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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company Weekly Report [WR]




Report from CAPT princecoo.

The Tuesday Zeusday OP was an infiltrate and assassinate mission. We split into 3 teams, 2 of which took Zodiacs and infiltrated by water in the South next to the target towns docks and proceeded along the shore, avoiding patrols and swinging around to approach the town from the North East.

Captain Flyer lead a 2 man overwatch team, and proceeded to his overwatch position on foot. From his position, Captain Flyer was able to see a way into our objective position – a tall structure with excellent sightlines over the targets planned meeting area. He was able to infiltrate the town and get into position without any issues at all. Our other two teams, however, had a much more hair raising time, with multiple patrols coming dangerously close to discovering them, including some roving armour. To make matters worse, their abandoned Zodiacs had been found and helicopter gunships were searching the area.

Luckily it was a night Op and we were able to slip detection with relative ease. Eventually we got into our position and waited until the next day for our target to arrive. When he did, there was some confusion as to his identity, and when the arms dealer unexpectedly and brutally murdered his contact, I ordered our snipers to eliminate him. In under a second, the meeting point was completely devoid of life, as the Rifles efficiently eliminated all present. However, the roving patrols were still around and outnumbered us by a great margin, and had armour support. We quickly made out escape, stealing first a jeep, and then an armoured truck. We suffered one casualty when a Rifle bravely sacrificed himself to successfully eliminate the tank that came after us. After that it was a tense high speed chase through the forest with 2 enemy gunships hot on our tails.

Sadly, the Rifles were felled by a single missile from one of the gunships as we broke from the trees across a field.
All in all the OP was a good one, with plenty of tense moments, as we successfully infiltrated the target location without killing a single enemy. The getaway was edge of your seat stuff, and overall, an enjoyable and well thought OP.

Thanks to CPL Natalia Le Faux for her Zeus efforts.

‘the Wednesday weekly’ & ‘Thursday thrashout’ ins coop ops

Another excellent couple of evenings with the Rifles. Many Rifles gaining promotion and showing HQ why they deserve it. We set the servers back to the regular rotation and supply. Many new leaders emerging and many old Rifles dusting off their mics and having a go.

We had excellent server populations during these event times, really hammering home that these INS Coop Ops are at the heart of our Company.


‘Friday night Fights’ ins pvp ops

We rolled out the PvP again this last Friday. To much glee and horror. Many Rifles finding the going tough on the old ticker, with heart pounding moments of suspense and surprise a plenty. It really is something else to battle in the environment we have established. This Op is growing in popularity and will run again this week. We will be laying out a training and tactics workshop soon so watch this space for updates on that.


‘the big picture saturday’ arma 3 ops

The Company was tasked with clearing the Island of Altis of insurgent forces. The initial assault went well enough with Infantry only required. Soon enemy fast air and helo contacts became a constant menace so CAPT princecoo and COL ANZAC_Ace rolled up to the front in an anti air vehicle and provided much needed fire support.

Many Rifles NCOs leading well and taking the small picture stuff onto their own shoulders, organising their units and assaults into various towns and Objectives. The 1st Rifles Company is developing well in the ARMA 3 battlespace. With the Ops growing in popularity weekly and showing no sign of slowing down.


unturned impromptu sunday pvp ops

HQ threw together a PvP setup for the Unturned server on the Yukon map. This went well for a first outing with much needed intel gained from the test. We established a no fire zone that worked very well to take some of the edge off the constant threat of hostile players. HQ will look to run another POP Up PvP Ops for Unturned in the near future so keep an eye on the events page and jump on it when it happens. The server is back to our PvE setup on the Russia map. ALL are encouraged to get on and check out this excellent FREE title.




Second Lieutenant Ping Law.

The 2LT is a long serving Rifle. He has been involved in every battlefield, assault, defence and victory that this Company has strived for. His battlefield ability and approach to leading a squad are excellent. All in the Company follow his lead making him an invaluable Squad member.

His commitment to the Company off the battlefield is also to be commended. He has proven his dedication to both this group and our members and continues to engage at all levels of the 1st Rifles.

HQ are certain that the 2LT will continue in the same way. He makes a fine Officer and represents all in the Company with distinction.

non commission officer

Warrant Officer class one Pol Tuurd.

WO1 Pol Tuurd is a proven 1st Rifles NCO. He is stalwart in his duty and one of our best battlefield operators. His comms and tactical approach ensure that his Squads are always Objective focused and motivated to push forward.

His community dedication and involvement cannot be overstated. With significant undertakings that both benefit and expand the core of this Group. HQ are so pleased to reward and recognise the WO1’s hard work and cement him at the very core of the 1st Rifles Company.

Warrant Officer second class HerpsonDerpson.

