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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Battalion Weekly Report [WR]

hq report



battalion leadership group meeting held

The first monthly meeting of our leadership group was held on Sunday evening. An excellent turnout with many ideas expressed and discussed. HQ will be releasing the minutes from that meeting in next weeks report. Before then we will also see our first monthly NCO meeting held. Expect a robust forum for all our NCOs to hear first hand what the leaders have been discussing and indeed add to that conversation themselves. More community involvement type projects and ideas will be rolling out in the coming weeks, so keep an eye and ear out.


battalion briefing room

Our Discord channel (The 1st Rifles Battalion Briefing room) is taking on a robust and well laid out form. HQ are further utilising this platform daily for Group and Rank specific information that applies to everyone in the Company. Group and Rank meetings and information that all in the Company need to be across.

Discord is a much more streamlined and user friendly app than trying to communicate things through the Steam Group. It makes it easy to contact the wider group in an instant, a great tool for troubleshooting or comms to admin team etc.

As such we ask that anyone wishing to be further involved with our community and the decisions we make going forward to follow the link and get setup on the App.

I would suggest that ALL NCOs certainly are required to be a part of the Discord to allow both yourselves and us to communicate effectively.

We are very excited about our growing community and wish to promote the inclusive nature of the 1st Rifles to encourage everyone to get involved and informed of the changes we implement and indeed hear your ideas on changes past and future.

Any Rifle that currently uses the Discord and notices a fellow Rifle who is not part of the Community there I would request you speak to them, message them and get them over to the Discord.


battalion change, roster shake up.

HQ are undertaking a clean up of members. We will be actively removing any Rifles who are deemed no longer active in our community.

This is being undertaken to give the leadership group and indeed all in the Battalion a clearer picture of the current numbers.

HQ have reorganised our structure to that of a Battalion. We now also include a Reserves list.

With several Rifles already moving into our Reserves position we have made way for budding leaders from any Rank to take a step up.

Remember this is a Community first and foremost. Your approach both to the battle and your fellow Rifles is of equal importance when being considered for further honours. Maturity and experience are essential requirements when HQ are considering members for the leadership group particularly. So leave your issues at the door and present yourself favourably when in server.

Follow the link to the Battalion Roster and see the changes laid out. A clear display of what HQ is aiming.

We have also added a Dog Tag to every Rifle. The number is made up of every promotion citation that you have received in your REDeye career. This number can be used to track your journey through our Ranks.

For example you were first promoted to PTE, comment in discussion #234. Then LCPL, comment in discussion #289. Your Dog Tag is #234289. This will continue to grow as your career with us grows.

Foundation members who were already at Rank in November last year when HQ started the citations will have far fewer #’s, if any; compared with a REC from March who is now a SGT.


‘The Wednesday Weekly’ Insurgency Coop Ops

Wednesday Report from WO2 Cold.

WO2 Cold
Another excellent INS COOP OP this wednesday, everyone including many new Recruits have definitely brought their A-game, displaying their skills that they have honed on the recruiting servers and conquering many battlefields. Not only did all the Rifles impress many of the seniors with their persistence and qualities but some JNCO have even taken the plate of leading a squad, conveying their hardwork they have put in the community.

All the servers were full and overpopulated making many Rifles queue up before entering any server, reminding all that even though insurgency is an ancient game it is still the heart and soul of our growing community.

‘the Thursday thrashout’ insurgency coop ops

Thursday evening saw another excellent turnout. With full servers running for several hours. The Battalions recent spate of promotions into NCO positions showing good results with squads being lead well and often with few casualties. The Officers of our Group being particularly active in these Ops to gather intel that will help HQ promote and reward the deserving members amongst our Ranks.

These Ops are an excellent chance for all to knuckle down and show their ability and skills to their fellow Rifles. We are certain that these Ops will continue to be at the core of what we do as a Company. We also wish to thank all for their continued support and input around these Ops.


‘The big picture’ Saturday arma 3 ops

No report available.




Major princecoo.

When HQ received word that the Company was to expand its senior Officer Ranks there was no argument as to whom should take up this position. MAJ princecoo defines what it means to be a [REDeye] 1st Rifle. His commitment, leadership and all-inclusive approach sets the benchmark for all in the Company to strive for.

His battlefield ability and tactical knowledge are without reproach. He has lead countless Squads on every battlefield, gaining respect not just through his Rank but through his approach and actions. The MAJ is sure to lead you to a fight and every Rifle in this Company is happy to follow.

All 1st Rifles please join me in congratulating MAJ princecoo.

Captain GentileGinger.

The CAPT has steadily risen through the Companys Ranks. He is a core contributor to this community and is ever present in every battlespace. His leadership on the field of battle is exemplary. His drive to see this Company succeed off the battlefield to be commended.

