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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company Weekly Report [WR]


‘The Wednesday Weekly’ & ‘The Thursday thrash out’ INS COOP Ops

Another good showing from the Rifles in our twice weekly INS Ops. Several Rifles taking the mantle of lead and really showing their ability and knowledge. The new rotation of custom maps got a working out, throwing up a few different ideas for how best to approach the unknown Objectives. As always several promotions put forth from these Ops by our NCO. Always good to see the Rank and File stepping up.

‘The Wednesday weekly’ 1st Rifles INS Ops.

‘The Thursday thrash out’ 1st Rifles INS Ops.

‘The big picture’ Saturday arma 3 coop ops.

CPL Winter Soldier ran another Zeus Operation Saturday evening. With a replay of his Tuesday Ops ‘Operation Blind Sword’. Starting with a briefing we were all versed on the mission requirements.  All friendly forces were kitted out in Australian Equipment, including the Steyr AUG.

The mission began with a water insertion. We split our force into 2 Squads with the Objectives of capture and securing several AA positions and rescue a downed pilot. Initially making our way on foot, the Squads soon commandeered some civilian and enemy transport, making the going a little easier.

A blast was had by all, our thanks go out to CPL Winter Soldier for his stellar efforts organising the missions and running the Zeus role.

‘Training, Briefing and Parade Inspection’ 1st Rifles ARMA 3 Pre Ops.

‘The Big Picture Saturday’ 1st Rifles ARMA 3 Ops.

‘Show of force’ sunday Project Reality Coop Ops.

We had a full squad of Rifles for a couple of hours in our PR Ops. Making a concerted effort to push through the difficult Kokan map. We did very well, actually making it further than ever before. The only limitation really was that we needed a second Squad of 8 Rifles to assist our assault. As per usual we ended up in a stalemate with the enemy, not being able to push further forward, but holding steadily on what we had secured.

HQ encourage ALL in the Company to download (for FREE) this great game. The Rifles who are playing are having a blast. It could only be improved by upping our numbers in server, so get on it Rifles.

‘Show of Force’ Sunday Weekly Project Reality Ops



LCPL von_noobie

PTE Powdered Toast
PTE LaughingFool
PTE Kabloowy
PTE Rich26

HQ would like to welcome all new Privates into the Company, and look forward to seeing you all both in the field and getting involved back here at base.


player of the week

CPL Winter Soldier

The CPL has gone above and beyond this last week for the Company. He has set up and controlled 2 evenings of Zeus Ops in ARMA 3. His dedication and selfless efforts to ensure others have a great experience cannot be overstated. He is a standout NCO and at the core of the 1st Rifles community. Well done CPL and keep up the great work.

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