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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company Weekly Report [WR]

hq report

Insurgency Servers upgraded

HQ have found a little extra in the Company Coffers and increased the slot size on all servers to 64. This allows us to run with a max of 56 Bots when playing with 8 Rifles. This increased difficulty has also been tweaked by changing the Bot RPG cluster, which several Rifles have discovered. Previously Bots would only consider firing an RPG when 3 or more Rifles were in close proximity. We have removed this requirement so Bots now fire their RPG at any target.


‘The Wednesday Weekly’ & ‘The Thursday thrash out’ INS COOP Ops

Another excellent showing for both these Ops last week. HQ were still ironing out some bot spawn issues, so several squads found the going a bit easy. As mentioned above we have now upgraded all servers to the same max bot numbers. Many Rank and File Rifles pushing for and receiving Promotions from these Ops and a strong showing from both the NCOs and Officers.


‘Friday night fights’ insurgency pvp Ops

We saw the running of our bi weekly [FnF] Ops again last week. We had the best turnout so far with a full server for a decent period of time. There were some truly intense firefights and some excellent teamwork and tactical approaches shown. Several Rifles gained Promotion through the Ops with everyone attending having a blast. It was a resounding success and is sure to continue to be one of our most popular Ops. The ROE in place really adds to the heart racing atmosphere and ensures that a tactical approach will win out. Well done to all who attended.


‘The big picture’ Saturday arma 3 coop ops.

CPL Natalia Le Faux ran a SWAT style CQC training scenario. Located in and around a factory and apartment complex. We had a good turnout throughout the evening despite the difficulty of the scenario. Zeus Operations will now be confined to Zeusday Tuesday Ops. Saturday night Ops are to be the grand scale Insurgency Game mode with the Company liberating an entire map of enemy forces using Vehicles, Infantry and Air power combined. along with searching for intel to locate and destroy the enemy weapons cache.


Sunday impromptu ARMA 3 Ops

We fought through a section of the Takistan Map using the Humvees to push forward up a valley and liberate several villages. We utilised a different set of ROE attempting to minimise civilian casualties. This lead to several hair raising moments and some excellent tactical play with a Sniper team and 3 fully loaded Humvees working in unison. After successfully clearing the valley we attempted to air drop 2 fully loaded Humvees from a C130 into the far reaches of Insurgent territory. The result was two destroyed Humvees and many casualties, but a barrel of laughs had by all involved.



Congratulations Sergeant Mr.P.

I quote WO2 Ramirez, “RFP CPL Mr.P. He shows solid coms, actively leads the squad when appropriate. And has been mentoring our new RECs every single time. His tactical awareness has become as reliable as his ability as a Rifle. He will be a solid asset to the 1st Rifles in the years to come.”

The SGT has proven his dedication to the 1st Rifles Company. He fully understands our approach and aims to impart this knowledge to those around him. A key attribute for all our NCOs particularly our SGTs. Contiinue to develop and mentor the Rank and File of the [REDeye]s SGT, we are certain you will continue to be a force for good within this Company.

[REDeye] 1st Rifles Colonel ANZAC_Ace
Company Commander
[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company.

Congratulations Sergeant Brado.

I quote WO1 94Tango, “Colonel I am putting Brado up for promotion to SGT. His ability to lead in all conditions and his sound knowledge of tactics and competetive nature makes him a fine leader in the 1st Rifles Company.”

I quote WO2 Pol Tuurd, “I would like to recomend CPL Brado for promotion , not only does his attitude and adherance to orders make him a great [REDeye] but he has a clear and consise leadership style which helps rally the junior Rifles and focus there attention. He has many of the Rifle attributes which will lead us to many victories.”

How could HQ deny this Promotion when two of the best in the Company put forward for it. The SGT is an excellent Rifle and solid leader. HQ are so pleased to recognise his acheivments with this promotion.

[REDeye] 1st Rifles Colonel ANZAC_Ace
Company Commander
[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company.

Congratulations Corporal Spinikar.

I quote LT GentileGinger, “LCPL Spinikar, took up the mantle of a fully fledged CPL in all but name directing fireteams and organising defenses when required, fully capable and steadfast Rifle in the field and a truly professional soldier all in all. There is no doubt in my mind that he’s earned the next step forward.”


Lance Corporal KUDDLES
Lance Corporal FellowRefugee

Private GC
Private Pace
Private PantiesJäger
Private Miss Em
Private Blu
Private Chubbs

HQ would like to welcome all new Privates into the Company, and look forward to seeing you all both in the field and getting involved back here at base.

player of the week

Lieutenant GentileGinger
end report





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