means that the leads particularly have a much better handle on the squads and who is meant to be where. Essentially we have split the 8 Rifles into a set overwatch and point. With an assigned leaders role in each. The Radio is also now back on, allowing Squads to better assemble and regroup where required. This will have a flow on effect into our regular RECRUITING setup. As a Squad lead can now quickly identify who or where a Public is meant to be and communicate over the Radio (if in the same Squad) to pull them back inline. After some trial and error most Rifles were across the changes. Many positive comments and reports back to HQ made throughout the evening.


‘Thursday Thrashout’ INS COOP Ops

Report from WO2 Ramirez

It was a great week for INS ops, as we have experienced a re-emergence of old maps, and a plethora of challenging battlefield scenarios for the Battalion. The ops lasted til the wee hours of the morning, with some rifles going as far as 1:30 am in the morning. Several SNCO’s started well, leading they’re squads to multiple victories on the field, as well as JNCOs taking on more responsibilities commanding they’re three man teams to perfection. Indeed, a lot of casualties were accounted for on some maps, specially coming later in the evening. And as most of the old NCO’s got ready for they’re respective beauty sleep, some of our beloved JNCOS stepped up to the plate, and covered the lead role beautifully.

Another successful run for the OPs, and an excellent showing by everyone involved in the community. Bonds were strengthened in battle, and the flags of brotherhood, raised high in the skies.


‘Friday night fights’ ins pvp ops

With the introduction of a new rule, the Rifles were challenged to focus on tactics and squad movement. The new rule is outlined below:

Rule #10. (Squad move)

Live as a squad die as a squad. There are two seperate Squads on either side. These are clearly labelled. ALL Rilfes MUST move with their squad. Use your map and regroup with your Squad in every instance.

HQ have reinstated the Radio. This is for a couple of reasons. To allow fresh spawns a means of comms with their squad, what route to take back to the squad etc. If you are hearing Radio chatter from your Squad you are too far away. Tighten it up and get back in formation.

I expect certainly ALL Officers SNCOs and NCOs to take a leading role in herding their Squad together and keeping them together. Any LONE WOLF actions will result in a warning and or a kick.

The implementation of this rule resulted in larger firefights with comms and squad awareness a key to winning. It assured that when squads made contact with each other a proper gunfight nearly always ensued. With squad leads manoeuvring defenders or attackers to better positions all under a hail of suppressive LMG fire. A blast had by those involved with several excellent comments and reports following the Ops.


‘the big picture saturday’ arma 3 coop ops

COL ANZAC_Ace was on hand to lead the first mission out Saturday evening. Loading a Trans chopper with a search and rescue squad. We were tasked with rescuing a downed pilot. HQ halo dropped in a sniper and spotter who situated themselves in an overwatch position a few hundred meters from the crash site. Our SAR team landed in the next valley without incident. Splitting the squad into a left , right and command element we assaulted up the hill toward our objective. A patrol was spotted on our ascent and was promptly engaged and neutralised by the Rifles 3 pronged attack. With the pilot secure the SAR group provided cover and overwatch for the Sniper team to relocate. We were determined to get everybody out in that chopper.

With an enemy APC and Humvee spotted in the area between our SAR and the Sniper team. The Rifles Squads swung into action, engaging and destroying both vehicles and the Infantry accompanying them. The SAR team swept through an enemy position in the valley and linked up with the Sniper team. The command section had 1 casualty to a suicide bomber who managed to sneak up the hillside, with a heavily wounded Rifle being worked on by several Rifles and pulling through. Anything that moved after that caught some 5.56.

COL ANZAC_ace was further required to debrief and compile an after action report following such a high civilian body count and was not available for the rest of the evening. The Rifles continued on and captured several towns, completing many objectives throughout the remainder of the evening.



senior non commissioned officer

Warrant Officer class one Juicyy.

WO1 Juicyy is a fine battlefield commande. He displays a full understanding of the 1st Rifles approach and tactics. he leads his Rifles clearly and without hesitaiton. Showing excellent results across the board.

His community involvement and leadership are to be commended. He displays every hallmark of a leader for this Battalion going forward. Well done WO1. Continue your efforts and be an example for all Enlisted Rifles to follow.

Warrant Officer class 2 Wolf_Bridge.

Over a long and decorated history the SGT has proven his Rifles ability. He has shown an increased aptitude for leadership of late and is a well respected NCO. His ability in battle is excellent. His understanding of our ROE and approach comprehensive.

It is his mature and inclusive approach to the group and our servers that have ensured his promotion. HQ are certain the WO2 will be an example for all in the Battalion to follow and we are sure he will make a fine addition to our Admin team and leadership group.

non commissioned officer

 Sergeant “Rick” the Tuurd.

