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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Ops locked in for August

HQ have locked in all regular and recurring Operations for August.

A slight HQ scheduling change means that several of our Weekly Ops will now be starting an hour earlier at 1900 AEST.

The ‘Wednesday Weekly’ INS COOP Ops

The ‘Wednesday Weekly’ returns for our Insurgency Coop Ops…


‘The Thursday thrash out’ ins coop ops

… joined for this month by ‘The Thursday thrash out’. An identical Op for the Insurgency battlefields.


‘The Thursday thrash out’ 1st Rifles INS Ops.


‘Show of Force’ Sunday pr coop ops

‘Show of Force’ Sunday is a new instalment with our weekly Project Reality Ops moved from Thursday to Sunday evening commencing at the earlier time of 1800 AEST.


‘Friday night Fights’  ins PvP Ops

With [FnF] ‘Friday night Fights’ PvP remaining every second week.


training/ briefing & ‘the big picture saturday’ arma 3 coop ops

ARMA 3 Ops also remain unchanged every Saturday.

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