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[REDeye] Project Reality Server is up and running!

That’s right Rifles! We now have access to our very own Private [REDeye] Project Reality Server. Kindly Co-hosted by our friends over at Gravediggers Clan.

Gravediggers Clan (GDO) Facebook Group.



Project Reality is an excellent Standalone. Filled with a full array of Combined Arms and a decent combat model. The overall quality really shows the benefits from years of tinkering under the hood.




It is a FREE download and has lower Hardware requirements than Insurgency. This game is a must have for all in the Company.
See the forum link for download links and further information.

BF2 Project Reality Details



HQ will be running Ops on the PR Battlefield regularly. With a weekly 1st Rifles Ops day to be decided upon in the future.

Server details:

Name: <GDO:PR> REDi

Password: (See any PR Steam Group Event)




Not in the 1st Rifles Company? Follow the link for Recruiting Information and to check out what the fuss is all about?



See you on the Battlefield,


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