The SGT has proven his commitment and ability to Rifles HQ. He is active across several theatres and is an asset in any role. his clear comms and cool head a positive influence in any situation.

With this Promotion he is sure to continue to grow in stature amongst the Rifles and positively effect the direction of our troops on the ground and the group and community as a whole.

Corporal Striker203.

I quote SGT KUDDLES, “RFP LCPL Striker203. He has good knowlege of the battleground as well as solid comms and leadership skills. The LCPL followed my commands and lead point team when I was out of comms range or down. He makes a fine NCO among point and did well when lead was KIA, taking control of the Squad.”

The CPL has excelled in the Company in a very short time. He has impressed Officers and NCOs with his obvious ability and comms. It shows the reward to all in the Company of the right attitude and steady approach. Carry on CPL and bring the Enlisted and JNCOs into line around you.

Corporal hamthelamb.

The Corporal has been a REDeye Rifle for some time now, and has shown recently that he is quick to spring into action and lead when the chips are down and so are his Squad leaders. He has continued to use excellent comms, and does not hesitate to step up when the situation calls for it.

A welcome addition to our Corporal ranks.

Corporal B0rken.

I quote WO2 Wolf_Bridge, “RFP: LCPL b0rken is easily one of the most reliable Rifles in the Battalion. He always gets the job done and only deviates from the plan when circumstances demand it. I am certain the LCPL will continue being a selfless and essential element in future ops as he has been in past victories. A well respected and skilled rifle worthy of recognition and more responsibility.”

Corporal ニオ∞ (Kid).

I quote WO2 Acki, “With only 4 Rifles in Ministry, I offered leadership of the squad to LCPL ニオ∞ (Kid) today. He not only didn’t hesitate in taking on the roll but adapted quickly when the squad increased in numbers. He was efficient in his tactical approach and lead his squad to ultimate victory with very low casualties recorded. Certainly another rifle to keep an eye on.”


Lance Corporal XTroliier
Lance Corporal CrazyKiller
Lance Corporal Fancypants
Lance Corporal Blak-Dragon
Lance Corporal Pentagon
Lance Corporal Ndu
Lance Corporal Daniel
Lance Corporal DOA
Lance Corporal SlankyMcDukes
Lance Corporal Melker
Lance Corporal Coolsurf6


Private Ham Glossima
Private Annhilator
Private monkey_maniac
Private Tommee7
Private Melker
Private El Jefe
Private Sholva
Private Cat
Private Buttery_Mucus
Private Thomoh
Private Warlord Slashez
Private Hugoat
Private alex_pavlov
Private GooglePlus
Private Great Expectations
Private Mr Plumber

HQ would like to welcome all new Privates into the Company, and look forward to seeing you all both in the field and getting involved back here at base.


rifles player profile- Cpl striker203

Hi Rifles, my Name is Bj and I am 33 and from Canberra. Though I play a mixture of RTS and FPS I have been playing shooters from about the time I got Goldeneye 007 on my Nintendo 64. Found the true PC master race at the turn of the century and haven’t turned back. I spent 3 years competing with a clan for BF2 and COD4 as well as playing BF2142 and BF3 till I returned to casual gaming. I do enjoy anything related to the Military and the books in my bookshelf reflect that. I can easily spend an entire day at the War memorial by myself and would likely be back for more. When I am not gaming I can usually be found at an Archery Range shooting target compound in which I occasionally compete. I spend most weekend mornings teaching beginners how to shoot a bow and arrow without hurting each other or killing me.
Been Playing Insurgency for almost 3 years on and off and after the constant pestering of WO2 Ramirez finally joined the Rifles. Though I haven’t been a Rifle too long I have spent the last few months playing alongside a number of Rifles and enjoyed the team work everybody displays. I am usually up for a joke and a laugh and fairly easy going but am more than willing to slap someone in the back of the head for falling out of formation. That’s my story see you on the field.


player of the week [pw]

LCPL Choonga

I quote WO2 Cold, “I nominate LCPL Choonga as Player of the Week. The Rifle has honed his skills to the best of his ability, displaying great leadership potential while also showing the persistence to follow orders to the letter without fault. Not only does he show his excellent skills, the Rifle has also impressed many SNCO and NCO with his dedication to the REDeye community always watching over RECs and guiding them to adopt our ROE. He is an outstanding member and should be acknowledged by all in the Battalion.”

HQ have received several such reports. The LCPL is proving a force to be reckoned with and is a deserving recipient of our Player of the Week award.


end report.


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