He motivates his Rifles with clear instructions and a tactical approach. Reacting quickly to a changing battlespace and making the right decision time after time. We are certain he will continue to be a force for this Company long into our history.

Second Lieutenant 94Tango.

It is a great pleasure to bestow upon one of this Companys finest Rifles this full Officers commission. 2LT 94Tango has a long and distinguished career with the 1st Rifles Company. His ability and tactical approach are second to none. Well respected by all at HQ our Officers and NCOs and indeed the Enlisted Rifles he is certain to make a fine battlefield Officer and continue to lead our Squads to victory.

His community involvement has been a constant, he is across all our theatres of Operation and is a formidable opponent wherever he goes. HQ expect the 2LT to continue to grow in stature within this community and be one of the guiding forces for us all going forward.

Second Lieutenant Pol Tuurd.

We are so pleased to offer this full Officers commission to 2LT Pol Tuurd. His dedication to the Company is an example for all to follow. In battle the 2LT is a fearsome warrior. He moves his squad with caution and a cool head. The Rifles all follow him willingly and perform well under his leadership.

This promotion confirms his position at the core of our community. We are all assured of a bright future for our Company with Officers of 2LT Pol Tuurds ability leading us forward.

Please all in the Company join me in congratulating the 2LT.

senior non commissioned officers

Warrant Officer class one HerpsonDerpson.

The WO1 is a solid combat leader and a committed Rifle. He displays all the hallmarks of a Squad lead and continues to impress HQ with his ability and tactical knowledge. His calm approach gets the most from his Rifles.

HQ are pleased to reward one of this Companys most hardworking NCOs with this recognition into the most senior of NCO roles. He is sure to shine and continue to work hard for us all.

Warrant Officer class two Acki.

I quote LT GentileGinger, “SGT Acki has taken every role in the Squad. From dynamic leader to enforcer. Consistently and confidently assisting Rifles on and off the field. The SGT is invaluable to the community. The SGT has polished and improved his skills over the last several weeks and now finally he is ready. His recent approach and behaviour prove he is an asset to every Rifle squad. An exceptional leader who I look forward to seeing progress.”

HQ agree that WO2 Acki has worked at and deserves this elevation in stature. He represents the Company in every endeavour and is at the core of what this community stands for and attracts.

Warrant Officer Class 2 Cold.

WO2 Cold has been an absolute force to be reckoned with on the field, leading with excellence constantly no matter the theatre. His communications, tactics and mentorship of lower ranking Rifles has been nothing short of exemplary, and moving forward HQ is certain he will continue to improve the Redeye 1st Rifles Company through his leadership and mentorship of the rank and file.

He has already earned the respect of his fellow Rifles, and this new position is, it is hoped, a much better fit.

Congratulations, and well earned.

Warrant Officer second class Juicyy.

I quote LT GentileGinger, “The good SGT has been a longstanding member of my team, I’ve been very impressed with his improvement and despite some absence has been more than willing to return to his full capabilities. Juicyy has exhibited adept skill at fire-team management and leading his team on the field, and all throughout his time in the rifles has been able to more than aptly work inside of a squad both as a leader, and a friend to his fellow rifles of all ranks. Juicyy has been notes as consistently utilizing leadership and interpersonal skills in order to maximize their chance of survival as well as being able to knuckle down when the pressure comes down, a rifle to his core this LT is thoroughly impressed.”

We at HQ have also been impressed with the WO2s ability and leadership. He keeps a cool head and is even handed when dealing with any situation. These attributes will serve him well in the Admin position. We welcome him also to the leadership group and are certain that he will further influence the direction of this Company positively into the future.

Warrant officer class two Mr.P.

WO2 Mr.P has steadily grown in ability, confidence and stature within this Company. A good leader who makes solid tactical decision with his Squads interests at heart. He is a proven warrior and a dedicated 1st Rifle.

The step to Warrant Officer brings with it the responsibility of Admin for our INS servers.
WO2 Mr.P brings a level head and calm approach to the battlefield, HQ are certain he will make another excellent addition to our leadership group and Admin team.

non commissioned officers

Sergeant Shiro2446.

The SGT has a proven record for sticking it out no matter the odds. He makes a fine NCO and his burgeoning leadership is to be encouraged. He has a firm grasp on the tactical side of things and makes a fine leader amongst our Ranks.

His ability combined with his commitment and potential have ensured he be given this opportunity for further honours within our Ranks. Well done SGT. Be sure to carry on and into the future in the same way.

Sergeant Bananas 212321.

The Sergeant has stepped up to the plate as of late, taking it upon himself to spearhead a set of training sessions and workshops to assist in making the 1st Rifles an even more effective fighting force. He has recently been selected as our Player of the Week, and his grasp of squad tactics is exemplary. SGT Bananas 212321 has shown HQ that he has what it takes to be a senior NCO, and we expect great things from him going forward with this promotion.

