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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company Weekly Report [WR]

hq report


RECRUITING DRIVE- how we are tracking

We have been very pleased with several Rifles who have been seen to take an active role in Recruiting. This community work goes a long way to showing their commitment and is certainly a factor when deciding on a members worthiness for Promotion. Keep up the good work and be sure to encourage others to do the same.

See excerpt taken from previous [WR] around Recruiting:

“HQ would like all in the Company to take an active role in Recruiting.

If you see ‘Pubbies’ who are in our Servers regularly have a chat to them about Recruiting into the Company. Often players do not read the prompts or are to shy to ask. Sometimes all it takes is a prompt from a friendly member and they are in. I trust many of you have found your way into the Company this same way. Be vocal, speak up and get the Recruits in.

All Warrant Officers and Officers (Admins) are required to actively Recruit or move on any Publics who are playing on a FULL Recruiting Server. Let them play a section of the map to get the feel for what we are about, our leadership and gameplay styles. Ask the question directly of them if they want to Recruit. If they do great. If not, then we must be harsh, they are taking a slot on a full server that could be utilised by another member or by a genuine Recruit. Ask them to leave, failing that kick them. We have the benefit of a robust group already, we can afford to kick a few ‘Pubbies’ noses out of joint for the greater good.”


‘The Wednesday Weekly’ & ‘The Thursday thrash out’ INS COOP Ops

Another excellent couple of evenings of Ops. We were at capacity at some stages of both evenings, with several Rifles really excelling in leadership Roles. Many REC and PTEs impressed HQ with their knowledge of our Tactics and approach. These Ops are the cornerstone of the 1st Rifles Company and show no sign of slowing down. Well done to all involved.


‘Friday night fights’ biweekly ins pvp ops

We saw the running of our [FnF] Ops again this past week. A good showing with some real fun had by those who attended. The Alltalk on setting has really added some quite funny and intense moments into our PvP. With enemies conversing often with hilarious results.

The Rifles ran through several push and infiltrate game modes and pushed on into the wee hours of Saturday morning. Some excellent tactical approaches and team play won the night. Going to show having a plan and playing tactical in PvP can really dominate.


‘The big picture’ Saturday arma 3 coop ops.

With both our regular Zeus Operators otherwise engaged, COL ANZAC_Ace lead a strong unit through a desert map on the Insurgency gameplay. We did very well and ended up with over half the map secured. Including the main city. With a heavy Infantry focus and the occasional Tank or APC in support, it was a lot of fun. The 1st Rifles all performed admirably with only the occasional friendly fire incident and plenty of hurt put on our enemies.


‘Show of force’ sunday Project Reality Coop Ops.

We had a slow start to our PR Ops this week. Around 1900 AEST we had a full squad in game and were ready to tear it up. HQ are still anticipating our PR player base to expand, leading to even better Coop gameplay with second or third Squads and support Squads being created.

HQ encourage ALL in the Company to download (for FREE) this great game. The Rifles who are playing are having a blast. It could only be improved by upping our numbers in server, so get on it Rifles.


non commissioned officers

Warrant Officer class one Ping Law.

The WO1 has risen to every challenge and excelled. His lead and tactical knowledge is among the best in the Company and his commitment to the community is immense. He continues the tradition of Rank and File Rifles rising from Enlisted Ranks to be at the centre of this Company and its traditions and direction into the future.

HQ have nothing but thanks for all in the Company, for your commitment and input. I think we can all agree however that it is our Senior NCOs that are the driving force of the [REDeye] 1st Rifles. 

Continue in the same fashion WO1. Be an example to follow for the Rifles in this Company.

[REDeye] 1st Rifles Colonel ANZAC_Ace
Company Commander
[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company.

Sergeant Cold.

I quote CAPT Jazza, “RFP CPL Cold for a promotion to SGT. CPL is a fine Rifle who takes charge when needed, whether that be leading a point squad to secure an objective or when the squad was wiped out the CPL took control of the situation set up the defence and managed to hold the objective. Not only is the CPL great a leading he also follows orders to the letter.”

HQ agree, the SGT shows all the attributes we are striving for. With a cool head and an eye for tactics, he has proven his mettle as an NCO and fully deserves this Promotion into a senior NCO position.

[REDeye] 1st Rifles Colonel ANZAC_Ace
Company Commander
[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company.

Corporal bananas212321.

The CPL is a long serving 1st Rifle. He has proven his ability to all in the Company. With an increased presence on the battlefield and solid comms and tactical knowledge he makes a fine NCO. We can all be assured of many victories to come with NCOs of this calibre among our Ranks.

Well done CPL. Continue to take the fight to our enemies and impart the knowledge you have of our tactics and approach to the Rank and File Rifles around you.

Corporal Wolf_Bridge.

I quote SGT Ramirez, “LCLP Wolf Bridge, has been outstanding the past few days, taking leadership roles with the squad, and making sure Rifles around him are ready for battle. Couldn’t find anyone else more respectable and worthy of promotion. He surely will be a great addition to our NCO ranks.”

HQ agree, the CPL shows all the hallmarks of our NCO Ranks. Continue leading and pulling the Rank and File into line.

Corporal Westy.

I quote LT Flyer, “LCPL Westy is a Rifle that can be relied upon to watch your back. Constantly aware of any angles that need to be covered and a true asset to have by your side.”

He has proven his dedication and commitment to the st Rifles Company. His tactical knowledge and battlefield ability are both excellent and he makes a fine NCO. Continue to hone your skills and be sure you are imparting your knowledge onto the Ranks and File Rifles around you.


Lance Corporal PyroV

Private Dr. Blood
Private Infam0us Shad0w
Private B0rken
Private Abbott
Private Daze

HQ would like to congratulate again all who gained Promotion this week. Also to welcome all the new Privates into the Company, and look forward to seeing you all both in the field and getting involved back here at base.


player of the week


I quote WO2 Sheepies, “CPL Acki has shown that he is able to understand and apply the fundamental values of [REDi] on the battlefield. With steady coms and his understanding of our values, he represents the new generation of NCOs born from our expansion. His ability to understand the character of the Rifles around him cannot be understated, using this he is also able to form good chemistry and a bond with them, allowing him to then command great respect from the Rank and File on the battlefield.”

The CPL is a proven warrior, dedicated to the 1st Rifles around him and to the community as a whole. He is ever present on our battlefields and has taken to our slow tactical approach well. He makes a fine NCO and recently has really stepped into the role, lending advice and a helping hand or harsh word to the Rank and File when required.

Well done CPL, and congratulations.


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