WO2 HerpsonDerpson is a long serving Rifle and stalwart NCO. He has shown his commitment to the 1st Rifles time and again. His understanding of what it means to both operate in and command a 1st Rifles Squad is exemplary.

Over countless engagements the WO2 has lead his Rifles with a steady hand. He is well respected among all in the Company and well known for his methodical and tactical approach.

With this promotion into the Senior NCO Role HQ expect the WO2 to continue his excellent work and work even harder to both REC from and police our Servers.

Sergeant wibs.

SGT wibs has taken on every challenge that HQ have set and excelled. He is an up and coming leader and excellent squadmate. The SGT has proven his mettle as an NCO and is fully deserving of this Promotion into SGT. With continued lead and ppulling into line of the enlisted men the SGT is sure to impress.

Make it your mission to mould and develop the new talent in our Company SGT. Continue your presence on our battlefields and shape the Rifles around you into fully realised [REDeye] Rifles.

Sergeant Pounc3r.

It is with great pleasure that HQ award this coveted promotion to SGT Pounc3r. His steady hand has lead countless fireteams and calmed many a RECs nerves. He is a solid tactician and excellent battlefield Rifle. His comms and approach to the Objectives no matter the odds are excellent.

Of late his continued commitment and dedication to the community and helping his fellow Rifles has been apparent. This promotion sees him join a growing group of exceptional SGTs. The backbone of any unit and certainly this Company.

Sergeant Erumsey.

A long serving Rifle, the SGT is a soldier with much experience. He is versed in all weapons and his knowledge on the background and tactical situation is excellent. He shows good comms and a willingness to help the Rifles around him.

His continued dedication over a long period and in every battlefield that this Company is involved in has assured the SGTs steady and continued rise through our Ranks. HQ are confident he will make a fine SGT and become a leader for the Rank and File Rifles around him.

Sergeant Natalia Le Faux.

I quote CAPT Jazza, “CPL Natalia is a fine Rifle. The CPL leads by example, whether that is on the battlefield or off. She provides a tactical mindset to every situation, leading less experienced Rifles through deadly situations showing outstanding situational awareness when the going gets tough.

The CPL has especially excelled off the battlefield running countless ARMA 3 operations and assisting new Rifles joining the Arma 3 battlefield getting their head around the complexity of the game. The CPL is respectful of our command structure and indeed of all Rifles. She is worthy of a promotion to SGT.”

HQ agree, the SGTs community dedication is to be commended. Well done SGT and carry on.

Corporal Flick.

A long serving Rifle, the CPL is a proven Operator within our ROE. He makes an excellent NCO with solid comms and a good understanding of the tactical situation. With his recent return to the Ranks he is a welcome sight alongside any Officer on the battlefield.

Carry on CPL and be sure to bring the REC and PTEs around you into line.

Corporal Shiro2446.

The CPL is a long serving and dedicated 1st Rifle. His understanding of our Company and its ROE is second to none. He shows good lead potential and clear comms, making him an up and coming NCO. Never one to shirk responsibility he can be relied upon by us all to carry on until the Objectives are achieved.

Corporal Beth.

The CPL continues the fine tradition of Rank and Firle Rifles rising through our Ranks. CPL Beths understanding of the 1st Rifles Company and our approach is excellent. With an increased consistency on comms and showing good tactical knowledge and leadership, the CPL is ready to take on the full NCOs position and bring some of our REC and PTEs into line.

Corporal KUDDLES.

The CPL has very quickly adapted and excelled in every aspect of the 1st Rifles. He shows excellent comms and is a natural NCO. His ability and awareness of the situation are second to none. He shows excellent leadership potential and does not suffer fools. An NCO in every aspect.

junior non commissioned officer

Lance Corporal Coolcabbage
Lance Corporal Daze
Lance Coproral Sanga
Lance Corporal pARODY
Lance Corporal Blu
Lance Corporal – Skiz


Private Mclovin
Private Tai
Private Fancypants
Private The_Moee
Private tobiia
Private Zayna
Private Somelaw
Private LowFatMilk
Private DOA
Private :quantamnleap

HQ would like to welcome all new Privates into the Company, and look forward to seeing you all both in the field and getting involved back here at base.


player of the week

CPL Bananas21321

I quote CAPT princecoo, “CPL Bananas21321 has displayed the initiative that the 1st Rifles HQ looks for both on and off the field. He has gone above and beyond his station as CPL and proven to be an excellent Rifle. He has shown the potential to improve and teach others around him. I believe he will continue to pull up his peers to be better and more effective even as he himself rises.”

HQ have been very impressed by the CPLs attitude and approach this last week. He has started a PvP training discussion that goes into his ideas in length. This has prompted a good deal of conversation around the Officers mess.

He has proven his dedication and drive and is a deserving recipient of our Player of the Week award.

Discussion link:

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