Well done Sergeant.

Sergeant Kid-TM.

The SGT is a dedicated Rifle. He has made for an excellent NCO, mentoring and helping any Rifle who needs it. His continued commitment in multiple battle spaces and excellent understanding of the 1st Rifles approach and community have seen him rise steadily in stature and within our Ranks.

HQ wish to further encourage the SGT to continue in the same vein. Take charge when required and use the extra stripe on the shoulder to steer the Rifles into the right areas and give the Enlisted direction and purpose.

An excellent addition to our already stellar SGTs list.

Sergeant Derryl.

I quote WO1 Pol Tuurd, “Salute Sir. After a great game sat night , CPL Derryl showed why he would make a good SGT. He lead his security squad and kept point team alive when they were pushed from behind. He has been a Rifle for a long time and I think his promotion is long overdue. His cooperation and use of intelligent manoeuvres is a credit to [REDeye] ROE , I would have him in my squad anytime.”

HQ agree with this assessment. The SGT is an excellent NCO and fully deserving of this promotion and the recognition of the SGTs stripes.

Sergeant CombatCobra.

The SGT has served the 1st Rifles Company with distinction for some time now. His grasp on tactics and ability to lead and impart that knowledge on the Rifles in his Squad is exemplary. He shows all the hallmarks of an excellent NCO and is widely respected among the Rifles.

The commitment and ability he has shown on a consistent basis has ensured he be noticed and recognised for his efforts. Continue to mentor and lead the enlisted Rifles at your side SGT. HQ are certain that the SGT will grow in stature and become a true force for our Company in the coming weeks and months.

Sergeant Gh0st.

With a cool head and a sharp eye the SGT leads his Rifles well. He has proven beyond doubt his understanding of the 1st Rifles Company’s approach. He shows good potential and has been a dedicated Rifles for some time.

This Promotion brings with it more responsibilities and expectation. HQ are certain that the SGT is ready for the challenge. He makes a fine NCO and is sure to continue to help mentor and develop those around him.

Corporal [TEZ].

I quote LT GentileGinger, “RFP LCPL [TEZ]. The good LCPL took matters into his own hands when things got dire, and worked perfectly alongside his teammates when the chain of command crumbled. A Rifle not unwilling to take the lead should always be seen as an admirable trait. The good LCPL has shown his stuff and I, for one, can’t wait to see more.”

HQ concur, the Cpl has proven his willingness and ability. Continue in the same way CPL, learn from those around you and refine what you do know to better influence the RECs and PTEs coming through.

Corporal – Skiz.

The CPL has proven his understanding of our ROE. His comms are solid and he shows a cool head. He makes a fine NCO and this promotion empowers him to better rally and mentor the enlisted Rifles with the knowledge he has acquired. Take lead where you can CPL and learn from the best.

Corporal SK0LL.

The CPL has performed well in the JNCO role and is now ready to step up to full NCO. He has an eye for Promotion citations and understandings exactly what it is that HQ are looking for in the development of this Company and the Rifles within it. His battlefield abilities are solid and have ensured his steady growth and rise through our Ranks. Well done CPL, be sure to take on more responsibility both on and off the battlefield.

Corporal ManVanStaal.

The CPL has proven to be an effective JNCO. In a very short time he has established his pedigree and shows good signs going into the full NCO position. Use this Promotion to further your guidance of those around you and continue to work toward understanding all things Rifles.


Junior non commissioned officers

Lance Corporal ManVanStaal
Lance Corporal The_Moee
Lance Corporal BananaBob
Lance Corporal PantiesJäger
Lance Corporal Apollo
Lance Corporal Choonga
Lance Corporal Maxwell’s Demon
Lance Corporal Striker203


Private Breakfast
Private Mountain Fish
Private Feekee
Private PsycheAU
Private Johnny Cash
Private Striker203
Private Daniel
Private Majorkiller

HQ would like to welcome all new Privates into the Company, and look forward to seeing you all both in the field and getting involved back here at base.



Hello, bananas212321 here. I’m a teenage male from somewhere in China and migrated to Australia at an early age. I like coding robots and making them take over the word- I mean I code them for fun. In terms of games, I enjoy first person shooters, co-op games and puzzle games. Despite my name, I actually don’t like eating bananas. Thanks for reading this, bananas out.

player of the week

Cpl striker203

I quote WO2 Cold, “CPL Striker203 has shown time and time again that he deserves the acknowledgement of the senior Rifles, he is a solid Rifle displaying the skills necessary to lead the squad to victory.

He shows respect towards the senior Rifles letting them have lead due to their status before taking the initiative himself. On the battlefield ive been keeping an eye on how he operates under pressure, the results were outstanding with his coolhead and calming nature he is my nominee for player of the week.”

Please all in the Company join me in congratulations our Player of the Week.

Well done CPL Striker203.

end report.


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