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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company Weekly Report [WR]


REPORT W31-7-17

End of July saw several developments for the Company. With new Recruits and plenty of solid Promos as per the norm.


[redeye] ops locked in for august

HQ have confirmed all upcoming regular Operations. See the article related for full details.


[REDEYe] 1st Rifles company patches for sale

Professionally printed patches onto top quality textile fabric with iron-on backing and merrowed borders. 75mm Radius. With your choice of red or white lettering.

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See webpage Article for full details and pics as well as links to the store page to place your order.


‘The Wednesday Weekly’ INS COOP Ops

Debrief from SGT Ramirez.

“Wednesday night INS ops has come and gone. Let us rejoice with the victors and mourn with the dead. To valhalla we shall meet, warriors without equal, brothers in arms, without fail.

It was indeed, a night to be remembered for some our brothers in arms, through 4 campaigns, with half the squad of REC’s, we volted through the breach, cleared the rooms, and took the objectives. After 3 and half hours of fighting, I found myself exhausted to oblivion, with my weapon sternly stuck on my hand, shaking, and out for the count. But then my fellow Rifles, fresh from the stockade, cleared the comms, and yelled out, in coming wave. Then it starts all over again.

It seemed as though, an everlasting night, but indeed, we pulled through. With half a life, and an unbroken spirit, we prevailed, persevered, alas, liberated the hostiles of they’re very lives.

All up, it was a good night.”



A handful of dedicated Rifles were on hand for this weeks instalment. We battled through a map with defence being the focus.

HQ have amended the schedule for our PR Ops. We will now be running this weekly every Sunday evening from 1800 AEST.

FREE download. Minimal hardware requirements. An excellent game. I believe a must have for ALL Rifles.


[fnf] ‘Friday night fights’ ins pvp ops

A solid showing through a several Push and Infiltrate maps. The ROE being followed well for the most part. There were a few new faces mixing with the grizzled and experienced. Some excellent performances and Rifles gaining promotion. The recent change to ‘alltalk’ has added another layer to the battlespace, as the enemy can hear your local chat, and often reply…

I am speccing as Admin and it is becoming  common to hear through the chat  “wow that was genuinely scary” or “my heart is racing” or “the adrenaline right now is crazy” etc.

Our PvP setup is like nothing else. If you haven’t played before you need to get on it.

Its on again in 2 weeks. BOOK IT IN.


‘the BEAR HUNGERS’ ARMA 3 coop ops

“The Bear Hungers” Is the name of this episodic Arma III Zeus OP. As the name suggests it is a Russian Operation, based around the Russian Federations invasion and Annexation of the Ukraine.

Week one saw the North East airfield captured. With several key towns being liberated and establishing a northern territory.

This Saturday saw the heroic Russian Forces pushing south west into the heartland. Initially assaulting Ukrainian Armour and AA positions with our superior Tanks and tactics. Sweeping south with a wider Russian advance utilising our Infantry skill in CQB and the further liberation of towns and enclaves.



As always we have had a good week of promotions. It’s always great to see a Rifle show their stuff and take on more responsibilities within the Company, so let’s take a moment to congratulate the following Rifles for their successes:


 Second Lieutenant :O CACTUS?!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of a new fully commissioned Officer for the 1st Rifles Company. 2LT :O CACTUS?! has stood tall among his peers and within the Company as a whole. He is active on every battlefield and back at base. He takes a constructive approach to both leading and the community and is at the core of what this Company is striving for.

The 2LT is a fine Rifle. His ability in the feild only surpassed by his comms and leadership. He is dedicated and steady in all aspects of his involvement and is certain to further positively effect this Company and its direction into the future.

Well done 2LT.

[REDeye] 1st Rifles Colonel ANZAC_Ace
Company Commander
[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company



Warrant Officer class one 94Tango.

WO1 94Tango exemplifies this Companies NCO Ranks. Cool headed with a tactical approach and the ability to fight and win against any odds. His understanding of small unit tactics is second to none. His abilities with a Rifle well known within this Company, he is a go to for any 1st Rifles Officer needing support in the field. 

A long serving Rifle and dedicated Company NCO. The WO1 always takes a calm and collected approach ensuring countless victories for this Company in the past. HQ are certain his influence on the Rifles coming through our Ranks will lead to countless more in the future.

[REDeye] 1st Rifles Colonel ANZAC_Ace
Company Commander
[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company.


Lance Corporal Spinikar
Lance Corporal SMaSH

Private Turtle
Private RagaNite
Private TheMachine
Private Bizon is Sexy

HQ would like to welcome all new Privates into the Company, and look forward to seeing you all both in the field and getting involved back here at base.


SGT Ramirez

SGT Ramirez is a growing force within this Company. He is a fine Rifle in the field with excellent tactical knowledge and lead ability making him a standout among his peers. Recently he has been committed to leading all comers to our Recruiting servers.

His dedication to Recruiting, Promotion and the advancement of the 1st Rifles deservers our recognition. Please all in the Company join me in congratulating Sergeant Ramirez.


end report.

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