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[REDeye] 1st Rifles Weekly Report


Report W17-7-17

An excellent week for the 1st Rifles. Big turnouts to all our Ops and many new Recruits showing their quality. Many Enlisted Rifles gaining promotion and several new Corporals into the NCO Ranks.

[REDeye] Ins COOP Ops ‘The Wednesday Weekly’

Debrief from WO1 :O CACTUS?!:

Wednesday Night Operations were conducted with a mix of Objective styles, classic Checkpoint and Conquer. With a fairly decent capacity between servers and rotation of Rifles throughout the evening. Opportunities to gain some leading experience and show initiative were given to junior Rifles with promising results. All rose to the occasion and even while we suffered some defeats, valuable experience was gained in the process. All benefited from a lesson in teamwork, comm’s and long term planning.


With the server updated and ready to go this week, our PR Ops saw a solid turnout. Many of the regulars and a few new faces braved the battlefield. Several 1st Rifles showed their stuff, taking on the constantly changing battlespace and working toward attacking the objectives.

Project Reality is an excellent game that all in the Company should play. It is FREE and requires less hardware than Insurgency. See link for Game and Ops Information.

[redeye] arma 3 coop ops ‘the BEAR HUNGERS’

Debrief from CPL Natalia Le’Faux:

“The Bear Hungers” was the name of this weekends Arma III Zeus OP. As the name suggests it was a Russian Operation, based around the Russian Federations invasion and Annexation of the Ukraine.

The Operation started off well with all slots including the two extra Zeus’ being filled up within a couple of minutes,
after a few weapon changes and a long role play based briefing we headed out on our way to secure some downed AC130’s
and push territory by territory across the north eastern half of Cherno.

After some technical difficulties a server crash and time out, it still went on strong until the North East airfield as captured. After that, a lot of Rifles begun to hop off, as it was getting later into the evening, however, a few rifles stayed around till later into the night, even into the morning, managing to secure the town of Berezino and kill an
Abrahams tank.

Overall, the Op was a hell of a lot of fun to both run and participate in, a few rifles were asked on their opinion of it; they had said that it was easily an 8/10 Op, a great Saturday night and even though the technical difficulties were a killer it still was tones of fun.


As always we have had a good week of promotions. It’s always great to see a Rifle show their stuff and take on more responsibilities within the Company, so let’s take a moment to congratulate the following Rifles for their successes:


Congratulations Corporal “RICK” the Tuurd.

No better ally to have at your side the CPL is a steady and confident Squadmate. A cool head in any situation and not afraid to pull a REC or PTE into line when required, the CPL makes a fine NCO. His dedication to the Company and constant presence on the battlefield have assured his steady rise into this NCO position.


Congratulations Corporal Mr.P.

I quote SGT Ramirez, “Recommend LCPL Mr P for Promotion. He has been stellar on the battlefield. The LCPL has taken lead on many occassions. He is a first class Rifle and point man, and has shown finnesse and character as a leader.”

Well done CPL. its these sorts of reports that HQ were sure we would hear about you. Continue striving for excellence and use you new stripe to ensure the Rank and File around you have purpose and direction.

Congratulations Corporal Acki.

The CPL has risen to every challenge. With excellent comms and a clear tactical approach, the CPL has proven to all in the Company his Rifles ability. With a steady hand he leads the less experienced around him. 

It is a mark of the strength of this Company to have NCOs of CPL Ackis pedigree rising from our Ranks to take an NCO position.

Congratulations Corporal Ripley.

A long time Rifle, the CPL has been ever present of late. With increased comms and a taste for lead, he is proving a potent ally and formidable foe for our enemies. He is a dedicated 1st Rifle, displaying all the attributew we are striving for from this community. Ensure you are mentoring those around CPL and pulling them into line when required.

A long deserved promotion for a true Company Rifle.

Congratulations Corporal Gh0st.

In a relatively short time the CPL has proven his Rifles abilities. He seems to have a plan for every scenario and the Rank and File Rifles of this Company gladly follow him through thick and thin. When HQ were looking for another JNCO to step up to the full NCO position, CPL Gh0st stood out from his peers. 

Well done CPL. Carry on.



Lance Corporal FatAussieFatboy
Lance Corporal Westy
Lance Corporal Cold
Lance Corporal hamthelamb
Lance Corporal Kid-TM
Lance Corporal TimeAgent
Private Crankyjigsaw
Private EvilMitten
Private BananaBob
Private Sanga
Private Dnkndonuts91
Private Gen
Private Ndu
Private SMaSH
Private Mank Demes
Private fellowRefugee
Private Coolsurf6
Private NeO
Private “Toku” Tokugawa



The LCPL has officially been with the Company just over 1 month. He has taken to our playstyle like a duck to water. Often times leading the Rifles around him effectively, with clear communication and a well thought out plan. No matter the odds he is always willing to step up and take on the responsibility of guiding his fireteam partner or indeed the Squad toward the Objectives.

HQ are always excited to see how a JNCO will rise to the challenge. This last week the LCPLs presence has been immense. HQ having received several reports from among the leadership group as to the quality of his ability and attitude.

In a very short time the LCPL is proving to be a fine example of what the 1st Rifles are striving for.

Well done LCPL Cold.


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