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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Weekly Report



REPORT W24-7-17

A big week at HQ with new servers launched and our Donations target being reached. Several Rifles stepping up for Promotions and popular Ops.


HQ expand Insurgency footprint

HQ have extended our INS servers into Auckland and Sydney.

See link for article related.


QUARTERLY donations target reached

HQ and indeed all in the Company would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all the Donors who put forward this last quarter. We have reached and exceeded our target of $601.20. Ending on $625 for the quarter. Well done to all.

You can all be assured with the continued dedication of our excellent community we will continue long into the future.

With our expansion our target for November is now $807.60. HQ to review the effectiveness of our extra servers and amend as required.


[REDeye] Ins COOP Ops ‘The Wednesday Weekly’

The Weekly Insurgency Ops were busy once again. With our original servers full and the two new servers handling a bit of overflow. We played the usual Checkpoint rotation with several unsung Rifles stepping up to lead and impress upon HQ their qualifications for Promotion.



Debrief by LT FLyer:

The Project Reality battlefields saw a number of new players this week in the Op as well as various pop-up events throughout the week.
All Rifles adapted well to the new environment and after a bit of a run through by fellow Rifles were quick to become efficient PR squad members.

With the help of the reinforcements and some good defensive setups we were able to hold off multiple attacks from the enemy before pushing forward to capture the objectives.

Excellent to see more people jumping into what is a great game!

‘In the Thick of it Thursdays’ 1st Rifles Project Reality Ops.


[redeye] arma 3 ops, ‘the big picture saturday”

By all reports the ARMA 3 Op was a blast. We did not have the usual Zues Ops as several Rifles normally involved with organising and running these were otherwise engaged. So instead we ran on the ‘normal’ Insurgency mode. With two Squads of Rifles liberating Towns and Cities from Insurgent forces. There was a decent turnout and a blast had by all.

‘The Big Picture Saturday’ 1st Rifles ARMA 3 Ops.



As always we have had a good week of promotions. It’s always great to see a Rifle show their stuff and take on more responsibilities within the Company, so let’s take a moment to congratulate the following Rifles for their successes:


Warrant Officer second class Polishe the Tuurd.

The WO2 has performed admirably in the SGT’s role. His continued battlefield excellence only matched by his commitment off the battlefield. He has proven to all in the Company that he is indeed worthy of the higher Ranks in the 1st Rifles.

HQ are so pleased to welcome WO2 Polishe the Tuurd into the leadership group of this Company. We can all be assured of many successes and victories in the future with leaders such as himself in our Ranks.

Well done. 

[REDeye] 1st Rifles Colonel ANZAC_Ace
Company Commander
[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company.


Sergeant Just@wesomeplayer.

I quote WO2 Sheepies, “The CPL, one of the earliest members of [REDi] has came out with his battleflag unfolded once more. He has a wealth of knowledge and represents all the core values of [REDi]. The CPL with his legendary presence has came back to rock the battlefield. He has takken on a more mentoring role as such, guiding and teaching the REC’s on the fundamental values of [REDi]. A soldier with such dedication to [REDi] should not go unoticed. During his ‘retirement’ from [REDi], he has still been an active recruiter to our Company as well. This unwavering dedication I admire and believe with that his promotion would benefit us all.”

HQ agree, the SGT has been a dedicated Rifles for longer than most. With his recent return to the Company battlefileds he has shown his excellence and rightfully takes the SGT’s position in this senior NCO role.

Carry on SGT.

[REDeye] 1st Rifles Colonel ANZAC_Ace
Company Commander
[REDeye] 1st Rifles Company


Corporal SAdistic_Chicken.

I quote SGT Ramirez, “The LCPL is a Rifle who stands out with the best of us.A long standing Company Member who’s steady presence on the battlefield garners respect and appreciation from the Rifles around him. He has proven to be a dedicated 1st Rifle. Unafraid to take action with a REC or PTE, he is sure to make a fine NCO and leader.”

HQ agree, the CPL is a force within this Company. He has been a dedicated Rifle for some time and shows all the qualities required for further honours within our Ranks.

Corporal Juicyy.

CPL Juicyy has distinguished himself in the heat of combat with the 1st Rifles. He is a fine example of the quality of this Company’s Enlisted men and has excelled in the LCPL role. The CPL makes for another excellent addition to the NCO Ranks. With solid tactics and leadership the CPL has proven invaluable to many a Rifles Squad.

More of the same CPL. Be sure to fine tune your 1st Rifles knowledge and impart what you already know to the Enlisted Rifles around you.

Corporal Cold.

I quote WO2 Sheepies, “Recommending LCPL COLD to CPL Cold. The CPL has shown great tactical insight in the map jail break, not only that but he has shown to me that he is able to lead a full squad. With his combined knowledge of the battlefield and effectiveness in commanding a squad, he has shown that he is of full NCO quality and deservers to be recognised as such.”

Well done CPL, you have stepped up when required and fullfiled all the duties of a JNCO. HQ are pleased to welcome another excellent NCO from the Rank and File of this Company.

Corporal | LivnTheDream.

The CPL is a long serving Rifle. He has proven his ability on every battlefield and in every capacity. He makes a fine NCO and is sure to continue the tradition of excellent Rank and File Rifles rising to the challenge.

No better a squadmate to have at your side. his steady comms and steady aim reasurring those around him. Be sure to impart your knowledge and experience to the Rifles around you CPL. 

Carry on.

Corporal Brado.

The CPL has performed well in the JNCO position. He shows clear comms and an aptitude for command. He fully grasps our ROE and approach to the objectives. All in the Company can look to the CPL for a cool head and a plan. 

Carry on the good work CPL, polish your tactical knowledge and be sure to impart what you do know onto the Rifles by your side.



LCPL TimeAgent
LCPL ニオ∞ (Kid)
LCPL The Patriarchy
LCPL superej1200

PTE Apollo
PTE AznNghi
PTE Destroyer
PTE Laughingfool
PTE – Skiz
PTE TheOneThatGotAway
PTE WrightK

player of the week

WO2 Sheepies

WO1 Cactus?!- “WO2 Sheepies is my nomination. He has been very active in both the Insurgency and Project Reality battlefields. In PR he has really been up to snuff on leading squads of Rifles. He has also avoided TKing a cohort of Rifles for a while now, which for Sheepies is an achievement.”

Despite the tongue and cheek nature of his nomination HQ agree. WO2 Sheepies presence in and around this community has been immense of late. He is a mentor to the fresh faces in the Company and a stalwart squad mate or indeed squad lead for all in the Company.

Well done WO2 Sheepies for being awarded our player of the week.

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