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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company Weekly Report [WR]

hq report



unturned hardcore survival server continues to grow

We have seen a few more settings tweaked and a few new faces around the Unturned server over the last 7 days. HQ are very happy with our progress and the game world that we have presented in such a short space of time. We encourage ALL Rifles to jump on and give it a go. There are some very cool elements at work under the games ‘cartoony’ skin.

It is FREE and a bit of coop survival fun. The server is up 24 hours with the password obtainable from COL ANZAC_Ace.

Ensure you read the Steam Group discussion before contacting the Colonel.



Report. CPL Natalia Le’Faux

Tuesday’s Zeus OP was quite the scorcher. The Squad of 1st Rifles had their Blackhawk Heli shot down in the middle of the desert, behind Russian enemy lines. Also shot down were a host of accompanying Blackhawks that were transporting a highly important VIP across the desert.

The other crashed wreckages of the once mighty Blackhawks were able to be seen across the blazing hot desert from the crash sites plumes of smoke. The remaining Rifles set of to the other crash sites first, finding and locating any possible survivors. They set out scavenging from all of the crashed hawks, looking for anything to help them survive this 60 degree Celsius heat, they found defences, ammo, weapons, and on one of the crashed hawks, a long range radio pack.
The 1st Rifles radioed in to HQ, reported HQ on their position and were told to hold their crash site, they held for out until the Squad was eventually rescued.

end Report.


Members of HQ were very impressed with this ‘impromptu’ Ops. The varied scenario was an excellent change and threw up some interesting tactical situations with limited gear around the Squad.

I am disappointed that we couldn’t find that Pilots Cat…


‘The Wednesday Weekly’ & ‘The Thursday thrash out’ INS COOP Ops

The Company tried out a new Survival Objective mode this week with mixed success. The settings were jacked up to 10 just to start with vanilla min and max for the game mode 8 and 16. Rifles starting bot levels 38 and 56!

The going was proving howling good fun, with screams and screeches over the voice chat. It was very difficult to play realistically and is just not the tactical battlespace that we are striving for. We may see a return with nerfed bot numbers etc in the future.

To all of you that were there; I am still having flashbang flashbacks…


‘Friday night fights’ insurgency pvp Ops

Friday night Fights was back on this week. A mixed showing from the Rifles that lasted late into the night. Several full maps were played with some excellent assaults and defences played out. The strict ROE making for some terrifying and exhilarating moments.

We saw a mix of old and new players and representation from every Rank. Several normally on song Rifles proving to be mince meat out there this time around. [FnF] will run again in this coming week. If you haven’t played our ROE before give it a try, we have moulded a much more tactical battlespace than regular PvP.


‘The big picture’ Saturday arma 3 coop ops.

Report. Sgt Neuxdabomb.

Big Picture Saturday kicked off with Rifles keen to demonstrate what they have been training for. One particular moment as CPL Westy noted “there was quite good team work with excellent direction from Captain Jazza and Flyer as we successfully fought through the impossible odds”.

The Rifles utilised their knowledge and core training to survive the impossible during the recent ARMA 3 Operation. The Rifles surfaced as victorious! Plenty of Rifles risked their lives and rescued others, all to push danger away for another day. Whilst all rose to the occasion and proved their worth, some Rifles went to the next level in the face of danger.


Sunday impromptu ARMA 3 Ops

Report. CPL Natalia Le’Faux

Sunday night was a POP UP Zeus op, that was created in 30 minutes, it was done in the city of Zargabad, and was another Black Hawk Down esq mission, the team had their Blackhawk shot down directly in the centre of the city: Zargabad.

They had to attempt finding an undermanned and understocked FOB that had been assaulted by ISIS forces earlier that day, and since all American presence was gone from the city, ISIS forces reigned supreme, rolling all through the city that the [REDI] squad had crash landed in.

They found it, all the Blufor troops killed, and all the vehicles and weapons still there. The [REDI] 1st Rifles were then tasked on holding the nearby airfield whilest waiting for extraction, which they did extremely well, only taking a single loss to the enemies 4 BMP’s, 5 Techies, 2 BTR’s, and rougly 7-10 Squads of ISIS milita.




Congratulations Corporal Flick.

A long serving Rifle, the CPL is a proven Operator within our ROE. He makes an excellent NCO with solid comms and a good understanding of the tactical situation. With his recent return to the Ranks he is a welcome sight alongside any Officer on the battlefield.

Carry on CPL and be sure to bring the REC and PTEs around you into line.

junior non commissioned officers

Lance Corporal [TEZ]
Lance Corporal Chubbs


Private Jeff Goldblum
Private Choonga
Private Flurp
Private SlankyMcDukes
Private :quantamnleap:


HQ would like to welcome all new Privates into the Company, and look forward to seeing you all both in the field and getting involved back here at base.



This new section will be dedicated to our previous Player of the Week. Where they can write in a brief player profile of themselves. Here is SGT Slatery’s submission.

Hey there Rifles,

My name is Samuel and I’m a 20 year old Software student currently living in Adelaide. While I don’t have any military experience, I have always had an interest in much of the firearms, technology and tactics used in militaries of today and yester-year.

My Gaming experience can be mostly summed up with the word “Shooter” with some of my earliest memories being of playing America’s Army with my Dad. Other games that spring to mind  are Battlefield 1942, 2 and 3; Call of Duty MW, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2, Red Orchestra2/Rising Storm, and of course Insurgency and ARMA 3. I prefer the games where just running and gunning isn’t always the best solution, not to say that I didn’t spend a fair few too many hours on the CoD multiplayer. I also play a bit (a lot) of League of Legends with friends.

The time I’ve spent with [REDeye] over the last few months have been great, the mentality of taking things slow and thinking about the best course of action is what I enjoy most about the games and Ops we do. Though everyone here has their quirk, it’s easy to get along with anyone in the Company and everyone’s willing to talk and listen about almost anything.

If I had to say something that describes my self to end this, it would be that If I enjoy something, I’m like a rat with an electrode on his brain and a button, I’ll just keep on doing it. And I don’t see myself going anywhere soon.

Nemo Miles Hic Reliquit, Rifles.


player of the week

Lance Corporal Randomtask

I quote CAPT Flyer, “LCPL Randomtask has been tirelessly working away this week helping to set up our HQ in Unturned. His commitment to keeping the supplies coming in and looking after new survivors has been second to none.”

The LCPL is our silent ally. Showing dedication and commitment that often goes unsung. He is a diligent squad mate and an excellent shot. No better a Rifle to have at your side.

This last week he has been ever present in our Unturned Survival Server, always lending a hand and helping each and every one of the Rifles in any way he can.

Your dedication has not gone unnoticed LCPL, carry on.


end report.

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