No Soldier Left Behind

[REDeye] Ops locked in for July.

HQ have outlined the Company Operations for July.


‘The Wednesday weekly’ Insurgency Ops remains unchanged.

‘The Wednesday weekly’ 1st Rifles INS Ops


project reality [coop]

‘In the thick of it Thursdays’ remains unchanged.

‘In the Thick of it Thursdays’ 1st Rifles Project Reality Ops.


‘Friday night Fights’ [FnF] will now be back on a biweekly schedule. The next [FnF] to take place on the 14.07.17.

[FnF] Friday night Fights. [PvP] INS Ops.


‘The Big Picture Saturday’ ARMA 3 Ops are running every Saturday. With Pre Ops and Parade Inspection from 1630 AEST.

‘Training, Briefing and Parade Inspection’ 1st Rifles ARMA 3 Pre Ops.

‘The Big Picture Saturday’ 1st Rifles ARMA 3 Ops.





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