No Soldier Left Behind

Battalion Medal awarded.

It is an honour to proudly award the Battalions first Distinguished Bravery Medal to one of our finest Rifles.


I quote MAJ princecoo, “Upon entering the Area of Operations, LT Dornz’s squad almost immediately came under heavy fire from multiple enemy positions on elevated terrain around the insertion point. Present in an advisory capacity was Major princecoo, who was preoccupied writing reports (AFK on spawn). LT Dornz was quick to leap into action, ordering a defensive hold of the insertion point and setting up multiple arcs of fire with the squad. His quick thinking kept his soldiers alive in difficult circumstances, however his actions immediately after taking control of the situation are what have earned him this citation. Without hesitation, the LT then proceeded to run back out to the stationary Major, and push him to safety behind a rock, all while under heavy fire from all sides. He courageously put himself in a dangerous situation in order to save a fellow Rifle, and succeeded against all odds, allowing the Major time to return and assist in a counter attack that lead to the destruction of key enemy assets. It is with great pride that HQ award LT Dornz the Distinguished Bravery Medal, the first of its kind in REDeye Battalion history.”


Well done LT, you have brought great pride to all in the Battalion.


[REDeye] 1st Rifles Colonel ANZAC_Ace
Company Commander
[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company

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